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VIP Plastic Surgery, the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, is conveniently located 10 minutes from the Las Vegas, NV strip. Patients arriving at our facility are greeted with a warm, welcoming environment in the beautiful Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, NV. Our modern reception area and family-friendly setting allow patients to experience a relaxed consultation process. With TouchMD, patients can browse our interactive menu of services, review numerous procedure videos, and take notes for future evaluation. Our private consultation and exam rooms create a comfortable environment where patients can discuss their individual goals. We are proud to offer the state-of-the-art 3D VECTRA imaging simulator, which gives patients a sneak peek of how they may appear after a procedure, whether it’s a long-anticipated breast augmentation, a new nose or something to smoothen wrinkles. Our facility was designed with our patients in mind and technology at the forefront. We welcome you to visit our office and see how we can help you achieve your aesthetic ideals.

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So I am updating my review and I'm still giving everyone a 5+ star rating! I did the fraxel on Monday and it's Sunday evening and yes I am still pink but the results are amazing! My hyper pigmentation and most of my texture is gone! I also received a chin implant with Dr K on Wednesday so I'm still swollen with that but I know I'm going to love the result of that as well! Again I need to give a shout put to Mel for being a beast with a laser! She is my go to when it comes to my aesthetic needs and also Dr K for giving me confidence with my profile. I just wish the swelling would go down faster! lol damn lack of patience. Well I now have a laundry list of other things I would like to tweak. And I know VIP is the place I can trust and know I'll get the best work done!

V.B. Yelp

Dr. Khorsandi is the Best !!! He is extremely skillful, professional, and kind. I enjoy his sense of humor and his team is amazingly kind and professional. Dr. K listened attentively to my concerns regarding my nose. I had rhinoplasty four months ago and i am in love with my new self!!! I am a completely different person. Ever since surgery my self-esteem has drastically improved. Since i was 14 years old i could never take pictures because I hated my nose! Can’t believe how beautiful i look when i take pics. now finally at age 35!! Most importantly, I feel beautiful and attractive !! It’s amazing how skilled top-notch best of the best professionals such as Dr. K can impact/improve your life!! I did extensive research to make sure i had found the right surgeon. He was highly recommended and i am extremely pleased with my results. Only regret i have is not having found him sooner! My nose is symmetrical to my face and proportionately smaller. There was some swelling however, Dr. K is a perfectionist he give injections to reduce swelling on my tip. It’s looking beautifully perfect ! Im loving my results. Can’t thank Dr. K and his team of wonderful staff enough for making my experience memorable!!

L.H. Google

VIP surgery is amazing. Dr. Khorsandi and his staff are excellent. My wife and I have had many procedures done here and they have all turned out perfect. He is our Dr. and will be moving forward.

C.B. Google

Stop looking for the best plastic surgeon because you just landed on Dr. Christopher Khorsandi and found the ELITE. I cannot put into short words how grateful I am to have chosen Dr. Khorsandi and his incredible team for my breast augmentation revision. Had I found him sooner I would’ve never had to have a revision in the first place. From the moment I sent my inquiry for a consultation to the day I stepped into his office I just knew I was making the best decision. I expressed my concerns to Dr. Khorsandi and he knew exactly what needed to be done without hesitation or question. The trust was immediate so I moved forward with scheduling the revision. At pre-op everything was solidified and bloodwork was done to make sure I was in good health to even have the procedure which wasn’t something my previous surgeon did. Fast forward to surgery day, check in was seamless and I was in the operating room before I knew it. With my revision Dr. Khorsandi had to repair my pockets and add a Galaflex internal mesh to prevent them from bottoming out again and falling into my armpits. With all of this there was certainly more discomfort this time around but it was worth it in the end. My insecurity is gone and my confidence is through the roof. So I just want to thank Dr. Khorsandi, Patricia, Sara, Yadira, Tina, Melanie, and everyone on his team for all they have done. I’ve now done Dysport and Laser Tattoo removal with them because they are WORTH IT. Now, I just want to add that when I came to write the review I noticed some recent negative reviews that are just completely absurd. Most of which come from people who have only left negative reviews wherever they go. One in specific left negative reviews on multiple plastic surgeons in the valley so if you’re reading this I hope you’re grown enough to understand that there are malicious people everywhere who attack businesses behind keyboards and have never stepped foot in this office. Make the call for your consultation because you will not regret it and you'll see for yourself that you're in the best hands.

M.F. Google

Been a patient since 2020. My experience with Dr K (and the entire team at VIP) has been so positive that I come here all the way from Massachusetts. Whether we are touching up my filler or undergoing surgery (ive had incredible results with breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, face/neck lift, and upper bleph) Doc will always be straightforward about being realistic with expectations, its easy to get carried away and expect him to perform mircales lol. I suggest anyone interested in getting work done.. try to be as specific as possible with what your desired outcome is, that way you can learn the most upfront and there wont be any surprises in the end. I noticed some of the negative reviews are from people that have never even stepped foot in the office, its like they just saw an article and decided to dogpile, how is that fair? Try having some perspective and understanding before spreading negativity.

K.M. Google


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