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How Many Hairs Do you Get with Each Hair Follicle?*

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When you are undergoing hair transplant surgery, the number of grafts you get is different than the number of "hairs" that you get. A hair graft consists of the cells that manufacture the hair, called a follicle. Hair follicles can differ in the number of hairs that are produced simultaneously. Each human hair follicle produces either one, two, three or four hairs. That means that with each graft you get you can get several hairs. How does hair count affect outcome? If you have a high number of two, three's, and four's, then you end up with a thicker head of hair. Theoretically for a 4000 graft hair transplant, a person can get anywhere between 4000 and up to 16,000 hairs. However, most cases will have a mix of hair follicle types, with the majority being one's and two's, and a smaller number of them being three's and four's. What Can You Expect? Most patients should expect to receive about 8000 hairs when getting a 4000 graft case. This is average number but individual results will vary. In this case you see the impact of a large number hair transplants on the look of the crown. The head is significantly more covered and more youthful in its appearance.

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