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For men and women in the greater Las Vegas area who suffer from fatty bulges and problem areas, Dr. Christopher Khorsandi restores his patients’ confidence. Liposuction, also known as suction-assisted lipoplasty, is a procedure that helps get rid of unsightly and stubborn bulges while reshaping and slimming certain contours of the body. This procedure can be performed either by itself or with other procedures such as facelifts or a tummy tuck. Even though it slims and reshapes certain body contours, it is not used to remove cellulite or lose weight.

Ideal Candidates

When you consult Dr. Khorsandi for liposuction, he will look for certain qualities that would make you a good candidate, which include realistic expectations regarding the procedure, an average or above average weight, good overall health, and firm, elastic skin Patients who have cellulite are generally not good candidates because liposuction may worsen irregularities in body contours by creating deeper dimples. Liposuction can be used on several areas of the body such as the:

  • Waist and abdomen
  • Hips, thighs and buttocks
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Inner knee
  • Lower Back
  • Cheeks and jowls

Surgical Technique

Dr. Khorsandi has experience in various liposuction techniques, including tumescent, ultrasonic, SmartLipo Laser, body jet, vaser and tickle liposuction. Small incisions are made in easy-to-conceal areas such as the waistline or belly button. A special fluid (containing epinephrine and anesthetic) is injected into the fatty tissue to minimize pain and bleeding. Dr. Khorsandi uses a suction device, called a cannula, in the fatty area to loosen and remove the fat. The length of the procedure and recovery time depend on how much fat needs to be removed.

During/After Surgery

Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility. It is considered an outpatient procedure. On average, each body part (i.e. tummy, thighs, etc.) will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. After surgery, patients will wear a compression garment on the treated areas. It takes about a full week for the bruising and swelling to dissipate, and can take several months for the final results to appear. Liposuction will produce scars where the cannula incision was made, but these are usually small and will fade over time.

Expected Cost

The price for liposuction will vary depending on the technique used and the extent of the surgery. The average cost of liposuction in the U.S. for the most common body parts are outlined below:

  • Abdomen: $3,000-$7,000
  • Arms: $2,500-$5,000
  • Buttocks: $2,500-$4,000
  • Chin: $2,500-$4,500
  • Inner Thigh: $2,500-$5000
  • Outer Thigh: $2,500-$5,000
  • Hips/Waist: $2,500-$5,000
  • Ankles (In Office): $3,500
  • Inner & Outer Thigh Liposuction with Fat Transfer: $8,500
  • Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Arms, Inner & Outer Thighs: $18,000
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Average Cost  
$2,500 - $18,000
Recovery Time  
2-7 Days
Average Procedure Time  
1-3 Hours
Post-op Follow-up  
4-6 Weeks
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Liposuction FAQs

Nonsurgical Alternatives?

Nonsurgical options for reducing unwanted fat exist. Dr. Khorsandi can discuss other options (based on their desired results) with the patient during the initial consultation. These options generally include laser liposuction treatments where surgery is not needed.

Lasting Results?

If the patient follows a good diet and exercise regime, the results from a liposuction procedure can last for many years. Even though it’s impossible for removed fat cells to come back, patients can gain weight if the remaining fat cells grow.

Is There A Fat Limit?

Yes. It is not recommended for surgeons to remove more than 10 pounds of fat for the safety of the patient. High-volume liposuction, when more than 10 pounds are removed, increases the risk of complications. Patients should be near or at their ideal weight before undergoing liposuction surgery.

Tighter Skin?

Liposuction is a procedure for fat removal only. It does not correct sagging or drooping skin. Patients who are concerned with skin tightening can discuss their options with Dr. Khorsandi during the initial consultation.

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