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Las Vegas, NV board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi has been listed among numerous "Top Doc" awards, including the Patient’s Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Award, and Castle Connolly’s Top Plastic Surgeon. These awards are made possible because of the compassionate care, surgical skill, and customer service offered by Dr. Khorsandi and our entire team. However, what allows us to continue to get better each day, is the valuable feedback we received from our patients, who we respect deeply. We are thrilled to be able to share their experiences and our collection of patient reviews with you as you make the personal choice to move forward with a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Reviews for Lasers Procedures Near Henderson, NV

5.0 Review from K. Source: RealSelf Nov 24 2021

"Dr. Khorsandi has been nothing short of amazing - I am absolutely in love with Dr. Khorsandi's work! I've been seeing Dr. K for almost a decade now and he continues to keep me overly pleased with every single procedure he's done for me. His knowledge, skill, and bedside manor are incomparable.  I'm beyond ecstatic I found him by evaluating days of reviews and pictures from this site.  From my very first consult, to now, every time I step into his office,  he has been nothing short of amazing. I am so grateful for the transformation he has gotten me through.  I couldn't be happier than I am now with the end results. I am genuinely thankful for the years of care he and his office has given me.Updated on 25 Nov 2021:Hey y'all, I wasn't planning on writing a review, but thought I would to help anyone looking on getting either of these procedures done; so you can see and compare your healing process. Overall the recovery was pretty easy. Lots of tylenol, Netflix and sleep (elevated on a wedge pillow). My face swelled up pretty bad, but by week two, it wasn't so bad. I'd definitely recommend taking two to three weeks offa work to fully heal- from the eyebrow lift that is-the lip lift I felt fine almost immediately, no pain, and minimal swelling. I'm two weeks out now and I feel almost back to normal. My face is tight and I can't really move my top lip yet but in time I'll feel even better. I already love the results. Dr. Khorsandi is amazing!Updated on 30 Nov 2021:Hey guys, I'm about three weeks out from my eyebrow and lip lift. I just put on eye makeup for the first time post op. My orbital bone is still a little sensitive. I can't move my eyebrows just yet, and my top lip is still pretty stiff. I also can't open my jaw all the way yet, but I just gotta be patient. In time everything will heal. I haven't worn face make up or straightened my hair yet, but I plan to this Friday; so I'll post another pic then.Updated on 3 Dec 2021:Hey guys, tonight is my first night back to work. I'm wearing face makeup for the first time post op. Definitely gotta keep the incisions moisturized well so the powder can go on okay without being too peely. Told y'all I'd post more pics so here's a couple.Updated on 8 Dec 2021:Hi guys, I reached the one month post op mark. Each week everything heals more and more. My face is still tight but I can somewhat move my eyebrows and my top lip isn't stiff anymore. I'm going to be getting prp on the area's where I had staples in my scalp to help regrow the hair in that area soon. I'll document how that goes as well.Updated on 28 Jan 2022:Heyyy guys, I said I would document how my prp treatments are going; So I'm about one month out from my first treatment to the area where the staples were from my brow lift. I have baby hairs growing back. I get my second prp treatment in three days. I'm pretty confident that it'll help my hair grow pretty much fully back in those areas. I'm almost three months out from my brow and lip lift. I feel back to normal with the exception of my scalp still being numb which is normal. It takes about 6 to 12 months to gain feeling back.Updated on 1 Jun 2022:Hey you all! I'm a little over seven months post op. Most final results you can pretty much see at the 6 month time mark. Everything's moving and looking good. No stiffness at all and I'm finally slowly gaining feeling back in my scalp. The incision around my nose did kinda stretch a little so I'm going in once a month for fraxel treatments around that scar to fix it up. I'm also still doing my prp treatments to where the incision was in my scalp. You can see my baby hairs growing around my hairline now. Pics posted :)"

