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Patient Reviews

Las Vegas, NV board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi has been listed among numerous "Top Doc" awards, including the Patient’s Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Award, and Castle Connolly’s Top Plastic Surgeon. These awards are made possible because of the compassionate care, surgical skill, and customer service offered by Dr. Khorsandi and our entire team. However, what allows us to continue to get better each day, is the valuable feedback we received from our patients, who we respect deeply. We are thrilled to be able to share their experiences and our collection of patient reviews with you as you make the personal choice to move forward with a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Reviews for Henderson, NV Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi Eyelid Surgery Procedures

5.0 Review from D.H. Source: Yelp May 31 2021

"So I wanna start off by saying I live in Utah & made several trips to Vegas to have a consultation, pre-opp, and surgery at V.I.P & I couldn’t be happier I made this decision. First of all I read so many reviews about this place before booking an appointment & got the notion Dr. Khorsandi had bad bed side manners and to just go in there with that in mind, so I went in and I was completely blown away at how far from the truth that could be. I definitely wouldn’t take any negative comments seriously because all the other amazing things I read about him and his office were completely on point. I went in for a breast augmentation & showed him a picture, told him that’s what I want and let him do the rest. I let him choose sizing, profile, etc. and very happy I did. When you read up a lot on implants you think you know what you’re talking about until you go to a professional and they say something else other than what you think, it can be conflicting but I chose to go with my gut & allow him to make all the decisions. I was scared at the sizing he chose, it sounded like they were gonna be too big but I was totally wrong, they came out perfectly! I’m also a recovering drug addict & as soon as he read that on my chart he said he didn’t want me to have to take any narcotics and comped a nerve blocker for me instead, I walked out of his office with tears in my eyes because I had never had a doctor be so understanding and kind about me being in recovery. & not only that but not wanting to risk putting me in a situation that could end in relapse. The girls in the office were so sweet & reassuring as well. I loved Patricia! She was easy to communicate with & gave me great advice, that if she didn’t tell me prior to surgery I might have had a bad experience. The day of surgery I was terrified & probably overly annoyingly nervous, but all the staff at the surgical center were so understanding, they entirely calmed my nerves when it was time to go under that the last thing I remember is laughing with the nurse putting me under! Dr.Khorsandi also came by to draw on my chest before surgery and had the most kind words to say & is just a super down to earth person. I feel like he went above and beyond by just being himself & that honestly is the most amazing feeling because it reassured me he was being sincere and genuine the entire time. He definitely is blunt & to the point but he knows what he’s doing!! His team reached out a few times while I was recovering & I couldn’t be happier with the results & my breasts haven’t even dropped yet. This experience was worth every penny. VIP plastic surgery is my new go to spot & very worth the drive! Thank you dr.khorsandi.  pics are 2 weeks post opp!"

5.0 Review from M.G. Source: Yelp Nov 13 2020

"I have been to several top rated doctors in Las Vegas for breast augmentation consultations. I chose Dr Khorsandi because he’s extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented. Also, I have been going to him for under eye fillers since 2016 and I was always happy with the results (this year I went to ANOTHER "top rated" doctor is Las Vegas for filler and I fully regret it... my results were uneven , thankfully Dr Khorsandi is helping me fix it). All I have to say Dr Khorsandi is simply the best when it comes to quality and patient care. He’s very kind and extremely knowledgeable. His staff is wonderful as well, they have always been really nice to me. I am really thankful."

