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Patient Reviews

Las Vegas, NV board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi has been listed among numerous "Top Doc" awards, including the Patient’s Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Award, and Castle Connolly’s Top Plastic Surgeon. These awards are made possible because of the compassionate care, surgical skill, and customer service offered by Dr. Khorsandi and our entire team. However, what allows us to continue to get better each day, is the valuable feedback we received from our patients, who we respect deeply. We are thrilled to be able to share their experiences and our collection of patient reviews with you as you make the personal choice to move forward with a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Reviews for Restylane® Procedures in Henderson, NV

5.0 Review from S.F. Source: Yelp Apr 25 2021

"I went to Dr. Khorsandi at VIP for Botox and fillers. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had - he listens to what you want and what your "goals" are. He takes his time with the procedure and doesn’t rush anything, and because of this there was no pain. Dr. khorsandi and all of his staff were very warm and welcoming and made me feel comfortable in their office. I am so happy with my results and I will definitely be going back in the future!"

5.0 Review from M.G. Source: Yelp Nov 13 2020

"I have been to several top rated doctors in Las Vegas for breast augmentation consultations. I chose Dr Khorsandi because he’s extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented. Also, I have been going to him for under eye fillers since 2016 and I was always happy with the results (this year I went to ANOTHER "top rated" doctor is Las Vegas for filler and I fully regret it... my results were uneven , thankfully Dr Khorsandi is helping me fix it). All I have to say Dr Khorsandi is simply the best when it comes to quality and patient care. He’s very kind and extremely knowledgeable. His staff is wonderful as well, they have always been really nice to me. I am really thankful."

5.0 Review from A.T. Source: Yelp Jun 16 2020

"I’m absolutely happy with my lip fillers! It was my first time getting them done but the girls at the office and the Dr himself made me feel comfortable. If you have been wanting lip fillers this is your sign to get them and to go see Dr. Khorsandi!!"

5.0 Review from R.K. Source: Yelp Feb 28 2020

"Went to VIP couple days ago had my lips done and Botox once again and always happy with the results thank you so much Dr. Khorsandi."

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Yelp Feb 20 2020

"I have consistently had a great experience at VIP plastic surgery! Dr Khoursandi is the best in the business and has an amazing and friendly staff! I have been going to him once a year for lip and eye fillers for the last 4 years and last month he did a remove and replace on my breast implants. I am so extremely happy with the results! I love how they turned out!! I also have diabetes and he was very concerned for me to make sure I checked my sugars more frequently during the recovery process and to really watch my sugars. That made me feel very valued as a client instead of just doing the surgery and leaving me with regular care instructions for a normal breast augmentation."

5.0 Review from H.K. Source: Yelp Oct 14 2019

"I had my first rhinoplasty done in Salt Lake by a doctor who ruined my appearance last October 2018, I was devastated for several months! After researching hundreds of plastic surgeons to get a revision, I finally came across Doc Vegas's Page by one of his client's review. I began to read all his reviews and his before and after photos were an answer to my prayers!! I immediately called into his office for a consultation. The first visit was phenomenal, the office staff was super helpful and friendly. When I met he doctor, I was very nervous at first but he walked in and listened to all my concerns and was very genuine and professional that everything was going to be ok. He was very confident he could fix my nose exactly how I wanted it. Nothing is worse than having the awful nightmare I had experienced with that other doctor who ruined my face, he ignored my concerns and didn't care and knew he messed up! Doc Vegas put me at ease and I finally felt reassured that everything was going to be ok. He was very kind and knowledgeable in what he thought had happened and asked to see the prior operation report. It was too early to begin the revision surgery so I had to wait a few months and boy! Those few months felt like a century!! Doc Vegas added filler in the areas my nose was missing the fullness it needed until I was ready for the revision. My revision was completed June 2019, being rolled into the surgery room was a breathe of fresh air! I knew from Day 1 I was in good hands. I came out of surgery and the doc told me everything went so well!!!! I had a revision done as well for breast augmentation. I'm so happy with the results so far! It's been 3 months today and my results are phenomenal!!! Doc Vegas is the God of Plastic Surgery. I thank God every day for guiding me to such an amazing person!!! I recommend Doc Vegas to all my friends and family and definitely YOU!! You will not regret it."

