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Patient Reviews

Las Vegas, NV board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi has been listed among numerous "Top Doc" awards, including the Patient’s Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Award, and Castle Connolly’s Top Plastic Surgeon. These awards are made possible because of the compassionate care, surgical skill, and customer service offered by Dr. Khorsandi and our entire team. However, what allows us to continue to get better each day, is the valuable feedback we received from our patients, who we respect deeply. We are thrilled to be able to share their experiences and our collection of patient reviews with you as you make the personal choice to move forward with a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Reviews for Breast Implant Revision Procedures Near Henderson, NV

5.0 Review from D.H. Source: Yelp May 31 2021

"So I wanna start off by saying I live in Utah & made several trips to Vegas to have a consultation, pre-opp, and surgery at V.I.P & I couldn’t be happier I made this decision. First of all I read so many reviews about this place before booking an appointment & got the notion Dr. Khorsandi had bad bed side manners and to just go in there with that in mind, so I went in and I was completely blown away at how far from the truth that could be. I definitely wouldn’t take any negative comments seriously because all the other amazing things I read about him and his office were completely on point. I went in for a breast augmentation & showed him a picture, told him that’s what I want and let him do the rest. I let him choose sizing, profile, etc. and very happy I did. When you read up a lot on implants you think you know what you’re talking about until you go to a professional and they say something else other than what you think, it can be conflicting but I chose to go with my gut & allow him to make all the decisions. I was scared at the sizing he chose, it sounded like they were gonna be too big but I was totally wrong, they came out perfectly! I’m also a recovering drug addict & as soon as he read that on my chart he said he didn’t want me to have to take any narcotics and comped a nerve blocker for me instead, I walked out of his office with tears in my eyes because I had never had a doctor be so understanding and kind about me being in recovery. & not only that but not wanting to risk putting me in a situation that could end in relapse. The girls in the office were so sweet & reassuring as well. I loved Patricia! She was easy to communicate with & gave me great advice, that if she didn’t tell me prior to surgery I might have had a bad experience. The day of surgery I was terrified & probably overly annoyingly nervous, but all the staff at the surgical center were so understanding, they entirely calmed my nerves when it was time to go under that the last thing I remember is laughing with the nurse putting me under! Dr.Khorsandi also came by to draw on my chest before surgery and had the most kind words to say & is just a super down to earth person. I feel like he went above and beyond by just being himself & that honestly is the most amazing feeling because it reassured me he was being sincere and genuine the entire time. He definitely is blunt & to the point but he knows what he’s doing!! His team reached out a few times while I was recovering & I couldn’t be happier with the results & my breasts haven’t even dropped yet. This experience was worth every penny. VIP plastic surgery is my new go to spot & very worth the drive! Thank you dr.khorsandi.  pics are 2 weeks post opp!"

5.0 Review from A.L. Source: Yelp Jan 27 2021

"In my years of experience with various surgeons, I finally found Dr Khorsandi. Making a major change in my life of a lift, breast reduction, and implant change, turned into being an amazing experience for me with him. His expertise and his amazing talent is the reason he is my doctor of choice. So grateful that he appreciates beauty and sees it from an artist point of view. Taking his time with my difficult case, he created the final outcome for me with his experience and I will say He is the Doctor to choose for your future cosmetic surgery decisions. Thank goodness, for this amazing surgeon and I will be forever grateful for him taking the time to make me feel amazing, beautiful, and confident. Dr K you are meant to be at the top of everyone’s list. Angela M."

5.0 Review from J.P. Source: Yelp Aug 12 2020

"Only trust Place I absolutely trust. Everyone is always so helpful and nice. I had a little sagging on my right breast and Dr. put new implants and a lift. Absolutely satisfied with all the procedures I have done in your office. I get my skin treatments with Mel she is always honest and keeping my face Beautiful. The best doctor and a very friendly office"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Yelp Feb 20 2020

"I have consistently had a great experience at VIP plastic surgery! Dr Khoursandi is the best in the business and has an amazing and friendly staff! I have been going to him once a year for lip and eye fillers for the last 4 years and last month he did a remove and replace on my breast implants. I am so extremely happy with the results! I love how they turned out!! I also have diabetes and he was very concerned for me to make sure I checked my sugars more frequently during the recovery process and to really watch my sugars. That made me feel very valued as a client instead of just doing the surgery and leaving me with regular care instructions for a normal breast augmentation."