5.0 Review from V.M. Source: Yelp Oct 17 2019

"I have been going to VIP Plastic Surgery now for about four years. At first I just started getting my lips filled with Juvéderm and I loved the outcome. They looked so natural and I was so happy! Dr. Khorsandi is such a pleasure to be around and he is such an amazing doctor I would never go anywhere else. Not only do I feel welcome every time I go in but they take such good care of me. I am now 31 and have started to see a slight change in my face and some minor cellulite. So I decided to go see Melanie who is one of the aestheticians there. I had some concerns about some cellulite under my butt area on my thighs. I went in and had a consultation with her about the Body FX. She told me it was a non-invasive procedure and it pretty much just melted your fat and made your skin tighter and more firm. So I decided to try the procedure out. Not only did I love the procedure but Melanie was such a professional and did such a wonderful job that I started asking about the different kind of facials and non invasive treatments they had for my under eye and face. After having a consultation with both Melanie and Dr. Khorsandi we agreed that the Morpheus which is a micro needling procedure for my under eye would help tighten and smooth my under eyes so I wouldn't have to get fillers. I agreed to the three treatments. The package was a good deal (in my eyes to be honest) other places charge way more. The treatment hurt like hell but I was very pleased with the aftermath. After doing the Morpheus Micro Needling I decided to do a vampire facial, which I literally got today LOL I heard such good things about it and they offer such great packages that I decided what the hell. It didn't hurt half as bad as The Morpheus, so I was totally happy about that and I can't wait to see the results. Every time I have appointment with Melanie I look forward to seeing her. She does such a wonderful job at everything she does for me and I wouldn't dream about seeing anyone else. Not only do I look at her as my talented aesthetician that makes me feel beautiful, but as a friend that I can laugh and feel comfortable with. It's such a crazy feeling to see yourself aging and to start noticing things that you don't really like or that you want to change about your body and VIP Plastic Surgery has not only made me feel so comfortable about going in and talking about my issues but they do such a great job with every procedure I've had done that not only will I go there for everything in the future but I feel like family when I'm there. Thank you Dr. Khorsandi and Melanie for always making me feel so special and beautiful"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Yelp Jun 19 2018

"Dr. Khorsandi is one of the finest physicians I have ever known. I am so honored to be under the care of such a brilliant surgeon. I am a 53 year old man with high expectations. And I guess celebrities know a good thing, because you run into them every time you visit his office. Here's the thing. Dr. Khorsandi and his staff treat everyone like they are celebrities. I have been his patient for some time now, and the doctor and his entire staff are friendly, welcoming, and highly skilled. The waiting area is impeccable, and you get to watch informative cutting edge videos of Dr. Khorsandi at work behind the scenes. Really captivating stuff. From the beginning, Dr. Khorsandi spent quality time listening to me and then making deeply thought out suggestions for my facial improvements. Lower eyelids, laser skin resurfacing, injectables, and through his other excellent practice, hair transplants. He instructed me to be patient with the healing process, advised me on post care expectations for a man my age, decided the best hair transplant technique, and we planned the surgeries. Now, two and a half months after the surgery, he and his staff have nurtured and cared for me every step of the way. No surprises. Just as he said, new hair growth has begun. Just as he explained, I am seeing my lower eyelids healing slowly, but each week they look better and better. Additionally, he has been speeding the healing process along with facial and laser treatments. My skin is dramatically improved, the deep wrinkles on my forehead are GONE. Dr. Khorsandi moves at a timely pace, but he is a perfectionist and does not rush patient care. I love his subtle approach to natural results. I feel so fortunate to be one of his lucky patients. Thank you VIP Plastic Surgery for dramatically improving the quality of my life."

5.0 Review from J.G. Source: Yelp May 27 2018

"INSTANTLY AGELESS   Within 2 minutes, Instantly Ageless reduces the appearance of under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles and pores, and lasts   6 to 9 hours.       globalmax.jeunesseglobal…"

5.0 Review from J.W. Source: Yelp May 01 2018

"My name is Cage. I have been a patient for nearly a year and have had a few surgeries including face, neck,  upper and lower eyes, and hair transplant. Dr. Christopher Khorsandi and his entire staff are the best! They are the most professional, caring, sincere,  sweetest, etc. They always go out of their way to ensure my happiness from the smallest to the largest procedure I've had. They listen. They don't rush my appointment time. Dr. Khorsandi and his entire staff are earnestly generous making sure that I am implicitly pleased with the way I look and feel before I leave their office. THEY ARE SINCERELY THE BEST!!!!!!"

5.0 Review from B.P. Source: Yelp Apr 29 2017

"When I was a teenager, I had severe acne and never really treated it properly. As a result, I have acne scars around my forehead and the sides of my eyes. I never realized that there were procedures available for acne scars that were not painful until I heard about the Fraxel laser from a friend. I did some research regarding the laser treatment and then went ahead to schedule a consultation VIP Plastic Surgery. The staff was extremely kind in explaining the treatment to me, without ever being rude when I had questions about the treatment. After the first treatment, I noticed my acne scars lessening a bit. I have now done 3 treatments 6 weeks apart and I can definitely say that the treatment has dramatically helped reduce my acne scars. I highly recommend  any with acne scars to come to VIP Plastic Surgery."