5.0 Review from T. Source: RealSelf Sep 25 2017

"Best customer service and patient care! - The best! Not that I've been to tons of surgeons to compare, or ever had a procedure prior to this one, but Dr. Khorsandi is a true artist and has a keen eye for detail. I recently had a breast augmentation done (less than a month). The size is perfect. I went in thinking I wanted a certain size and told him, and he recommended no more than a certain amount based on my frame. They are really the perfect size and proportional and full. Dr. Khorsandi has a great bedside manner as well. I've never felt rushed during follow up appointments and he always makes sure to answer any questions and makes you comfortable. As far as the office itself, they really offer the best customer service. The girls at the front are all so friendly, recognize me and call me by my name when I walk in. I had such a great experience with the surgery that I stalked their IG and saw they offer skin care. I saw Catherine and she recommended a regimen based on my skin type. I'm 36 and need to start really taking care of my skin. I will be going in for an in office treatment (I forget what it's called but it improves tone and texture) and probably Botox and fillers where they recommend. I know a couple of their clients personally and had no idea they got the fillers and such so I know he doesn't go overboard. I'm confident whatever I choose or whatever they recommend will look perfect and natural. I'm so happy I found this office and highly recommend them to anyone looking for the most minor things (skin care) to major (Brazilian butt lift....check out their website or IG pics of the before and after of those, it's like magic!). The doctor is so talented and you can tell the utmost of care goes into his patients and staff as well."

5.0 Review from B. Source: RealSelf Apr 30 2017

"When I was a teenage, I had severe acne and never really treated it properly. As a result, I have acne scars around my forehead and the sides of my eyes. I never realized that there were procedures available for acne scars that were not painful until I heard about the Fraxel laser from a friend. I did some research regarding the laser treatment and then went ahead to schedule a consultation..."

5.0 Review from B. Source: RealSelf Apr 30 2017

"Great Acne Scar Removal - When I was a teenage, I had severe acne and never really treated it properly. As a result, I have acne scars around my forehead and the sides of my eyes. I never realized that there were procedures available for acne scars that were not painful until I heard about the Fraxel laser from a friend. I did some research regarding the laser treatment and then went ahead to schedule a consultation..."

5.0 Review from C. Source: RealSelf Feb 10 2017

"I had an amazing experience! - I had a Fraxel Repair Co2 treatment this month with Dr. K. it is a device that performs skin tightening, removes sun damage, fills in fine lines and wrinkles, and am loving my results so far! Dr. K and his staff are down to earth, professional, kind, and generous. I work in the medical field and have experience with many plastic surgeons, and I cannot say that I have or ever would give a high... - - I had a Fraxel Repair Co2 treatment this month with Dr. K. it is a device that performs skin tightening, removes sun damage, fills in fine lines and wrinkles, and am loving my results so far! Dr. K and his staff are down to earth, professional, kind, and generous. I work in the medical field and have experience with many plastic surgeons, and I cannot say that I have or ever would give a high rating to many of them! To Dr. K and his staff are worthy of it!"

5.0 Review from C. Source: RealSelf Aug 09 2016

"I Look Years Younger!! - Henderson, NV - I am 51 and was looking for a procedure that would lighten my brown spots, improve the texture and fine lines and give it a more youthful appearance. Dr. Khorsandi recommended the Fraxel treatment to address all of my concerns. He said 1 or 2 treatments would be all I need to make a substantial difference. I have had 1 treatment and I cannot believe how fantastic my skin looks!! My skin is bright, glowing and literally looks many years younger! I could not be any happier! The procedure only took about 20 minutes and was very tolerable. Dr. Khorsandi is fabulous, very personable and thorough in his explanations. We talked about other procedures as well and I appreciate how honest and realistic he is regarding what kind of results to expect. The office is really clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. The manager, Catherine, is very nice, she helped get me scheduled and put me at ease. I can't wait to have my second Fraxel treatment and more procedures soon!"