5.0 Review from K.S. Source: Yelp Jan 02 2020

"Dr. K exceeded my expectations!! I had a breast reduction & lift. I am incredibly happy with the results. I am only 2 weeks out and the scars are very minimal. Not only did he exceed my surgical expectations but his bedside manner, post op care and over all patient care was excellent. I am a nurse and it is difficult to impress us but he did! Thank you Dr. K :)"

5.0 Review from H.K. Source: Yelp Oct 14 2019

"I had my first rhinoplasty done in Salt Lake by a doctor who ruined my appearance last October 2018, I was devastated for several months! After researching hundreds of plastic surgeons to get a revision, I finally came across Doc Vegas's Page by one of his client's review. I began to read all his reviews and his before and after photos were an answer to my prayers!! I immediately called into his office for a consultation. The first visit was phenomenal, the office staff was super helpful and friendly. When I met he doctor, I was very nervous at first but he walked in and listened to all my concerns and was very genuine and professional that everything was going to be ok. He was very confident he could fix my nose exactly how I wanted it. Nothing is worse than having the awful nightmare I had experienced with that other doctor who ruined my face, he ignored my concerns and didn't care and knew he messed up! Doc Vegas put me at ease and I finally felt reassured that everything was going to be ok. He was very kind and knowledgeable in what he thought had happened and asked to see the prior operation report. It was too early to begin the revision surgery so I had to wait a few months and boy! Those few months felt like a century!! Doc Vegas added filler in the areas my nose was missing the fullness it needed until I was ready for the revision. My revision was completed June 2019, being rolled into the surgery room was a breathe of fresh air! I knew from Day 1 I was in good hands. I came out of surgery and the doc told me everything went so well!!!! I had a revision done as well for breast augmentation. I'm so happy with the results so far! It's been 3 months today and my results are phenomenal!!! Doc Vegas is the God of Plastic Surgery. I thank God every day for guiding me to such an amazing person!!! I recommend Doc Vegas to all my friends and family and definitely YOU!! You will not regret it."

5.0 Review from E.E. Source: Yelp Jul 05 2018

"I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Khorsandi and the entire team at VIP. I am over the moon happy with my BA experience as well! It's given me so much confidence as a woman, THANK YOU! To anyone considering VIP, where else would you look than the best??!!"

5.0 Review from J.W. Source: Yelp Dec 12 2017

"Its been 2 weeks since I've had my breast augmentation surgery! I'm very happy with my current results. I had a revision and new implants put in. It was so easy for me the second time around. Dr. K was pretty informative with the procedure and easily could tell what went wrong with my previous augmentation. They already look so good and it's only been a few weeks! I can only expect them to look better in the next few months. Also got some Botox and he was quick and knew exactly where to target!"

5.0 Review from M.H. Source: Yelp Jan 02 2017

"My wife had a gorgeous set of 36DDDs and learned she had breast cancer. She got a double mastectomy from another doctor. Several surgeries followed and the results of rebuilding and the resulting scars looked something like the Frankenstein monster. We were both very depressed. The prior surgeries took over 2 years and no hope was in sight. We met with Dr. Khorsandi to see if he could improve her breasts' appearance. He told us that he could rebuild her breasts to our satisfaction. It would take 3 surgeries to get rid of the massive scar tissue left by the prior surgeon and the horrible scarring, and then rebuild them, and replace the areola and nipples . We've had the first surgery, and the results were purely ASTOUNDING. He removed scar tissue the equivalent size of a small T-bone steak from each breast. When he showed us the pictures of the tissue he had removed, we were flabbergasted! Then he cut out the horrible scarring and stitching and tied the remaining tissue together with almost invisible sutures. We have two surgeries to go. However, if we stopped right now, we would be very satisfied with what he has done to correct the prior horrible surgery. He has returned my wife's pride and confidence. We can't wait to complete the two other surgeries. He is a phenomenal surgeon. I can't praise him enough for what he has done. Carl H"

5.0 Review from H.Q. Source: Yelp Sep 24 2014

"Dr Khorsandi is the best!!! He fixed all my issues with my first breast augmentation from a different doctor and now my boobs are PERFECT and 10x better then my first. My fianc? told me that there's no comparison on how much better they are now. He also did my rhinoplasty and I couldn't be happier! He took the time and really listened to me and gave me everything I asked for."
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