5.0 Review from L.R. Source: Yelp Feb 07 2017

"Dr. Khorsandi and his staff were extremely helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns. They also helped me pick out a skin care product to help with the lines around my eyes. I would highly recommended him and I will be back when I am in town with out a doubt!"

5.0 Review from T.T. Source: Yelp Oct 29 2016

"I had a upper and lower bleph done in 2012 due to some sagging skin and extra fat under my eyes. I loved the upper bleph at the time, but the lower bleph, I was never happy with. I had a lots of extra skin making it look like crepey skin underneath. I started searching for a new dr to help me fix the issue. I had a revision of a lower bleph done along with a fat transfer and skin removal under my eyes from Dr Khorsandi. I am currently about 2 weeks post op and I have love what he has done. I have had people tell me I look 10 years younger already!!! I am still seeing some settling being done and with fat transfer it is difficult to know what will take and what won't. I am going back for some fillers to fill in some hollow spots and also the Fraxel to correct some skin issues and tightening - I really wish I would have found Dr Khorsandi before! I would have had him do everything!!!! Before, during and after my surgery he had been amazing. I have never had a dr spend as much time answering my questions and taking their time with me pre-op. I would recommend him to any and everyone who wants to do anything cosmetic."

5.0 Review from T.G. Source: Yelp Aug 17 2016

"I had a consultation with Dr. Khorsandi late July. I wanted to have my Rhinoplasty surgery ASAP. I went to other consultations but I was most comfortable with Dr. Khorsandi. I will start from the beginning: The office is very clean and modern. The girls at the front desk were also nice and attentive. They gave my paperwork immediately when I got there for my consultation. They have a very nice waiting room with beautiful d?cor. The girls offered my husband and I water or something to drink, which was very nice. I did not have to wait very long to see the Doc. I was very nervous because I wasn't sure what to ask or what I wanted my nose to look like. Dr. Khorsandi was my first Rhinoplasty consultation. He went over EVERYTHING! He did not rush me at all or get annoyed with my dumb questions lol. Anyways, consult was amazing and I left satisfied knowing he is the Doc that I want to perform my surgery. The pricing is a bit expensive, i could have done it for a lot cheaper in California but i really liked Dr. Khorsandi. My husband wanted me to go to other consults so I did but felt most comfortable with Dr. K. I called/texted Catherine his office manager letting her know I wanted to book a surgery date. My surgery was dated for August 8th. Which was awesome given the fact that I wanted the surgery asap! Fast forward to a week before the surgery. I was nervous and wanted to see the Doc again. I went in for a second consult to go over everything again and to make sure he was going to do what I wanted. The 3D imaging he used was amazing. (If you have oily skin like I do, wipe your makeup off before) The image was perfect!! He answered all my questions again and I left satisfied and ready for my surgery. August 8th! It's finally here. I had my surgery in the morning at 11am. I woke up eating jello by some nurse. I didn't feel any pain when I woke up just discomfort. The first day was the hardest. I had a lot of pain, mostly headaches. I slept most of the day after the surgery. The second and third days were also painful, I had a lot of swelling and my left eye bruised a lot. The second day I went in for a post-op with Dr. K. He said everything looked great and that I need to use ice for the swelling to go down and hot compresses for after the third day. Anyways, ill be honest, it was a week of hell! Mostly discomfort, also, I had extraordinary headaches for some reason. My face was also very swollen. 6 days post-op the splints inside my nose were causing issues, I wasn't able to breath properly and it was hurting me. I went in that day to get them removed by Dr. Khorsandi. It felt like a big bugger lol but painful to remove. He was fast and it only took a few seconds! Felt great after he removed it. Fast forward to yesterday, August 16, this is 8 days post-op. I went in so that Dr. K can remove my cast! This part did not hurt, the stitch removal was a bit painful though. Maybe because I had dried blood that I was scared to remove myself on the stitches. Anyways! I loved my new nose! I had a dorsal hump and I always thought my nose was just too big. He made it smaller, thinner and removed that ugly hump. My nose is still super swollen but I love it. He did not make it too small, which is great. I have big eyes and high cheekbones so I did not want a tiny button nose. I think its perfect and it will look even better once the swelling goes down. I have thick skin because I am Middle Eastern so he said the swelling would take longer. I knew this going in so it's not a problem. I already love it!! Thank you Dr. Khorsandi. Also, his nurse, I think her name was Patricia? She was the short girl with the pretty nose if that narrows it down lol She was attentive and made me feel comfortable. She even gave me a nervous ball while the Doc was removing my stitches! :) Catherine and Cynthia were also great! They always answered my questions and Catherine always-texted back so quickly! You guys are the best!! Can't wait to return for my 3 week post-op. Then maybe in the future get my boobies done."

