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Benefits of Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Those who wish to have cosmetic surgery often desire results that can only be obtained in more than one surgical procedure. It now seems that according to some research, in addition to other benefits that occur from having multiple procedures performed at one time, patients are typically more pleased with the results.

Aesthetic Benefits of Combining Surgical Procedures

Italian researchers have found that individuals having a rhinoplasty combined with genioplasty, or both nose and chin work performed, were more pleased with the overall results, even after a period of time. Although making alterations to the nose alone can definitely improve appearance, the nose is only a single factor in overall aesthetics of the face. The nose, chin, and neck all need to be in balance for a proportionately balanced look that is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Both a rhinoplasty and a genioplasty are stable procedures, offering long-term results.

Other Common Combination Procedures

Other combination procedures can result in better balance and greater aesthetic appearance as well. For example, combining a face lift with eyelid surgery and skin resurfacing can give an overall more youthful appearance than any of these procedures alone. Also, liposuction combined with a tummy tuck can not only remove fat, but tighten up the remaining skin for a slimmer and more youthful body contour. A breast augmentation might also be combined with abdominal work to improve proper proportions and aesthetic balance to the body.

Benefits of Combining Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Not only does combining plastic surgery procedures often provide more aesthetically pleasing results, there are other benefits to consider when combining surgical procedures.

  • Cost. Overall patient cost can be reduced by having more than one procedure performed at a time since the anesthesiologist, procedure room, and recovery room will each only need to be used once.

  • Healing. Healing from all procedures occurs at once. This allows the patient to experience any potential discomfort from surgical procedures only one time instead of two or more times.

  • Down Time. By combining plastic surgery procedures, the downtime experience can be completed just once. Rather than being laid up or missing work on more than once occasion, this down time can be done all at once allowing the individual more time to do what they enjoy.

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