NeoGraft® Hair Transplants: Hair Restoration in Las Vegas

Hair Restoration

Do you feel self-conscious about thinning hair or bald spots? Is your receding hairline getting worse? Hair restoration in the United States is on a steady incline. More and more men and women who suffer from thinning hair or pattern baldness are seeking professional help. NeoGraft is the leader in hair restoration with innovative technology involving advanced implantation systems like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Dr. Christopher Khorsandi at VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV, offers this type of step-by-step solution for restoring hair. It is a safe, natural-looking way for men and women to have hair transplanted to thinning areas with no scarring left behind. 

Here is a more in-depth look at this compelling and discreet way to fight hair loss.


Hair loss and you

Do you struggle with an early receding hairline as you approach your 30s? Do you see a bald spot every time you look in the mirror? Is your hair falling out or becoming thin in certain areas? NeoGraft hair restoration with FUE technology offers both men and women a revolutionary way to get hair transplant help. Women generally struggle with genetically thin hair or hair loss due to a condition called alopecia. Men can experience hair loss due to these situations but may also deal with receding hairlines or large bald spots. Unfortunately, hair loss is a natural part of aging while also brought on by stress or genetics. With today's hair restoration technology, the NeoGraft hair transplant system offers a less invasive, easier approach to give patients amazing new hair growth for a long-term solution. 


NeoGraft and FUE restoration

VIP Plastic Surgery and Dr. Khorsandi use NeoGraft hair transplant technology to give men and women significant benefits. This hair restoration system offers:

  • Less downtime: Most patients can return to work or normal activities the next day.
  • Better results: With FUE, patients endure no incisions or visible scars, with more natural-looking hair growth as a result.
  • New technology: NeoGraft FUE restoration offers a minimally invasive procedure when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. The results feel and look incredible. 
  • Precision: NeoGraft technology is more accurate at extracting healthy donor hair follicles at a faster, more efficient rate. 


Dr. Khorsandi and his professional team use the NeoGraft automated hair restoration system as a more efficient, less invasive approach to hair loss. FUE takes individual hair follicles (usually 1 – 4 hairs) from a donor area and precisely places them in the thinning or target areas with pneumatic controls or air compression. This is a profoundly different and more successful way to combat hair loss when compared to hair restoration techniques of the past. 


The final results

Patients will notice immediate results. Target areas may be red or swollen, but small scabs will form and hardly be noticeable within a week. The donor area will be fully back to normal in about ten days. During the recovery period, the newly transplanted hair will be "at rest" for several months so don't panic, as some hair will fall out. The hair follicles that are under the skin are healthy and will start reappearing as new hair growth in several weeks. Results will vary by patient, but most see progressive hair growth in their target areas in around 3 – 4 months and see full results in about 8 – 9 months.


Good candidates for NeoGraft FUE restoration

The NeoGraft automated hair transplant system with FUE can help both women and men struggling with hair loss. The main goal is to give patients a fuller head of hair and reestablish a pattern of hair growth. Men who have noticeable baldness or a receding hairline can significantly benefit from this technique. Women who have bald spots or thinning hair but have enough donor follicles to help can also see improvement. Other candidates are patients who have lost hair due to an injury or burn. Dr. Khorsandi can assess your hair loss needs and set realistic goals to get it back.


The results and outcome of hair transplant procedures rely heavily on two factors:

  • A proper amount of healthy hair follicles for the transplant process
  • A qualified surgeon experienced in the NeoGraft FUE transplant system

This revolutionary technology is changing the way individuals fight hair loss. It is a long-term solution, easing the anxiety and worry that many people experience when hindered by thinning hair, bald spots, or hair loss. A board-certified expert like Dr. Khorsandi can help transform your hair by creating new growth so you feel better about how you look. 


If you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, we encourage you to contact VIP Plastic Surgery today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Christopher Khorsandi. VIP Plastic Surgery offers the progressive NeoGraft FUE system to their patients in the Las Vegas, NV, area. Take advantage of this new treatment to restore your hair and improve your confidence about your appearance. 

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