5.0 Review from S.S. Source: Yelp Jul 11 2016

"Rhino & Chin Liposuction! (6/29/2016) Had read all the reviews, not what I had expected from the reviews, at first. Wait time was extensive, so many different things could have pushed me away, including a redo of my initial photos, and another appointment and hour long drive. I had read all the reviews however, so decided to stay patient, and have "faith". That many reviews, with top ratings couldn't be wrong, regardless of what I had experienced initially, that would have turned anyone away quickly. Which it did! Several people walked out of the office that busy day, prompting Dr. K to ask the Staff, why they had left; waiting time! Better for me, he got to me quicker! lol And, I got a Rhino job that gave me such an EGO, Dr. K. had to take my portable mirror away. I was holding him up, just staring and staring. I wouldn't stop looking at myself. He said, "Give me that, no more!" I WAS HOT! Lol, he is funny guy. At first, I was scared what I was going to see. I took small peaks, then suddenly I took more and more, and opened my eyes all the way, and I couldn't believe this was my new face. I was still taking it all in. Then, the WOW came out! I'm hooked! I did not want a plastic surgery look. This doctor is PSYCHIC! We discussed stuff in the consult room, and I had gone home and second guessed stuff. I'll give you an example: I did not want the width of my nose reduced. I wanted to tell him before surgery! Did not get to it, before he starts inspecting my face, making his marks readying me for anesthesia when he says, "Well, we may not have to reduce the width of this nose!". I didn't even get a chance to forget my concerns, he pointed them out for me. Anesthesia shows up, and asks to open my mouth and notices my asymmetry on my face, and asks. Yes, he caught that too. Dr. K. shows up, and also notices minor stuff with it, and comes over and says, " Well, we will see what we can do. We can fix that!" ..... Starts drawing on my face, and tilting my head, and asking me to look this way, that way, and off we go to surgery. I spent 3-5 days worried on my face! It was swollen, I looked like a chipmunk! I panicked. Next day after post-op, i'm still so swollen my face! The Staff knew this was normal, but I was very impatient to see the results. I wanted my new face, now! Finally a week later everything comes out and WOW! If you're considering Rhino? Take your time in the consult room! Exactly what you see on visual rendering, you will get! That's your NEW face! I promise you. It will be YOUR NEW FACE & then some! Oh My God, I am so HOT! Just look at the "nose"! Focus on the "nose"."

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Yelp Nov 12 2015

"Today I had a procedure done called endy med which is like a laser treatment to smooth out the bags and creepiness under my eyes! The experience was great! Megan was amazing and she talked through everything she was doing! She made sure it did not feel uncomfortable and kept asking me if I was doing ok. Funny thing is it actually felt like a warm massage around my eyes, and actually felt good!!! After the procedure we took some photos and even though I was told you will need about 6 sessions to see results, I could already see a difference!!!! The cost is $350 per treatment!"