5.0 Review from V. Source: RealSelf Jun 03 2016

"30 Year Old, Much Needed Botox! - Henderson, NV - I've noticed my forehead wrinkles getting worse over the past few years and I finally wanted to do something about it. I did a lot of research and decided that Botox was the way to go! I scheduled my appointment with VIP Plastic Surgery due to their outstanding reviews and excellent personable service that they provide to their patients. Dr. Khorsandi was very professional and answered all of my questions. I really enjoyed the time that he spent with me and his mannerism. He didn't rush me or give that "you're just a number" feeling that I've gotten from some doctors before. My wrinkles are completely gone, Botox is literally like a magic eraser! I absolutely love my results and loved my experience and VIP Plastic Surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Khorsandi to anyone who is looking for an amazing plastic surgeon!!"

5.0 Review from H. Source: RealSelf Apr 24 2016

"55 Years Old Want to Look Good. Henderson, NV - Thank you Dr. Khorsandi and his staff, I am so please with their services, care and expertise from beginning to the end of the procedure, thank you Dr. K for my new skin, - - I have a lot of aging spots on my cheeks and forehead, they really bugging me, I asked Dr. Khorsandi for an advise, He suggested me to have Fraxel Laser. He explain about what is the procedure will do and what i can expect during and after the procedure. Today is 2 week after I had Fraxel, the top layer of my skin totally peel off, My dark spots are 90% faded away, my skin so soft and smooth, I'm very happy with the result, Dr. K and his staff are amazing, Their knowledgeable and experienced from procedure to skin care product are excellent, I have my trust on them completely."

5.0 Review from L. Source: RealSelf Mar 17 2016

"Picosure Tattoo Removal. Las Vegas, NV - Dr. K and Kelly are both professional, personable and incredibly knowledgable. I would feel comfortable having any procedure performed at VIP Plastic Surgery. Results do not lie. - - Not enough to say about my great experience at VIP. Dr K and Kelly are helping me remove two of my tattoos. They took time to numb the entire area and were so thorough. They made me feel comfortable through the whole process and I'm very pleased with the results. I honestly can't wait for my next session!"

5.0 Review from L. Source: RealSelf Feb 24 2016

"60 Years Old with Less Wrinkles Now - Looking Good and Feeling Young. Henderson, NV - My skin looks amazing and smooth after the procedure. I feel that I look better and now feel more confident. I also did the botox treatment at the same time and it was definitely worth it to do both at the same time. I was a little nervous before the procedure but Dr. K and his staff was so amazing support and comfort me at that time, I will come back for EndyMed 3DEEP treatment very soon."

5.0 Review from J. Source: RealSelf Feb 11 2016

"5 Star Office and Staff - Henderson, NV - Described above..beyond happy. 5 star. - - I look forward to visiting the office everyday for more knowledge..they advised me about skincare and laser treatments to tighten and even out my skin tone. The Dr was extremely knowledgable and took the time with me to make me feel comfortable. I was very impressed overall and highly reccomend VIP."

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf Jan 21 2016

"Isolaz - Henderson, NV - Dr. Khorsandi is very professional. All his staff are super nice and answered every question I had. - - I've been struggling with acne for about 2 or 3 years. I have tried lots of different things and nothing has work except for Isolaz. I started seeing results about 2 days after I got it done. I felt no pain at all with Isolaz which is great because I'm kinda of a chicken. I definitely recommed Isolaz. Im so happy with the result. My skin looks way better."

5.0 Review from T. Source: RealSelf Jan 21 2016

"bbl. Henderson, NV - I got my BBL with Dr. Khorsandi a year ago , i wanted a bigger rounder perky butt and I didn't want implants so he suggested I did a bbl. He had previously done my breast augmentation , fillers and acne treatments so I trusted his work 100 percent I've never been disappointed with any of the procedures. Dr. Khorsandi did lippo on my lower and upper stomach and lower back and traferd it to my butt to achieve the the shape and size I wanted."

