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Making a Natural Hairline With Hair Transplant Surgery*

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Many patients worry that their hairline will look unnatural and many people still refer to hair transplant as "Plugs." Hair Plugs have not been used for decades in the hair transplantation world. Plugs were groups of hair follicles that you cut out and placed together in one spot. It often left people looking like they had a doll's head with little tufts of hair coming out with empty spaces between them. 30 years ago that all changed with the advent of single follicle transplantation. Today all hair transplants that we perform are single follicle transplant surgeries. Whether we take the follicles one by one as we do in FUR "neograft" type procedures, or we take each follicle from a strip, the recipient site receives only one graft at each site. This results in a more natural type of hair restoration. To use this to our best advantage in the front of the head, we place individual grafts producing one and two hairs only. In this way a natural hairline is restored and you avoid the dreaded, pulg look. At VIP Plastic Surgery, we pride ourself on our ability to not only give you a full head of hair but one that looks like it belongs to you. Call us today to find out more. 702-508-6022

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