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Looking To Turn Back the Clock*

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A Transformative Experience

This patient had many years of sun damage.  LIke many people her age, she was used to using baby oil and iodine for tanning in her younger years and rarely used sunscreen.  In her adult years, she was an avid outdoor sport participant.  Because of her sun damage the skin has lost elasticity.  To address these problems several things had to be taken into account.  First the amound of recovery time the patient could afford helped us craft a treatment plan.  The first step was to tighten the skin, remove excess saggy tissue and restore certain key landmarks such as the upper lid fold, the jawline and the neck.  Once that was completed the areas of skin around the mouth and the texture of skin was addressed using a tried and true method of rejuvenation -- the Croton Oil /Phenol Peel.  This peel isn't a home / salon peel.  This a is a very acient formula that few physicians today have good experience with.  In the right hands it is one of the most powerful ways to tighten skin.  The peel can be repeated after allowing for appropriate healing.  


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