5.0 Review from J.P. Source: Yelp Mar 09 2019

"Dr. Khorsandi is a miracle worker! I live in California and went to Las Vegas to see him and I'm so happy I did. My lips look amazing! His whole staff is great, especially his wife Catherine who is so knowledgeable and helpful. I look forward to trying out their skin treatments next. Thank you VIP Plastic Surgery for an amazing experience!"

5.0 Review from M.B. Source: Yelp Feb 04 2019

"This was the first time I had anything done so I was nervous. But it was only a positive experience from the moment I walked in the door. The staff were super friendly and professional. I recommend Dr. Khorsandi to anyone. I've had my lips filled and absolutely love it!"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Yelp Jun 19 2018

"Dr. Khorsandi is one of the finest physicians I have ever known. I am so honored to be under the care of such a brilliant surgeon. I am a 53 year old man with high expectations. And I guess celebrities know a good thing, because you run into them every time you visit his office. Here's the thing. Dr. Khorsandi and his staff treat everyone like they are celebrities. I have been his patient for some time now, and the doctor and his entire staff are friendly, welcoming, and highly skilled. The waiting area is impeccable, and you get to watch informative cutting edge videos of Dr. Khorsandi at work behind the scenes. Really captivating stuff. From the beginning, Dr. Khorsandi spent quality time listening to me and then making deeply thought out suggestions for my facial improvements. Lower eyelids, laser skin resurfacing, injectables, and through his other excellent practice, hair transplants. He instructed me to be patient with the healing process, advised me on post care expectations for a man my age, decided the best hair transplant technique, and we planned the surgeries. Now, two and a half months after the surgery, he and his staff have nurtured and cared for me every step of the way. No surprises. Just as he said, new hair growth has begun. Just as he explained, I am seeing my lower eyelids healing slowly, but each week they look better and better. Additionally, he has been speeding the healing process along with facial and laser treatments. My skin is dramatically improved, the deep wrinkles on my forehead are GONE. Dr. Khorsandi moves at a timely pace, but he is a perfectionist and does not rush patient care. I love his subtle approach to natural results. I feel so fortunate to be one of his lucky patients. Thank you VIP Plastic Surgery for dramatically improving the quality of my life."

5.0 Review from J.G. Source: Yelp May 27 2018

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5.0 Review from J.B. Source: Yelp Jan 16 2018

"Had my first visit with Doctor Khorsandi and his team. The office is very clean, the staff was not only beautiful but friendly and looked like they truly enjoyed their jobs. The office was busy but I didn't mind waiting. The amount of time Dr. Khorsandi put into my consultation and the questions I had made me feel very comfortable with trying this office for my injectables and skin care needs. I have been going to another local aesthetics place and always felt their products were watered down and just didn't last! I am excited to see how my results differ!"

5.0 Review from A.C. Source: Yelp Jan 13 2018

"I recently had fillers at VIP and I can say that Dr. Khorsandi is the BEST in his field. His honesty and professionalism is so reassuring that I know with absolute certainty that I can trust him. Catherine is so polite and poised and she even helped me with my skin care regimen! A short few weeks later and I am already thrilled with the results! I will DEFINITELY be back soon for more fillers! Thank you again Dr. Khorsandi and Catherine!!!"

5.0 Review from B.D. Source: Yelp Nov 14 2017

"Oh Dr. Khorsandi thank you sooo much for all you do for your clients/patients. In August I had a rhinoplasty & turbinate reduction and it was such an amazing experience. I am sooo incredibly happy with the results! Everyone at work asks about my experience and I can't say a single bad thing. They all think my results are beautiful. From the consultation to today's 3 months check up, I have had nothing but a great experience. I would do it all over again if I had to! Lol. The moment I booked my first consultation I just had this feeling I picked the right Doctor. It is so clean and cute inside VIP Plastic Surgery. Staff takes great care of you! Dr. Khorsandi's consultation with me was so thorough. I waited a few weeks to book my actual procedure and was able to get a date a few months out that worked with my work schedule. Surgery was performed at Seven Hills Surgery Center which was great! Awesome staff and Dr. Khorsandi was so kind and funny. I felt great going into surgery and my experience after was just as good. I am sooo happy with my nose and I can finally breathe! My allergies are practically gone as well... added bonus!!! Well today during my 3 month post op check up, I asked Dr. K about fillers for my chin (which is a little receded). He was able to fit me in right then and there for some Restylane Lyft Filler. We had previously discussed this so I was so excited to actually do it. How amazing is that?! I left with even more confidence. I will definitely be back! I am so happy to have my own Plastic Surgeon whom I trust with EVERYTHING. Thank you Dr. Khorsandi and staff!! :) xo"

