How Long Will My Nose Be Swollen After Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 06/14/2021

Helpful information on what to expect after rhinoplasty surgery, including when your swelling may go down and how long recovery will last.


Tips To Make Your Facelift Look As Natural As Possible

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 06/08/2021

Worried about looking too plastic or fake after your facelift? Don’t be! Use these tips to ensure the most natural-looking facelift results possible.


What Causes Cellulite And How Does QWO® Treat It?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/28/2021

Reducing cellulite and getting the smooth, sexy skin you’ve always wanted is easier than ever before with QWO injections.


How Long Will Swelling Last After TEOXANE RHA® Treatment?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/21/2021

Find out what side effects are possible after TEOXANE filler injections, how long they may last, and what you can do to minimize them.


When Is A Cartilage Graft Needed For Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/14/2021

What is a cartilage graft rhinoplasty, who needs one, and how does it work? Get the answers to all of your questions about cartilage grafting here.


What Is A Short Scar Facelift?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 05/07/2021

Use this information to better understand what a short scar facelift is, how it differs from a regular facelift, and whether it may be right for you.


How Many Sessions Of QWO® For Cellulite In The Buttocks?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 04/29/2021

Believe it or not, it is now possible to reduce cellulite in your buttocks with something as simple as an injection! Discover QWO here.



Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 04/22/2021

Are you a JUVÉDERM junkie and can’t imagine using any other lip filler to plump your pout? The exciting new TEOXANE RHA filler may change your mind!


Can Sleeping On My Side Ruin My Rhinoplasty Results?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 04/15/2021

Make sure you are prepared for a successful and comfortable recovery after rhinoplasty by knowing how you may need to adjust your sleeping position.


How Does A Thread Lift Tighten Loose Facial Skin?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 04/08/2021

Did you know that it may be possible to achieve firmer, tighter skin without invasive surgery? Learn more about thread lift for facial rejuvenation.


How Do Qwo® Injections Differ From Other Cellulite Treatments?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/24/2021

Are you looking for an alternative solution to smooth cellulite on the buttocks? Discover the benefits of the revolutionary new injectable Qwo.


What Areas On The Face Can TEOXANE® RHA® Treat?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/19/2021

Have you heard of one of the newest cosmetic fillers, TEOXANE RHA? Find out what makes it unique and where it can be used to enhance your look.


How Long Will I Have Swelling After Facelift Surgery?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/09/2021

When can you expect to look and feel like yourself again after facelift surgery, and how long does facelift swelling last? Get all the answers here.


Will Rhinoplasty Make My Nose Look Bigger?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 03/05/2021

Worried about your nose looking bigger after rhinoplasty? Find out what you can really expect, including how long postoperative swelling may last.


Will Qwo® Permanently Remove Cellulite In The Buttocks?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 02/28/2021

Looking for a nonsurgical solution for cellulite in the butt? Discover the revolutionary injectable Qwo, and find out how long your results may last.


Restore Lost Facial Volume With TEOXANE RHA® Dermal Filler

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 02/20/2021

For your next facial rejuvenation appointment, consider TEOXANE RHA, one of the newest and most exciting dermal fillers available in Las Vegas, NV.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty Vs. Traditional. What’s The Difference?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 02/09/2021

Every patient deserves a personalized approach to their nasal surgery. Discover how ethnic rhinoplasty helps address your unique features.


Can Facelift Surgery Get Rid Of My Sagging Jowls?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 02/02/2021

There’s arguably no better solution for reversing the signs of aging than facelift surgery. Find out how facelift can help sagging jowls and more.


Droopy Breasts After Losing Weight? Consider A Breast Lift

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 01/26/2021

Complete your weight loss transformation with Las Vegas breast lift surgery to get the youthful, perky breasts and stunning figure you deserve!


Will I Get To Choose My New Shape For BBL Surgery?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 01/20/2021

Make sure you get the ideal look and sexy shape you’re going for with a knowledgeable and experienced Brazilian butt lift surgeon in Las Vegas, NV.


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