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Isolaz laser acne treatment improves complexion concerns such as acne, large pores, oil, blackheads, whiteheads, and dull skin. Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon, has helped many patients who have not been helped by oral and topical medications achieve a clearer, radiant complexion. Isolaz is a revolutionary way to deep clean the pores that can significantly reduce or eliminate acne and other blemishes from the face.

How Isolaz Works

IsoLazeIsolaz uses advanced light technology to treat the skin without oral medications or slow-acting skin care products. Dr. Khorsandi can treatment patients with Isolaz in about 30 minutes as the special vacuum cleans acne spots and impurities. Once a spot has been treated, a broadband light destroys any remaining bacteria, which will prevent future acne. After the Isolaz treatment, Dr. Khorsandi will apply a topical ointment to the patient’s opened pores to replenish the skin and extend the effects of the treatment. Patients will see the results within 24-48 hours after the treatment.

What to Expect

Dr. Khorsandi performs Isolaz treatments in his on-site minor procedures room. A treatment usually takes 30 minutes and the patient will have no pain or recovery period. Isolaz does not create skin sensitivity to sunlight, but Dr. Khorsandi recommends sun protection to all patients in general. Most patients will see the best results after 4-6 treatments, but each case varies depending on the amount of acne and the size of the area being treated.

Expected Cost

A session of Isolaz laser acne treatment costs $200-$500, on average. Dr. Khorsandi will discuss the amount of treatments needed to achieve the patient’s best results.

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Average Cost  
$200 - $500
Recovery Time  
1-2 Days
Average Procedure Time  
30 Minutes
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To learn more about laser acne treatment with Isolaz, patients should schedule a consultation with Dr. Khorsandi. During the initial consultation, Dr. Khorsandi can discuss the skin conditions that can be treated with Isolaz and discuss realistic goals for the patient.

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