5.0 Review from C. Source: RealSelf Dec 19 2015

"Tattoo Removal with Picosure Laser - Henderson, NV - I've been a patient at VIP Plastic surgery for about 4 months now and Iam on my 3rd tattoo removal session I pay 200 per session and was told I'd need 6/8 sessions I couldn't be happier with the results I've obtained so far, I'm so surprised that so much of the tattoo is already gone ! Everyone at VIP has been so helpful with accommodating my apts to fit my work schedule ! I will deff be recommending VIP to all of my friends who want to get rid of their unwanted tattoos."

5.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Dec 16 2015

"Fraxel for Acne Scars - Henderson, NV - I had been struggling with acne scars for a few years now and had tried a lot of different things from facials to peels , skincare ect. My friend Patricia told me about different treatments they had that could help me , so I decided to consult with Dr. Khorsandi about fraxel. After my consultation I set the date for my first fraxel , I'm 6 days out today and already see major improvements in my acne scar size, I can only imagine how my face will look after my second."

5.0 Review from L. Source: RealSelf Oct 14 2015

"48 Year Old- Mother of 2. Henderson, NV - VIP plastic surgery, the name speaks for itself. Nice and professional staff. They provide you the most hitech. Dr. Khorsandi is very knowledgeable, skilled and made me feel very comfortable. I got botox and clear and brilliant skin treatment. I highly recomend Dr.Khorsandi to anyone because you will not be disapointed. 500.00 for Botox, clear and brilliant is 350.00"

5.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Jul 10 2015

"I Love my Face Now - Las Vegas, NV - I love doing my face clear and brilliant treatment at Chris's office. He is awesome. I have been there 3 times so far do my face treatment. Now every friend saw me and. Saying my face look so smooth and tight and lightening. Glad. I'm 36 years old Asian lady. Face skin start looks darker and loose. My wedding is coming also. I had a friend did face treatment at Chris. She look absolutely hot and her skin looks like s younger. Then I tried once. I start feeling big difference on my face. I decide keep going. Chris is professional and friendly doctor. He will take his time talk to u and find what is the best for u although I found he is extremely busy. Anyway I highly recommend this doctor and I believe he will change ur life. I'm very happy and confident for my face right now. I feel much happier."

5.0 Review from 4. Source: RealSelf Feb 08 2015

"January 28th, 2015. I went in to VIP Plastic Surgery to get Ulthera done on the lower half of my face and neck. The procedure was done by Dr. Khorsandi himself, I felt minimal discomfort while he was doing the procedure. At every moment he would ask how I was feeling to make sure I was comfortable. This procedure required no down time I returned to work the next day. i know it Usually takes a couple months to see the full results, but I am very please with all of Dr. Khorsandi's work."

5.0 Review from L. Source: RealSelf Dec 23 2013

"Leann Canada -Las Vegas, NV - I was extremely pleased with the whole process. Dr. Khorsandi was very thorough in explaining the entire procedure in detail. I received excellent care, before, during and following the procedure. This was my first experience with any procedure so I was a bit nervous. Dr. Khorsandi and his assistant knowledge and warmth put me at ease. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. I believe they are truly concerned for your health and a positive outcome for you. - - The better looking give me more confident when I'm facing the outside world, the procedure I got included Thermage neck and face, radiesse, clear and brilliant were the right thing I had done for myself. I look good, feel good and very happy with the result I had got. The wrinkle under my eyes and both side of my mouth were gone, the dark spots on my cheek were fade away give me a bright and smooth skin. I'm very happy."

