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Patient Reviews

Las Vegas, NV board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi has been listed among numerous "Top Doc" awards, including the Patient’s Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Award, and Castle Connolly’s Top Plastic Surgeon. These awards are made possible because of the compassionate care, surgical skill, and customer service offered by Dr. Khorsandi and our entire team. However, what allows us to continue to get better each day, is the valuable feedback we received from our patients, who we respect deeply. We are thrilled to be able to share their experiences and our collection of patient reviews with you as you make the personal choice to move forward with a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Reviews for Types of Breast Implants Procedures Near Henderson, NV

5.0 Review from D.H. Source: Facebook May 31 2021

"So I wanna start off by saying I live in Utah & made several trips to Vegas to have a consultation, pre-opp, and surgery at V.I.P & I couldn't be happier I made this decision. First of all I read so many reviews about this place before booking an appointment & got the notion Dr. Khorsandi had bad bed side manners and to just go in there with that in mind, so I went in and I was completely blown away at how far from the truth that could be. I definitely wouldn't take any negative comments seriously because all the other amazing things I read about him and his office were completely on point. I went in for a breast augmentation & showed him a picture, told him that's what I want and let him do the rest. I let him choose sizing, profile, etc. and very happy I did. When you read up a lot on implants you think you know what you're talking about until you go to a professional and they say something else other than what you think, it can be conflicting but I chose to go with my gut & allow him to make all the decisions. I was scared at the sizing he chose, it sounded like they were gonna be too big but I was totally wrong, they came out perfectly! I'm also a recovering drug addict & as soon as he read that on my chart he said he didn't want me to have to take any narcotics and comped a nerve blocker for me instead, I walked out of his office with tears in my eyes because I had never had a doctor be so understanding and kind about me being in recovery. & not only that but not wanting to risk putting me in a situation that could end in relapse. The girls in the office were so sweet & reassuring as well. I loved Patricia! She was easy to communicate with & gave me great advice, that if she didn't tell me prior to surgery I might have had a bad experience. The day of surgery I was terrified & probably overly annoyingly nervous, but all the staff at the surgical center were so understanding, they entirely calmed my nerves when it was time to go under that the last thing I remember is laughing with the nurse putting me under! Dr.Khorsandi also came by to draw on my chest before surgery and had the most kind words to say & is just a super down to earth person. I feel like he went above and beyond by just being himself & that honestly is the most amazing feeling because it reassured me he was being sincere and genuine the entire time. He definitely is blunt & to the point but he knows what he's doing!! His team reached out a few times while I was recovering & I couldn't be happier with the results & my breasts haven't even dropped yet. This experience was worth every penny. VIP plastic surgery is my new go to spot & very worth the drive! Thank you dr.khorsandi."

5.0 Review from A.O. Source: Yelp Apr 28 2015

"I had breast augmentation by dr Khorsandi I was very pleased with the results, not only because he did a fantastic job but he was very helpful when it came down to helping me choose the right cup size for my body and throughout the whole process from beginning to end he made himself available to answer any questions and concerns I had. Him and his staff were very nice and very professional specially one of his staff members, Patricia she was great she followed up with me and made the whole process much easier to go through I couldn't be happier to have chosen VIP and dr K for my procedure 2 years later I am still going to his office for juviderm treatments and skin treatments, I get so many compliments on the shape of my lips and I must say he does an amazing job with my lips as well. I have referred many girls to him for this reason and I advice anyone who is thinking of getting any of this procedures done to visit him and his staff at VIP you will be really happy you chose him as your doctor."

5.0 Review from C.P. Source: Google Apr 27 2015

"VIP Plastic Surgery is a very well maintained facility. The staff is very welcoming and the environment is very friendly and pleasant. The front desk receptionist Patrica was such a doll. She was very attentive, and the concern of my skin disorder was mutual. She recommended Obagi Skin Care Products and it has been magic on my skin, I will definitely be a continuous customer for this product. Not only was the product great but her customer service was tip-toe! She called me two weeks after purchasing the product to see how it was working for me. It was such an appealing customer service experience. She also assisted me with very informative and detailed answers to my questions in regards of a breast augmentation, as well as setting me up for a consultation with Dr. Khorsandi's I am very excited for this procedure! I have seen some of his work and it's just outstanding! "

5.0 Review from C.G. Source: Google Apr 24 2015

"I recently had my breast augmentation done by Dr. Khorsandi in february & i am so happy with my results they are everything i expected. I get compliments all the time on them. Dr. khorsandi and his staff were all very nice to me from the begining, Patricia one of his staff would constatly check on me to make sure i was feeling good & answer any questions i had. I would definetly recomend him to anybody, Dr. khorsandi is a great surgeon."

4.9 Review from G. Source: RealSelf Dec 06 2014

"I was considering breast augmentation for quite some time and was researching for a qualified plastic surgeon. But I was very hesitant going through with it. A couple reasons were 1. Having implants which don’t belong in my body and 2. Complications. I made my mind up that I wouldn't have a breast augmentation. A month ago I met a woman. I admired the look of her chest which, I found out weeks after, were not real. I would have not guessed in her bikini top that she underwent breast augmentation. She gave me the name of her surgeon who did her breast augmentation. Dr. Christopher Khrosandi. Of course I did my research. I couldn't find any negative reviews. I decided to call the office to schedule a consultation. I called Monday morning and asked for an appointment as soon as possible. Patricia was able to get me in on that same Wednesday. My first impression when I met Dr. Khrosandi was positive. Not some fancy, rich surgeon who talks down to you. He asked me what look I was wishing for. He explained everything you need to know and more. We used the Vectra 3-D System which gave me a realistic view on how I will look with certain breast implant sizes instead of just imagining or stuffing some gel pads in my bras. He showed me different sizes and shapes and also told me which size would be the maximum for my body he would go. I find it very important that a surgeon is willing to give a woman a realistic limit, especially for her first breast augmentation. Some females just wa"
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