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Making a male nose that looks masculine.*

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One of the biggest fears men have when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery is worrying that their nose will turn out too feminine. Careful analysis of the patient features allows us to craft a surgical plan that takes into account the subtle differences in each individual face. Using 3D imaging technology we can demonstrate what your nose may look like before we place a single stitch. The male nose should have a strong profile, but one that has fairly straight lines. The base of the nose should be somewhat parallel to the ground, and the length to tip projection should be in a ratio that approaches the golden ratio.

Rhinoplasty Surgeon Las Vegas

Before Rhinoplasty Photo

After Rhinoplasty Photo

Male Rhinoplasty Photos Vegas

Before Rhinoplasty

After Rhinoplasty

Male Nosejob Las Vegas

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Male Nosejob Las Vegas



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