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Cost of Popular Breast Procedures

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Cosmetic breast surgery is extremely popular among women of all ages in the United States. Like any other cosmetic procedure, the high cost of breast surgery is a concern for many. There are; however, many good reasons why the costs of such procedures in the U.S. are higher than overseas.

An overview of the average national cost for popular breast procedures, based on the latest available data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is listed below.

Please note, these prices can vary widely depending on the patient’s location, the surgical facility used, the type of implant, and the doctor’s experience. Furthermore, these prices do not include the cost of anesthesia and facility fees.

Why are Cosmetic Breast Procedures So Expensive?

Breast augmentation is significantly pricier in this country than overseas due to safety. Specifically, implant safety, doctor safety, and surgery safety.

  • Implant Safety Standard

The FDA imposes very strict rules and regulations on implant safety standards. Implant safety is higher in the US than in any unregulated overseas market. Implant warranties are an additional safety option not always available overseas. Not all implants are FDA approved. Those not meeting the standards are typically the ones making the headlines as horror stories.

  • The Price of Cosmetic Surgery Overseas

The vast majority of cosmetic surgeons in the United States hold board certification. This achievement is only awarded to physicians who meet a strict set of industry-established requirements. Poorly trained or non-certified professionals often handle cosmetic surgeries performed overseas. They increase the risk of mistakes and complications, ranging from bad aesthetic outcomes to immediate or future health problems.

  • Large Risk Factor

Medical and surgical facilities in the United States are required to meet multiple health and safety criteria. While such criteria are considered standard in the US, this is often not the case with cheaper overseas facilities. This puts the patient at an unnecessarily high risk of infection and complications.

Understandably, the cost can be an important factor when considering cosmetic breast surgery. However, it is not and should not be the most important factor. Instead, your safety needs to be the utmost priority. Most US surgeons have policies in place to assist patients with their financial burden. Instead of compromising your safety, be sure to talk to your surgeon about your financial concerns. They will gladly work with you to address problems and find solutions.

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