5.0 Review from M.M. Source: Yelp Jul 31 2015

"This review is long overdue. I would like to address the people whom are thinking about getting plastic surgery but are apprehensive in regard to the procedure, results, cost etal. (I was certainly in this group). The first item I would like to address is the consult. I had done my homework with other Doctors and their staff and read all the reviews that folks had posted about their experience...their results... Dr. Khorsandi was, by leaps and bounds, the most informative, knowledgeable and honest consult I received. He went through my choices and his recommendations with me. This was not an immediate decision for me. I went back to his office a couple of times before I felt that I had enough information to proceed. And each time I returned, no matter how busy he was, Dr Khorsandi always took the time to walk me through the procedure, and what to expect from the procedure; from beginning to end (tip to toe as it were). The cost; considering previous consults, Dr Khorsandi's cost was well within the median of other surgeons. (Word to the wise... do not look to the cheapest deal you can find via magazines etc.... after all, this is YOUR face... YOUR body). Expectations: I cannot stress this enough. I realize that their are many different types of people out here with different expectations. My expectation was to look younger and fresher but in a natural and healthy way. I did not want people to look and me and realize that I had "work" done. I simply wanted people to think that I looked fresh, healthy and rejuvenated. In fact, one of my greatest fears was that I would end up looking like a caricature of myself. I am extremely happy to report that Dr Khorsandi is terribly talented in his craft. He absolutely understands and appreciates the subtlety and nuances and contours of his art; and yes... I do consider it an art. What to expect in regard to the procedure: As far as the actual procedure itself goes; I won't lie... it was uncomfortable but not painful. In fact, for my specific procedure I took one pill. I was awake for the procedure and ended up having a terrific conversation with Dr Khorsandi during the procedure.. (go figure)??!?! In regard to "downtime" after the procedure. The human body is stunningly brilliant in its ability to heal. I was not expecting such a fast and easy recovery. After two weeks (during which I was up and about) the swelling and the discomfort were gone. Of course, there was some residual swelling that took longer to heal but that was to be excepted. The Result: I hope that is it obvious at the time, given my review that I could not be happier with the results of my procedure. My regret is that I did not do it earlier. I truly hope that anyone reading this review will heed my advice and not be afraid to "dip you toe in the pool" of the possibility of doing something special for yourself. Its okay to treat yourself; to be kind to yourself. Addendum- I would be remise if I did not mention one of Dr Khorsandi's staff members. Cecile. She is intelligent, honest, informative, supportive and kind. The Doctor has several staff in office and all are personable. was Cecile that, alongside Dr Khorsandi, walked me through the entire procedure. Cecile is a brilliant asset to Dr Khorsandi and his office. I truly hope this review has been helpful."

5.0 Review from A.M. Source: Yelp Jul 18 2015

"In my native country gifted individuals are considered to have "GOLDEN HANDS". Well, that applies to Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, a very talented, compassionate, patient and knowledgable doctor from Henderson, Nevada. I consider Dr. Khorsandi not a doctor but an artist! He is a very talented artist who sculpted my body in a way that looks truly beautiful. I also admire the fact that Dr. Khorsandi is very passionate about his work and the clients he serves. We trust our bodies to a plastic surgeon and the outcome depends on him/her. I had a very unpleasant and large appendices scar, which lived with me for the last 18 years. A horizontal long C-Section scar (I had 2 C-sections) lived with me for 12 years... I could not wear open swim suits and honestly, my belly looked very unpleasant. I trusted my body to a very patient doctor with "golden hands" and a very supportive personality. I cannot thank him enough for giving me the confidence I needed and deserved for a very long time. My belly looks great, the fat grafting on my cheeks and under my eyes looks amazing (everyone asks what happened to my face and why is it prettier?). I also want to thank Dr. Khorsandi's team. What a team! United, caring and so quick and professional. Honestly, this is the only doctor's office I had to wait 1-3 minutes to be served... I am forever grateful to very very talented doctor and artist Khorsandi."

5.0 Review from S.L. Source: Yelp May 31 2015

"I had an under eye lift and labiaplasty revision done with Dr. K. I could not be happier with my eye surgery. It came out perfect. I just had labiaplasty done yesterday, so still healing, but I chose him again based upon my under eye results. My eye surgery required a very steady and precise hand, as the skin that needed to be removed was minimal. One mistake and my eyes would have changed in shape and/or pulled downward. I am sure my labiaplasty results will also be wonderful. You have to be an artist in this profession, not a butcher, and I feel Dr. K is an artist. Dr. K, Cecilia and the staff are kind, compassionate and always made me feel comfortable. They helped alleviate all of my concerns before and after surgery. Cecilia is fabulous and was very attentive to my needs. I highly recommend Dr. K."

5.0 Review from S.S. Source: Yelp Jun 25 2014

"I had many diff consultations prior to finding VIP PLASTIC SURGERY. I can't say enough about the doctor and his staff, especially his manager. Dr. Khorsandi did my face lift, eyes surgery, neck lift and fat grafting. I loved the 3d Vectra Imaging that he has at the office. I was able to see what I would look like after surgery and that made me feel very comfortable with my decision. His skills speaks for itself. He is caring and Catherine gave me the best customer service! I highly recommend this practice to anyone. I went to 3 other doctors and they do not compare to VIP PLASTIC SURGERY."
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