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A Deeper Look At Rhinoplasty And How It Can Change The Look Of Your Nose

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi



The nose is the central focal point on a person’s face. The nose can make a significant impact on an individual’s appearance and their self-confidence. One of the main reasons a patient turns to the help of a rhinoplasty procedure is to change an aspect of their nose in order to make it a more desirable facial feature. With today’s new surgical and technical advancements, the approach for rhinoplasty procedures continue to trend to “less is more”. Plastic surgeons are trying to keep more of the original anatomy, without aggressively changing the size or shape while still giving patients what they want. Patients want their “nose job” procedure to change the way their nose looks but not drastically change their overall appearance in the process.

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, provides rhinoplasty options to his patients in the Las Vegas area. Chief Surgeon at VIP Plastic Surgery, Dr. Khorsandi is experienced and highly qualified to perform this complex, intricate cosmetic procedure in order to give his patients the nose reshaping results they desire. Let’s take a look at how this cosmetic surgery can shape your nose into what you want so you love what you see!

The rise in popularity

Rhinoplasty surgery is on the rise with more women and men choosing to change even the smallest aspect about their noses they dislike. One of the top 5 plastic surgery procedures performed today in the United States, rhinoplasty is giving patients the size or shape of nose they have always wanted. If you think about it, everyone has a nose unique to them and most individuals have an aspect about their nose they would probably change. A nose that appears too big, nostrils that seem too wide, or a bump that seems to be the focal point to someone’s appearance can all be changed with the help of a rhinoplasty procedure.

The shape of it all

Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, is the surgical answer for patients who are concerned about the size, shape or even profile of their nose. Most patients, in Las Vegas, choose rhinoplasty to change a cosmetic aspect about their nose. Patients can greatly improve how they look and boost their self-confidence at the same time! The most popular cosmetic concerns patients consider changing are:

  • Reshape the nose tip

  • Turn down the tip of the nose if turned up in order to change a patient’s profile

  • Remove a bump on the bridge of the nose in order to change a patient’s profile

  • Widen or narrow the nostrils

  • Straighten or aesthetically line up a crooked nose

  • Narrow the bridge of the nose if it is too wide

  • Shorten the length of the nose if too long in order to change a patient’s profile

Changes that compliment

Patients considering a rhinoplasty procedure typically want to make cosmetic changes to the shape or size but don’t want it to take away from their overall appearance. Changes to the nose should complement the other features of a patient’s face. If aggressive changes are made in size or shape, then it can be a distraction instead of being a positive change. The plastic surgeon changing the size or shape of the nose has to create balance and harmony with the other features of a patient’s face. This takes an experienced, plastic surgeon like Dr. Khorsandi who has surgical expertise with rhinoplasty procedures and has repeatedly given his patients in Las Vegas the results they wanted!

Small target area to change...

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery involving a 3-D structure that is the central focus of the face. Whether you want to change the size or shape your end results will depend on your nose anatomy structure and surgical judgement and expertise you receive during your procedure. This intricate, tiny structure has tissues and cartilage that still need to function properly after it has been altered so finding a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Khorsandi is a key component to a patient loving their end results.

Realistic expectations for the changes...

Most patients in Las Vegas undergo a rhinoplasty procedure for cosmetic reasons. In some cases, patients have a medical need like a deviated septum or breathing issues due to the structural makeup of the nose or an injury where their nose was damaged. Patients with realistic expectations prior to their rhinoplasty surgery, whether cosmetic or medical, typically have a better outcome with their results. A thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon during your consultation will enable you to discuss what you want and what they will do surgically so you both can be on the same page prior to your surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgery not only changes the shape or look of your nose but it can be a huge confidence builder. The nose is the central part to anyone’s face and if there is an aspect you don’t like then rhinoplasty surgery can be the cosmetic solution you need. Finding a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, in the Las Vegas area is the first step! Dr. Khorsandi uses his surgical and creative talent to sculpt and create beautiful noses for his patients. Altering an aspect about your nose can not only improve the way you look but can improve the way you feel! If you are interested in rhinoplasty surgery then call or schedule your consultation with Dr. Khorsandi today!

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