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7 Key Things You Must Know About Butt Augmentation

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Butt Augmentation Photo

In 2017 over 20,000 people made the decision to go forward with a butt augmentation surgery.

If someone is tired of trying to squat their way to a better butt in the gym and seeing little to no results, this might be the best route for them.

Here are 7 things that anyone will need to know about the surgery before committing to having it done.

1. What is the Surgical Technique?

There will have to be a mandatory consultation beforehand to see if the person would be better suited for implants or a fat transfer. If they're thin with a low-fat volume they will be advised to go with implants.

The buttocks will be fitted with a soft silicone implant right on top of the bone area under the muscle. The types of implants will be discussed in detail at the appointment

If the patient's concern after getting the surgery is how natural it will be, rest assured it will feel and look completely normal.

2. How Natural Is It?

With advancements in technology, medical personnel can produce implants that are natural and safe. However, the quality of the implants and the expertise of the doctor are huge factors in how the butt augmentation will look once it's done.

After the swelling is over with it should look and feel as normal as someone who spends hours a day in the gym, especially if you pick a size and shape that matches your body type.

It's less than giving the patient a larger butt and more to add on to their overall figure.

The surgery can be a little bit expensive but no more so than most other surgeries when thinking about what all the augmentation offers.

3. What Are the Expected Costs

The average cost for a butt augmentation surgery is around $9,000 depending on the technique that is used.

It seems like a lot but the patient has to consider the included cost of the implants themselves along with liposuction which is used during the fat transfer.

During the consultation, the patient will have to decide to get a natural or synthetic procedure done.

4. Is Natural or Synthetic a Better Choice?

This all depends on the patient's body type and their personal goals. Natural methods are recommended if the patient has enough fat deposits that can be grafted and reinstated in the butt.

It's important to know that the fat transfers won't last for a person's whole life. Eventually, the body will reabsorb some of the fat.

An implant gives a permanent solution to the issue and again, it's safer to use if the patient is thin without much body fat to work with. 

A concern that may come up after the surgery is if it will be possible to sit comfortably once it's done.

5. What About Sitting

For the first couple of weeks after the surgery, the patient shouldn't put any weight on the butt area. They should place their weight on to their thighs instead.

Once the swelling goes down the person will be able to sit and go back to life as usual. If the patient uses a pillow during the first few months it might help to ease some of the pressure.

If the person sits on the implants and it feels a little off they shouldn't become anxious. Over time, they will take on a natural look and feel.

One might question what will happen to the quality of the end results if they gain a significant amount of weight afterward.

6. In The Event of Weight Gain

A sudden amount of weight gain after the surgery can put a damper on the results.

This is a concern especially after a butt augmentation when fats are deposited into the area. It can affect the shape and contour that the surgery achieved.

It's best to keep a healthy lifestyle after the surgery. Get plenty of diet and exercise to ensure the long-term effects.

The biggest question the person might have is how long the results will last.

7. Results Last For A Long Time

A good butt augmentation surgery will leave someone feeling happy and confident for ten years or more. On the flip-side of that, if the patient is not pleased with the results it can degrade the confidence they would have gained, leave discomfort, and cost a lot of money to have corrected. The patient should keep this in mind when choosing a size and surgeon to perform the surgery.

This is why choosing the right size, shape and an experienced surgeon is so important. 

Here are a few questions the patient should ask about when considering a surgeon.

  • Are they board certified?
  • How many augmentations have they done?
  • How will the procedure be done?
  • How long will the procedure take?
  • What can you expect from the recovery process?
  • What is the likelihood that a revision will be necessary in the future?

Asking these key questions will ensure the likelihood of happiness after the procedure is finished.

All You Need To Know About Butt Augmentation

A butt augmentation surgery is completely safe and can leave the patient with a butt that can give them confidence for years to come. If someone is killing themselves in the gym to get a great butt this can be a faster alternative.

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