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This patient chose to come to Las Vegas to have his hair procedure because he felt that many of the surgeons in his area were more sizzle than substance. Even though he lived in Los Angeles, he felt that the work at VIP Plastic Surgery stood out for its consistency and for its artistic result. Being an artist himself, details mattered. When it came time to design the hairline for the procedure we took into account the patient's desire to have a full masculine hairline that filled in the temporal peaks and looked natural. With the strip graft technique we were able with our team of Hair techs to do a massive 3200 grafts in one setting. This yielded nearly 7000 hairs and a beautiful result. The patient was able to fly in for the procedure and fly out in 24 hours. He returned a week later to have his sutures removed in our office. Other traveling patients have made a trip out of the Las Vegas experience and stayed for a full week, while others return home to have their family physician remove the sutures. For those who do not wish to have a traditional strip graft we also offer Single follicle (Neograft Style) hair transplants with an average of 2000 to 2400 grafts being placed in a single session. For more information contact our office at 702-508-6022

Hair Transplant Restoration

Before Hairline Restoration

After Hairline Restoration

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