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Butt Implants in Las Vegas, NV

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What Are Butt Implants?

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, offers surgical options for women and men who would like to enlarge the size of their buttocks with silicone implants. This is a synthetic buttock augmentation technique Dr. Khorsandi can recommend when a candidate (with very little body fat) comes into his Las Vegas, NV practice for a consultation. Known also as gluteal implants or gluteal augmentation, Dr. Khorsandi can place silicone implants into each buttock to redefine curves in the silhouette, and the size and shape of each buttock. At VIP Plastic Surgery, we provide natural-looking results for men and women.

If you would like to be considered for plastic surgery for butt implants, Dr. Khorsandi will meet with you privately to assess your eligibility. Silicone butt implants are safe and will look and feel natural when placed by our experienced buttock implant surgeon. Call and schedule an appointment with one of our patient care coordinators at VIP Plastic Surgery. If you have questions or concerns during the call, please ask. We look forward to meeting you and addressing your cosmetic concerns.

Who is a candidate for butt implants?

Men and women all around Las Vegas, NV, meet often with Dr. Khorsandi to gain more information about gluteoplasty. Ideal butt augmentation candidates meet the following criteria:

  • Are in overall good health
  • Have outstanding skin elasticity
  • Wish for a more curvaceous or larger buttocks
  • Have decreased fullness because of extreme weight loss or increased age
  • Are not ideal candidates for fat grafting surgery

Doctor Khorsandi is extremely professional and straight to the point . He doesn't promise false results like other doctors . He is realistic, honest, and doesn't waste time. He has done an amazing job on my nose, breasts, and recently lipo. My first Brazilian butt lift was with another doctor and I had extremely minimal results . With Dr.Khorsandi right after surgery I saw amazing results! Many doctors rejected me for another bbl because "I didn't have enough fat" however that wasn't the case with this doctor. He took time to listen and knew exactly what I wanted with each procedure. My nose was my biggest insecurity, it never looked like it belonged to my face. It's been over a year since my nose job and I have a nose that looks like I was born with it! I did not want to write a review because I wanted anonymity. I was compelled to type because I have so much appreciation for his work. Especially after this last surgery, I never thought I could be so sculpted! Doctor Khorsandi is a literal artist! The staff at VIP plastic surgery are amazing. They're extremely sweet and helpful. I had a lot of questions and they were able to answer all of them. I'm so glad I found a place that I can come for all my procedures.

Y. RealSelf

Butt implants Day 1 - Hey Guys! I got out of surgery yesterday and went home around 5 ! I was very very sleepy . I woke up with some pain but took my medication and went away with in minutes ! I can walk for long amounts of time with little to no pain , I just can’t bend over to pick up things because It does hurt and you can feel it pull/stretch. I also did my post op today and my doctor was very impressed on how I look and how I can walk good and everything looks and feels good ! I got Butt implants IN the muscle btw , 400cc on each sideUpdated on 16 May 2018:Starting to get painful , it’s harder for me to walk then it was yesterday . Still the pain is very manageable . Staying on top of my pain meds and muscle relaxers and antibiotics! My new Booty looks very good and I’m already happy ! I’m very excited to see the final product at 4-6 weeks ! The pain is NOT what I thought it was going to be , I thought it was going to be way more painful ( as of now ). Updated on 17 May 2018:No pain , no nothing , my muscles feel pretty tight when I walk though but it’s only day 3 almost 4! My new Butt looks amazing and it hasn’t even dropped yet or “fluffed “ yet! I haven’t had a problem with laying on my stomach but I usually sleep like this any ways .Also WALK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!! I really feel like the more I walk the better I feel and the faster you will heal! Take it slow and don’t rush your self but try to walk every 2 hours for at least 10 minutes !! That has REALLY helped me .Updated on 18 May 2018:Still in some pain but the pain meds make it way easier ( obviously ) But right now I’m hoping it gets bigger , I know there is a “fluffing “ stage and I know they drop so I hope that’s when it starts to get bigger ! ??Updated on 23 Nov 2018:Dr . Khorsandi did my butt implants AND I LOVE THEM!!! They look amazing ! Then feel amazing and I had NO complications and I have NO complaints what so ever !!! They came out AMAZING ! Catherine is the most sweetest, nicest person and helped me sooooo much ! Karen is AMAZING and super sweet and knowledgeable and always answered all of my questions !! Thank you so much VIP plastic surgery !! Love you guys! I can’t wait to come back ! 

K. RealSelf

Dr. Khorsandi is god sent - My experience with Dr. Khorsansi has been incredible from the start. He is very caring, smart and extremely passionate about his practice. I’ve never meet another doctor like him, and I’ve gone thru my fair share of doctors for my previous procedures that led me Dr. K. I am for ever grateful to Dr. Khorsandi for taking on my VERY hard case.
What made my case tough was that I’ve had so much trauma in my butt area. Prior to seeing Dr. Khorsandi I had illegal/black market silicone injections on my buttocks, a few years later my silicone injections started to take a toll on me. At that time, I suffered from hair loss, numbness, fatigue, and skin discoloration just to name a few of the consequences I had to phase. Shortly, I had the silicone injections removed by surgeon#2, my butt was then deformed and he proceeded to fix it by performing a BBL, but that was a complete fail. All of my fat turned to liquid and died. It had to be surgically removed because it could not be aspirated with a needle and syringe. 
I felt hideous with my deformities, and searched for other solutions. I decided to get butt implants (by another surgeon) this surgeon#3 was supposed to give me what was best but long story short, he didn’t. He gave me implants that were way too big, wide, and heavy for my petite frame. One of the implants didn’t fully drop and the other one had dropped a little too much. I had so much lose skin from all the trauma and at certain angles I could see my butt implants.  
My butt was one hot mess and I really thought there was no solution for it, until I met Dr. Khorsandi. I was expecting him to turn me away, because I knew how hard it would be to fix me. Dr K. saw how much I needed his help and he gladly took on my case. I told him I was not looking for perfection, but to look and feel normal. He went above and beyond what I asked for!My surgery with Dr. K consisted of Vaser lipo/bbl, body tite on abdomen, Butt implant removal, and a lower body lift to help with all the lose skin and now I can’t believe how incredible I look. I got my petite body back and a normal cute butt again. He left me feeling like a Barbie doll! 
I love my body and I’m now super confident about it! 
Thank you Dr. Kohrsandi, for taking on my case and giving me my life back. Like is said earlier, I am forever grateful for you. You’re the best surgeon on the planet! No other surgeon’s hands will ever touch this body, but yours. You’re my surgeon for life! Lol..  Also I want to thank his amazing staff. They are all so nice and sweet. Every single one of them is so special in their one way. You can tell they love their job because they’re so kind and really care for the patient as well. 
I especially want to thank Patricia, his office manager, she is one of a kind and deserves an award for best office manager ever.  She was  there for me from day one. Patricia is always glad to answer all of my questions and silly as they may have sounded lol. She is the heart and soul of VIP plastic surgery! I love her!