5.0 Review from L.R. Source: Yelp Jun 26 2017

"Doctor Khorsandi work is amazing a year and 3 months ago I got my breast done and I love them so much. I want to thank Patricia for referring me to him, I loved his work! I also got my lips done with him, I got a full syringe and I love them , they last me 10 months. I have an appointment this Friday actually to get them redone after 10 months so I'm excited for that. I have already referred 2 of my girlfriends there Jennifer and Elizabeth and they also loved his work thank you so much Dr. Khorsandi for your amazing work!"

4.0 Review from K.T. Source: Yelp Jun 19 2017

"This is my first time getting anything done. I decided to get a long-awaited lip filler. My lips weren't something I was really self-conscious about ,but I had always wanted to get a little plumper in my top lip. When I called to make the appointment I explained to them that it was my first time doing anything and that I would need a little consultation before we started doing injections. When I arrived to the facility everyone was nice the waiting room was very lovely and they greeted me with saying so you're here for Juvederm? When I explain to them that I did not know which kind of filler I was getting because it was my first time they looked a little confused and said okay. They put me in a room and said for me to wait for the doctor. I waited for about 30 minutes while a nurse came in and out getting supplies. when the doctor came in I had less of a consult and more of an education lesson in what Juvederm is. when I asked the difference between Juvederm and Restylane he pretty much just told me that I wanted Juvederm. They numbed me injected me and sent me on my way with an ice pack. Well I'm thrilled with the results and that is most of what you are looking for in this kind of thing. I'm very disappointed with the experience. I was not told what to do before or after I got lip injections. They do not tell me how long to ice them for that I should not take any kind of blood thinners because it would increase bruising, or thst i would be so swollen that i would look a little crazy for a day or two.  I had to look all of these things up on my own and thank goodness I did. So would I come back here, probably only because I know that they do a good job, but I will not be expecting any sort of instructions on how to care for what has been done. I will also know to expect to pay $650 for a full pout."

5.0 Review from L.A. Source: Yelp May 31 2017

"Beyond happy with my lip filler results, even just 1 day out!  First time for anything plastics oriented, and everyone at the practice was fantastic! I only have one tiny bruise and a bit of swelling, which is normal! Dr. khorsandi was so professional and gentle.  I didn't feel any pain.  My jaw and lips were a bit achy as I went to bed (5 hours post procedure), but I woke up pain free and happy!  Thanks a million VIP!  I'll be back!! (ALSO - wanted to add that after going to a consultation somewhere else prior to this one, part of the reasons I decided to have my procedure done by Dr Khorsandi, was because the girls looked naturally enhanced, not plastic.  The person and staff of the place doing your procedure are good references for the kind of work done in that office. You can clearly see that Dr Khorsandi does excellent worked based on his staff alone.)"

5.0 Review from A.G. Source: Yelp Feb 02 2017

"Dr. Khorsandi is freaking amazing and I am now obsessed with VIP!!!! I have always felt a little self conscious about my lips be because the top is smaller than the bottom lip, also have some wrinkles from being in the sun a lot and just aging in general. So a couple of friends have gone to Dr. Khorsandi and I was obsessed with their lips!! So I did tons of research on different doctors as far as lip injection goes for Juvederm and I chose him based on pictures and tons of reviews!! I am so glad I did because I am now obsessed with my lips!!! I will be going back to him in the future and no one else!! It was my first time doing any type of fillers or anything on my face period, so swelling lasted about a week!! So don't freak out if that happens the end product will be exactly what you want!!! Thanks Dr. Khorsandi!!!!"

5.0 Review from D.O. Source: Yelp Feb 01 2017

"I am very pleased with my lip injections I received from Dr. Khorsandi and will definitely refer him to everyone I know. I I am looking forward to having more procedures done by him in the near future!"

5.0 Review from C.H. Source: Yelp Sep 22 2015

"I came to Dr. Khorsandis office a few months ago to get my lips done , I was very nervous since it was my first time but Dr.khorsandi did an amazing job , he made sure all of my questions were answered before we begun with the actual procedure. I'm very pleased with my results and I will definitely be back."
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