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Patient Reviews

Las Vegas, NV board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi has been listed among numerous "Top Doc" awards, including the Patient’s Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Award, and Castle Connolly’s Top Plastic Surgeon. These awards are made possible because of the compassionate care, surgical skill, and customer service offered by Dr. Khorsandi and our entire team. However, what allows us to continue to get better each day, is the valuable feedback we received from our patients, who we respect deeply. We are thrilled to be able to share their experiences and our collection of patient reviews with you as you make the personal choice to move forward with a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Reviews for Breast Reduction Procedures Near Henderson, NV

5.0 Review from D. Source: RealSelf May 26 2016

"23 Years Old, 450cc, 5' 2" 105lbs - Las Vegas, NV - Dr. Korshandi was the first doctor I saw for a consultation and I knew that I didn't need to see anyone else right away. He is very kind, super informative, and you can tell that he loves his job. I told him I wanted to be a DD, and he showed me the best option that would suit my frame and get me as close to the size I wanted to be. Surgery was easy- no naseua or dizziness after waking up from anesthesia. Recovery was just as easy- plenty of check ups with the doctor to make sure everything was healing properly. Dr. Khorsandi is great at what he does and I am so happy that I found him. Also his staff is incredibly beautiful, kind, and helpful! - - Before my breast were a small B, and very far apart. Always wanted cleavage, and felt that breast implants would help me feel more feminine. I chose to get 450cc, high profile, gummy bear implants. Not sure of my size just yet, but they are probably DD's. I love my results, and am so happy I had a B.A."

5.0 Review from F. Source: RealSelf Jul 11 2015

"30 Yrs Old, 5'8.5" height, 127 pounds, No Kids - Las Vegas, NV - Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, MD VIP Plastic Surgery - - I had my 1st consultation yesterday. I have a fibroadenoma cyst in my left breast maybe the size of a unshelled walnut. Most of the time I don't even notice it, it's usually a day or two before my period that my breasts swell a bit then the fibroadenoma is tender and hurts. I've gotten an ultrasound to diagnose it & was told I can leave it but should report any changes in size, etc. I've thought now, for a few years, that I would like to have it removed at the same time as getting breast implants. I have a friend that had the same experience so I knew it was something I could see about getting done myself. I'm a wuss when it comes to needles and surgery and hospital stuff if I can be knocked out and wake up with minus the fibroadenoma plus two fresh boobs then I'm game.The plastic surgeon I've chosen discussed how he'll succeed in getting the breast results I am looking for and also removing the fibroadenoma. We were on the same page with all points discussed so needless to say my husband and I put down the deposit right away to secure the date. My plan is to be off from work on Sept. 3rd for the surgery, off the 4th then it is the weekend then Labor Day holiday Monday and back to work on Tuesday. I have an office job so as long as I can drive myself to work I'll be golden.Let me talk about my current breasts. I do not know what bra size I measure to. Most of the time I don't even wear a bra, my breasts need no support what so ever. I actually really like my boobs. They are cute, or at least when I'm naked and you can actually see them. I have no issues with confidence, I'm pretty proud of my small girls and my husband loves them too :). Me getting breast implants is not a decision based on self esteem or pressure from my husband. I cannot pin point exactly why I will follow through with this. I can tell you that I am on the border of obsessed with boobs. Maybe I have a huge curiously for what it will be like to have a great pair of large breast, haha so I can feel on them all day. I do have high hopes that it will increase my overall sex drive. Feeling sexy and desires to share that with my husband is definitely something I'm looking forward to happening even more frequently."

5.0 Review from R. Source: RealSelf Jun 18 2014

"23 Year Old with New Boobs! - Las Vegas, NV - After having my son, my breast were totally saggy and deflated looking I was so insecure with them. I knew 4 girls who got their breast done by dr.khorsandi and I absolutely loved them! They all looked exactly what I was looking for in Breast implants. At the consultation dr. Khorsandi was SO nice, polite and patient with me. He answered all my questions and concerns and made me realize he was the only dr I wanted to go with! I was able to see what my boobs would look like with different implants and sizes in 3d from dr. Khorsandis computer. The day of my surgery he made me feel so comfortable and assured me I was going to be ok. I'm two weeks post op now and I am sooo obsessed with how my boobs look! Im able to confidently go out in cute little tops now and not feel embarrassed. I've gotten so many compliments already! The staff at VIP Plastic Surgery were ALL so very kind to me, Catherine was amazing and was always available to answer every single question I had before and after surgery! Dr. Khorsandi is truly amazing at what he does!!!!"

5.0 Review from J. Source: RealSelf Jan 09 2014

"26 Year Old Petite Female Ready for Change - Las Vegas, NV - very cozy and calm - - I chose to see Dr. Khorsandi because I love his portfolio. It amazes me how you can tell the difference between each surgeons work. After finding his website, I went to town doing a background check on him. It seemed to me that Dr. Khorsandi is VERY caring with his patients, so I went to see him.I am one to keep my guard up when it comes to shopping around for ANYTHING. But immediately, Dr Khorsandi broke down that wall. His presence is so calm and comforting. He was very knowledgeable and I felt he was very genuine. I did not feel rushed at all during consultation, he answered every single question with confidence and if he was not comfortable with doing something you ask, he would tell you. He made me feel very comfortable.I was so set on smaller implants for years that I've been considering getting my breast done. I did not want the big gross bowling balls stuck on a wall look. But on the 3-D Vectra system he uses to visualize your results (very accurate btw) I loved the way I looked with bigger implants and I was sure Dr. Khorsandi was the one to do that for me. I was sure he would make bigger implants look very good. We agreed on 400cc silcone gel implants under the muscle. We also agreed on Liposuction the same day.Catherine, his assistant/consultant is a doll inside and out. I knew I was making the right choice because she looked very good. I do believe having a decent looking staff working with a cosmetic surgeon is a big must. Would you go under the knife with a surgeon who had a physically unkept staff working with him? I wouldn't! She gave me her cell phone number to text/call anytime I had a question or concerned- and I mean ANYTIME. She answered every question/concern in a timely matter and I was assured I was in the right hands.Day of surgery, while he was marking me up, I can tell he was really into what he does- anyone who is passionate about what they do for a living is good at it, and that he was. I was surprised at the extra mile he went to make me look good. I was expecting to be a nervous wreck day of surgery but nope! I was totally at ease knowing I was in the hands of Dr. Khorsandi.Here I am a week later, still very sore but very worth it. Even though I am still swelling a bit but I can tell I have a flat stomach from the lipo, very excited about that. My breast look awesome too, I'm very happy with the results. I'm usually not a fan of the fake porn star breast look and even though I went bigger than intended, my breast implants look really good. I have had so many compliments on them and they only get better as time goes by (they haven't dropped yet) I can't wait until they settle in a little more- esp since they look so good even after only a week later! I will keep posted.I hope its not so weird I posted a full nude pic with my face....but this is me after lipo and boobs."
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