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Smaller Implants Becoming a Big Trend in Breast Augmentation

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Last year, over 286,000 breast augmentation procedures took place, a slight drop from the year before, but a hefty increase from the more than 212,000 from 15 years ago.

However, the aesthetic choices made by these women that once skewed toward bigger breasts have reversed themselves over the past few years as smaller implants are now preferred by many women. Plastic surgeons across the United States have confirmed this, with one providing an example based on the average cup size desired. Most women are simply asking to go up one size and are looking for more firmness rather than volume.

Everyday Reasons for the Change in Attitude

Some reasons for this shift stem from back pain among those with larger breasts occurs with more frequency. Also, some women have noted that their lifestyle has been affected, which comes when performing activities that previously didn’t have to account for larger breasts. This comes in areas like running or dancing.

In some cases, issues may stem from the size of the woman involved, or the preference for a slimmer, more natural look as they age. Also, those smaller in height and who have an increased breast size exude an appearance of their breasts being out of proportion with the rest of their body.

One of the subtle factors behind receiving smaller implants relates to how it relates to the self-consciousness that a woman often feels after a procedure. With larger implants, the change in their appearance is fairly obvious to those around her, which has led to private comments that ending up making the woman self-conscious about her choice.

Focusing on the Patient

The ultimate goal that plastic surgeons seek is a procedure that enhances the figure of their patient. With the smaller trend now in vogue, that smooth transition is now more possible, which helps limit the potential whispers and snickers that tend to accompany this procedure.

While there are still women conflicted enough over their natural-born appearance that they feel compelled to choose the much larger sizes, they are becoming more of a minority with each passing month. How long this trend lasts is hard to say, but plastic surgeons will be busy either way.

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