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Treating Capsular Contracture and Hard Irregular Shaped Breasts*

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Capsular Contracture is . . .

Capsular contracture is a problem for some patients.  The cause of the condidion is not fully understood.  My personal theory based on experience and research is that capsular contracture comes from a low grade infection in the implant pocket.  The infection is a combination of naturally ocurring bacteria that lives in the breast glandular tissue and a second infection that occurs during things like strepthroat, urinary tract infections, deep dental cleanings, and endoscopies.  Typically I recomment that patients treat any type of sore throat, strep throat, UTI or other systemic infection immediately.  Many times capsular contracture happens years after implant placement.  When capsular contracture occurs the best treatment is generally removing the implants, removing the capsule and replacing the implants. 


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