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SERI and the Future of Breast Implants

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Women considering breast surgery should keep a number of considerations in mind when determining whether implants are right for them. For example, one of the more prominent concerns among women considering breast implants is that of silicon implants shifting over time. This is surprisingly common in augmentation patients, especially those who opt for larger implants. As time passes, the skin and muscle tissue have a difficult time keeping implants in place. As a result, some women find they need to have breast implant augmentation revision to correct the problem.

What Is SERI?

In 2009, the FDA approved a new breast implant technology known as SERI. This material is a silk mesh that has been bio-engineered to be biodegradable. Scientists discovered that this material, when used during breast implant or augmentation revision, can help hold implants in place and serve as a scaffolding platform that keeps implants from shifting over time. It is believed that this may greatly reduce instances of implant patients needing a revision procedure done down the road.

Other Benefits of SERI

SERI, also known as SERIScaffold, is currently being used for a variety of secondary breast procedures. Most notably SERI can be used as a support material to be used for breast revision surgery and to correct rippling in previous breast augmentations. This material has the potential to resolve breast capsular contracture, which occurs in some breast implant patients, and will likely become a key material in correcting implant bottoming out. SERI also shows promise in abdominoplasty surgery to help support abdominal walls that have become lax due to childbirth or weight gain.

Where To Get SERI?

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi was one of a select group of surgeons nationwide who granted early access to the material. He sees huge potential for patients seeking this cutting-edge care. Women considering breast implants, breast reconstruction, breast implant revision, or tummy tuck surgery should contact Dr. Khorsandi’s office to find out more about this innovative technology and to schedule a consultation to see if SERI is right for them.

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