L. RealSelf

HE IS AMAZING! I had a BBL (Brazilian But Lift) and a couple jawline and cheek fillers done by him! His staff is super welcoming and professional. Dr. Khorsandi’s bedside manner is OUTSTANDING compared to other consultations I had with other well known surgeons in the area. His work is amazing, he took his time to answer every question and gave me exactly what I wanted! Worth every penny spent and will be a faithful patient from here on out! From start to finish was a great experience! 100% recommend him

A.M. Google

Dr k is simply amazing I had lipo 360 and my results are incredible better than expected I’m SNATCHED SNATCHED he sculpted my body and gave me curves that I didn’t even have when I was at my goal weight plus he’s super nice and caring so are the girls in his office they are a dream team my whole experience from the consultation to the surgery and post care was 10 out of 10 I could not have asked for a better experience or outcome I was referred to him from my sister dr k did an ethnic rhinoplasty on her which was also incredible he is well versed in different surgeries after seeing my results my sisters are planning there surgeries with dr k he will be the family doc I am soooo thankful I found dr k and wish nothing but amazing blessings on him and his practice I wake up confident everyday because of vip plastic surgery and will be forever thankful

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Surgical Technique

Once it has been determined that you are a candidate for butt implants, then Dr. Khorsandi will create a personalized treatment plan just for you. There will be a fitting for your butt implants as well. He will also determine the depth of your implant placement before surgery, and help you decide if you would like the implant placed under, above, or within your gluteal muscles. We can talk you through the pros and cons of each technique.

In an outpatient setting and under anesthesia, Dr. Khorsandi will begin the surgery while you lie on your stomach in a prone position. An incision will be made into the natural vertical crease of your bottom for the implant to be put into position. If you decided to have intramuscular placement, then Dr. Khorsandi will create a pocket within the muscles for the implant. Incisions will be closed after the implant is securely positioned. You will be taken into recovery for our post-op nursing team to take care of you until you awaken. Dr. Khorsandi will make sure that it is safe for you to be discharged and recover at home.

After Butt Implant Surgery

Recovery after silicone implant placement may take several weeks, depending on how the gluteal implants were placed. You will have swelling for up to 2 – 3 weeks after surgery. We ask that you refrain from putting your weight on your buttocks for this time period. Our team at VIP Plastic Surgery can teach you how to sit by distributing your weight onto your thighs. This way, you will not compromise your new implants, incisions, or bottom shape. You should also not sleep on your back until Dr. Khorsandi releases you to do so. Incision care will also be important even if the incision is concealed between your cheeks. If at any time you have questions or concerns about your surgical site, please reach out to our practice. You will also have several follow-up appointments with Dr. Khorsandi. He usually releases his patients to return to their normal routine within two weeks and six weeks post-op for exercise.

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Expected Cost

On average, butt implants will cost around $9,000 depending on the techniques used. Considerations will include the cost of the implants themselves, as well as liposuction.


Dr. Khorsandi is one of the best buttock implant surgeons in Las Vegas, NV. He will provide you with a surgical plan that will meet your aesthetic goals while maintaining your health and safety. To get started, we ask that you request a consultation at VIP Plastic Surgery. With butt implants, you can enjoy new curves and a shapelier bottom created by Dr. Khorsandi.

Should I ask for implants or a fat transfer to enhance my buttocks?
We recommend that you have an open mind about how to enlarge your bottom with plastic surgery. Your body will be the indicator of which techniques are suitable for you. Men and women with very little fat tissue on their body will probably not make great candidates for a fat transfer. You also have to take into consideration how much time you have for recovery, if you want to have combined surgeries, or if you want to care for multiple surgical sites. Dr. Khorsandi will talk you through the pros and cons of each surgery and help you figure out what will be best for you in the long run.
Can I sit on my buttocks after a butt implant surgery?
It is really important that you follow Dr. Khorsandi's guidelines for sitting. You may want to invest in an orthopedic donut cushion/pillow to manage your pain once you are allowed to sit down as normal. The implants will be placed on the upper section of your buttocks, and you will learn how to sit appropriately by placing your weight on more of the lower buttocks and thighs instead.
If I gain weight after a butt implant surgery, will it impact my implants?
Not maintaining your pre-operative weight will change the look and feel of your plastic surgery results. Any significant weight gain or loss (no more than 20 pounds in either direction) after a cosmetic buttocks surgery may compromise the surgical results. It is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular exercise to ensure the aesthetics of this procedure.
*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.