Side Effects Of Qwo® For Cellulite In The Buttocks

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 01/13/2021

Imagine a nonsurgical treatment for smoothing out cellulite and getting the gorgeous butt you’ve always wanted. QWO injections are finally here!


The Dangers Of Blowing Your Nose After Rhinoplasty

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 01/06/2021

Prepare for nose job recovery by knowing what to do and what not to do after rhinoplasty, including what can happen if you blow your nose too soon.


Will A Neck Lift Rid Me Of My Turkey Neck?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 12/23/2020

If you are desperate to get rid of loose, hanging neck skin and get a firmer, smoother, tighter neck line, neck lift surgery may be right for you.


What Is A Facial Fat Transfer And How Does It Work?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 12/17/2020

Learn more about facial fat transfer – an exciting and natural alternative to fillers – including how it can help you achieve a more youthful look.


What Is The Best Way To Sleep After Facelift Surgery?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 12/10/2020

Minimize your risk of complication and make your facelift recovery as quick, comfortable, and easy as possible by knowing the best sleeping position.


How Qwo Treats Cellulite In The Buttocks With An Injection

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 12/03/2020

There is finally a convenient, nonsurgical, long-lasting solution for cellulite on the butt. Learn more about Qwo injections for cellulite here.


What Cosmetic Procedures Make Up A Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 11/24/2020

An in-depth look at the transformative cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures that may be included in your Las Vegas mommy makeover.


Can A Breast Reduction Get Rid Of Back Pain?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 11/17/2020

If you are having frustrating symptoms related to your overly large breasts – including back pain – a breast reduction may be able to provide relief.


Ablative Or Non-Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing. What’s The Difference?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 11/10/2020

Learn whether ablative or non-ablative laser skin resurfacing may be most appropriate for you by understanding more about each type of treatment.


What Are The Benefits Of Nonsurgical Aesthetic Procedures?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 11/03/2020

Discover how you can still achieve gorgeous, long-lasting results without having to go under the knife with these nonsurgical cosmetic treatments.


What Is The Best Age For Plastic Surgery In Las Vegas?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 10/28/2020

Is there a right or wrong time for plastic surgery? The answer isn’t the same for everyone. Find out when cosmetic surgery may be appropriate for you.


How To Know If You Need An En Bloc Capsulectomy

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 10/27/2020

Are you facing breast implant removal? With several possible methods, make sure you know which breast implant removal option is right for you.


Four Nonsurgical Blepharoplasty Alternatives

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 10/21/2020

Looking for a way to refresh your face and rejuvenate your look without going under the knife? Discover four exciting eyelid surgery alternatives.


What Should Be Done About A Ruptured Breast Implant?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 10/20/2020

Learn what options you have for breast implant removal, replacement, or restoration if you experience a ruptured silicone or saline breast implant.


Will Lower Eyelid Surgery Permanently Remove Eye Bags?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 10/14/2020

Are you frustrated with puffy bags under your eyes? Discover the benefits of lower blepharoplasty, and learn how long your results may last.


How Do Men And Women Benefit From Brow Surgery?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 10/13/2020

Not only can brow lift address concerns on the upper face and around the eyes, but it can also help patients look happier, more awake, and younger!


Capsulotomy Or Capsulectomy? What’s The Difference?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 10/07/2020

A helpful guide on the different methods for breast implant removal surgery, including which approach may be most appropriate for you.


How Long Until You Can Move Your Eyebrows After A Brow Lift?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 10/06/2020

Make sure you know what to expect after brow lift surgery, including how long it may take to regain normal sensation in your forehead and eyebrows.


Who Is A Candidate For Nonsurgical Blepharoplasty?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 09/24/2020

Want to freshen up your look without the need for expensive surgery and a lengthy recovery? Learn more about nonsurgical eyelid lift here.


Ten Important Questions To Ask When Preparing For Plastic Surgery

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi | 09/23/2020

Set yourself up for a successful procedure and stunning, long-lasting results by knowing the right questions to ask when considering cosmetic surgery.


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