Breast Implants Bottoming Out, In need of a Skilled Plastic Surgeon*

Procedure Details

This patient was operated on by another plastic surgeon in the Las Vegas Community, with less than ideal results. The patient actually had two surgeries with this surgeon separated by only a few months. When she left her first surgery, the patient knew something wasn't right. Her implants were not in the right position. She was taken back by the surgeon who tried to fix the mistake, only to make things worse. She ended up with a large scar under her breasts, bottomed out implants and misshapen breast. The surgery took a toll on the patient and her spouse, as most patients go into plastic surgery wanting to look better, not worse. When I saw the patient for the first time, her marriage had hit a rough spot, she was ashamed of her breasts and was feeling guilty for making the decision in the first place. I reassured the patient that her issues could be fixed. We could fix her bottoming out, hide the scar, and use her current implants. Several other surgeons recommended using a mesh to repair the pocket, but I suggested we use the current pocket and close the space -- a technique called capsulodesis. Following her surgery I followed the patient for several months, noting the stability of the repair. After about three months the patient said she would not be returning for some time. She and her husband were expecting their first child. Four years and second child later, her breasts have maintained their shape, bringing a happy ending to this patient's ordeal.

Fixing Bad Plastic Surgery...

This is the most satisfying type of work that I do.  It helps patients regain their faith in my profession and helps them to return to a feeling of normalcy. 


Southern Hills Hospital

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