Correcting Botched Breast Implants*

Procedure Details

Saline breast implants are often times the culprit in unsatisfactory looking breast implants. Saline breast implants have a unique property in that they are filled with salt water. Due to the bouncing of the water in the implant bag, and over time, something known as the "water hammer effect" occurs. This phenomenon wears down the tissue of the breast, particularly the folds, and the lateral wall. With active lifestyles that include a lot of running, this can result in premature bottoming out of the implants and implants that fall out to the side. In addition, in this particular case the previous surgeon did not adequately release the pectoralis muscle, further exacerbating the lateralization of the breast implant. Correcting problem breasts like this takes multiple steps, to address a multitude of problems. First the implants needed to be updated with a more cohesive silicone gel implant. In addition the patient wanted a larger size, for this we chose a 560cc Full Profile Silicone Gel Implant from Allergan. The pocket need repair both on the sides and the bottom and multiple layers of sutures were used to reattach the tissue. Note the symmetry in the two sides. This is not by chance but by careful placement and meticulous technique. Next the muscle needed to be released appropriately and finally the absorbable mesh was placed. After several months the patient is seen here in her full recovery. If your breast implants need a revision, trust VIP.


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