Am I Too Young For Rhinoplasty Surgery at 18?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/28/2020

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your nose and thinking about getting a rhinoplasty? Find out how age may play a role in your nose job.


Six Tips To Stay Healthy For Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/27/2020

Give yourself the best possible chance for a successful plastic surgery procedure, smooth recovery, and beautiful results by knowing how to prepare.


How Does Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Restoration Work?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/21/2020

If you’re looking for an effective, reliable, and long-lasting solution for your hair loss, FUE hair restoration in Las Vegas may be right for you!


How Much Weight Can A Tummy Tuck Help Me Lose?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/20/2020

Are you desperate to finally get rid of the excess skin and fat on your abdomen? Find out how a tummy tuck may help and what results you can expect.


What Happens During Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/14/2020

Breast augmentation can boost your self-confidence after pregnancy or weight loss. Learn about breast implant surgery with a virtual consultation.


When is The Best Time To Get A Facelift?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/13/2020

A facelift procedure lifts the face to create a rejuvenated appearance. Learn about the best age for facelift surgery by scheduling a consultation.


How Can Rhinoplasty Reshape Your Nose?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/07/2020

Are you dissatisfied with the shape or appearance of your nose? Learn more about nose reshaping through different rhinoplasty types and techniques.


How Are Virtual Consultations for Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV Conducted?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/06/2020

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, our office is offering online plastic surgery consultations. Learn about plastic surgery in Las Vegas, NV.


How Long Do I Need To Wait For Breast Revision After Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/26/2020

If you are considering a breast revision for any reason, find out how long you should wait after your initial augmentation to pursue the procedure.


Open Rhinoplasty Or Closed Rhinoplasty? Which Is Best?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/25/2020

Discover the difference between open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty, including what results are possible with each and which may be right for you.


How Old Is Too Old For A Facelift?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/18/2020

Are you curious about getting a facelift but think you may be too old? Think again! Learn more about if – and when – a facelift may be right for you!


Can You Take Fat From One Body Part And Put It Into The Breasts?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/17/2020

If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to breast implants, a breast augmentation using the fat transfer technique may be right for you.


What Types Of Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Covered By Insurance?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/11/2020

If you are considering having plastic surgery performed, find out whether your desired procedure may or may not be covered by insurance – and why.


7 Reasons Women Get Breast Implants

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/10/2020

Are you considering a breast augmentation in Las Vegas? You’re not alone! Discover some of the most common reasons why women get breast implants.


Can I Gain Weight Again After A Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/04/2020

Learn about what you can expect from a tummy tuck, including the kind of results that are possible and how you can best maintain your new look.


What Side Effects Are Common After Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/03/2020

Make sure you are prepared for the postoperative period after a rhinoplasty by knowing what to expect from recovery and what side effects are common.


Is Breast Augmentation Covered By Insurance?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 02/26/2020

Find out which breast surgeries may or may not be covered by insurance, and prepare yourself for some of the unexpected costs of breast augmentation.


How Safe Is A Facelift?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 02/25/2020

Prepare yourself to make the decision to undergo a facelift by having all of the facts, including what to expect, the risks, and the benefits.


How Many Treatments Of FUE Hair Restoration Will I Need?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 02/19/2020

Discover the benefits and basics of follicular unit extraction hair restoration, including how many sessions you may need to achieve your goals.


What Would Disqualify Me From Getting Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 02/18/2020

Make sure you are prepared and know what to expect before a breast augmentation to ensure that you are an eligible candidate for the procedure.


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