5.0 Review from J. Source: RealSelf Dec 11 2013

"Amazing Lip Injections! - Las Vegas, NV - He is such a nice doctor. Makes you feel comfortable. Moreover, he actually cares about his work!! He isn't there to make a quick buck. He takes his time, and is a perfectionist. He works hard to give you the best quality work. - - I went for my first time in October to get my lips done and my parenthesis lines done above my mouth. He is amazing!! He does the lip injections himself, which is unheard of as every surgeon makes their nurses do them. I had uneven lips from the last nurse that did them at a different plastic surgeon's office. Not only did he make them even, he made them perfect! Everyone, including girls at work, has commented on my lips saying how perfect they are. Guys don't even notice they are fake, but I constantly get complimented on them. I didn't even think people noticed. He made them a perfect size so they do not even look fake, but they are so symmetrical. This is hard as injections are done judging just with your eye. He is a perfectionist. You can tell he takes his work seriously whether it is a "trivial" lip injection or a major surgery. He took his time too. He also uses a dental block which helps the procedure be painless. I've gone back to him twice for Clear and Brilliant. I have huge pores and it has been my life mission to get rid of them and the blackheads! I went to the first session, and I really didn't think anything of it. Everyone else though seemed to notice! All the girls at work asked me what I did to my face. It looked so clear they said. My friend even thought I did botox. So I went again. I have to say I saw results definitely the second time. I again got tons of compliments asking if I used different make up, or what was I doing differently. I bought skincare products and Latisse from his office as well. Both work amazing. I honestly recommend him 200%!! I couldn't be happier with everything that I have had done! It was 650 for the juvaderm, 550 I believe for the Radiasse. Clear and Brillant first visit is 350, and thereafter they have a special price for a group of sessions."

5.0 Review from J. Source: RealSelf Sep 05 2013

"Clear and Brilliant Permea is Amazing, Just Like Dr. Khorsandi ! -Las Vegas, NV - Love Dr. Khorsandi! Not only is he brilliant, he is also very kind and friendly. He took the time to discuss my skin concerns and recommend the right treatments for me. He is always interested in my questions and is very thorough with his answers and recommendations. I'm a huge fan!!! - - Clear and Brilliant is the best laser treatment I've ever (and I've had plenty). The treatment is a laser, but without the pain you expect, so no need to numb the face before, which I always try to avoid. The treatment takes about 30 minutes, during which there is mild tingling and a little warmth. There was no pain, a tiny bit of redness that quickly disappeared after applying a cooling mask made just for laser treatments, no peeling and I went right back to work. The next day my face was completely normal, then a couple of days later I experienced a little roughness which is normal for a laser treatment. I could feel it but no one could see it, so no need for concern. A week after the treatment my skin was already clearer, smoother and tighter."

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf Sep 03 2013

"Clear and Brilliant - Las Vegas, NV - He took his time to explain the treatment and made me feel comfortable. I had the treatment and couldn't be happier. He was informative and answered all my concerns quite well. I will definitely be coming back to him for more treatments, I'll also be highly recommending him to people in the future. - - I wanted to find a treatment that would help with my face, I heard about clear and brilliant and decided to go to get the treatment done. I got the 6 Treatment Package for $1800.00 or you can also get the 1 Treatment for $350.00, I choose the 6 Treatment Package for the $250.00 worth Skinceutical for free with that package which was well worth it. The effects were noticed very quickly and I'm happy with the outcome. After the treatment you have a little redness but it goes away rather quickly. This treatment is highly recommended for people who want to make their skin more clear and healthier in a quick amount of time. I will be continuing this treatment in the future."

5.0 Review from K. T. Source: RealSelf Aug 16 2013

"At first, I was hesitant and nervous about the experience but after speaking to the practice manager, Catherine, on the phone, I became extremely interested and decided to come in for a consultation. The doctor ended up doing a clear and brilliant laser treatment on my skin and I noticed immediate results. My skin is so much brighter and softer in just one treatment; I cannot wait until my second treatment in two weeks. After clear and brilliant, I decided to do Thermage Skin Tightening for my face. This treatment is amazing. I noticed my skin is tighter and lifted as the treatment is being performed. My family and friends noticed the changes immediately. Dr. K is a skillful plastic surgeon and I recommend him to everyone. His staff made me feel so comfortable throughout this entire experience and I cannot wait for more treatments soon. Catherine is great, she will give you her cell phone so you can contact her anytime."
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