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While many people get a tattoo with the intention of keeping it forever, laser tattoo removal allows for people to change their mind. Laser tattoo removal systems can erase all sizes, colors, and locations of tattoos. Plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi uses two Cynosure laser tattoo removal systems, the PicoSure and the RevLite SI at his Las Vegas practice because they are the fastest, most effective systems for tattoo removal, while causing minimal discomfort for the patient. 

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Cynosure’s newest Alexandrite laser, PicoSure, is named after the picosecond (one-trillionth of a second), which is how fast it emits short pulses of light energy. The PicoSure can remove tattoo ink faster than other lasers, but it works best on lighter skin tones.


RevLite™ SI

The RevLite SI uses a Nd:YAG laser for tattoo removal. The RevLite is best at removing tattoo pigments from dark skin tones. The RevLite may also be used for laser skin resurfacing and other skin treatments.

What to Expect

During the procedure, the area where the tattoo exists on the skin is first sterilized before the laser is applied. Numbing cream may be applied to reduce the snapping effect of the laser beams. The duration of treatment may last for few minutes for small tattoos, but for larger tattoos the treatment times will be much longer. A laser hand piece is guided on the surface of the area for treatment. There is definitely no downtime and post-treatment care is minimal. The patient must keep the treated area moist and covered with protective dressing. Almost all patients require multiple visits where this process will be repeated each time until the ink has diminished and the signs of the tattoo are gone.

Expected Cost

Each treatment of laser tattoo removal costs $500-$2,000 depending on the length of the session. Dr. Khorsandi will talk to each patient during the initial consultation about their treatment plan and reasonable expectations.

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$500 - $2,000
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Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

Expected Results?

Due to emission of intense laser pulses, the treated area may have slight swelling, redness and soreness. It may also crust with itching sensations similar to sun burns. Topical medications will be prescribed to ease any discomfort.

How Many Sessions?

The number of treatments may range from 2 to 15 depending on the size, age and location of the tattoo. Skin condition is also considered as a factor. The treatments are spaced in between 4 to 7 weeks to give the area time to recover before the succeeding laser treatment. Dr. Khorsandi will be able to give the estimated number of sessions during the initial check. 

Quick Results?

The results depend on the intensity of the tattoo ink and the patient’s skin reaction to treatment. With each treatment, the ink will appear lighter. Depending on the quality of ink, the number of treatments may vary. Tattoos that cover a large area of skin may require several treatments until the ink pigmentation is broken down and disappears.

Tattoo Removal Alternatives?

There are a number of alternatives to remove tattoo but mostly by invasive means of skin excision to remove the layers where the ink penetrated. Chemical peels and dermabrasion may also be performed to scrape the upper layers of the skin and help with skin regeneration that will make the ink disappear. The obvious disadvantage of these options over laser treatment is that any of these may eventually lead to scars.

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