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Considering A Nose Job? What To Look For In A Rhinoplasty Surgeon

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi



Rhinoplasty is the 3rd most popular cosmetic surgery done in the United States. Do you dislike the shape or size of your nose? Do you dislike your profile because of your nose? Ask anyone and there is probably some aspect about their nose they would like to change. Centrally located on the face, the nose is front and center and the main focal point when it comes to your face. The nose is the foundation to having aesthetic balance and facial harmony, therefore when it comes time to consider a rhinoplasty surgery to change its appearance, finding a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon is an important part of the process to get a nose you will be happy with.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi of VIP Plastic Surgery is one of the most reputable cosmetic nose surgeons in the Las Vegas area. He is surgically experienced and artistically talented when it comes to performing rhinoplasty procedures which are two important characteristics you need in a surgeon. Let’s take a look at what you should consider when choosing a plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty procedure in order to make sure you get the end result you deserve!

Understand that every nose is different

Rhinoplasty or “nose reshaping” surgery is one of the most complex cosmetic surgical procedures. The nose is the most prominent part of a person’s face and everyone’s nose is uniquely their own. With its three-dimensional shape and different angles giving patient’s their profile, it makes every rhinoplasty surgery unique in order to optimize the best results with each one. The slightest change to this small target area can change the way the nose functions and looks, which surgically makes it an intricate procedure. All of these factors are why surgical experience and skill are imperative to finding the right surgeon for your rhinoplasty experience.

The need for Rhinoplasty

There is a reason why rhinoplasty procedures are one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries right behind liposuction and breast augmentation. In some cases, patients have a cosmetic need they want to change about their nose while some patients have a medical need. A deviated septum or breathing issues, due to a broken nose, are medical reasons why individuals consider rhinoplasty in order to be more comfortable. While others consider this surgery to change an aspect of their nose they dislike. Some patients feel their nose is too wide or too large, while others wish to have a softer curve, or want removal of a nasal bump. Changing the nose so that it is more cosmetically appealing is the primary reason why people seek out rhinoplasty surgery. Whether it is an aesthetic or medical need, Rhinoplasty requires an experienced, qualified Las Vegas plastic surgeon with distinct experience in understanding the anatomy of the nose.

Surgeon considerations

A board-certified, experienced surgeon, like Dr. Khorsandi, is an essential part when considering a rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty is a surgical balancing act to give patients beautiful results while making sure their nose still functions properly. A plastic surgeon needs a creative mindset as well as surgical experience when performing this complex, intricate cosmetic surgery. Here are some important factors to consider for your plastic surgeon:

  • Experience and surgical experience with both open or closed rhinoplasty procedures.

  • Surgical experience performing rhinoplasty procedures for at least 5+years and preferably 10 years or more.

  • Performs at least 100+ rhinoplasty procedures annually.

  • Surgical experience with revisional nose reshaping work.

  • Artistic talent and a creative eye to sculpt and create the right dynamic and contours of the nose.

  • Before and after photos of actual rhinoplasty patients.

  • Computer technology to show pre-surgical plans for your rhinoplasty procedure.

  • Patient accolades or recommendations are essential.

  • Consultation that provides a surgical plan and customized plan for your rhinoplasty procedure.

  • State-of-the-art plastic surgery facility where your rhinoplasty procedure will be performed.

Surgical experience and creative talent

Since the nose is the central part of the face it requires two important elements. Rhinoplasty reshapes a patient’s nose while maintaining balance with the other facial features. This procedure takes surgical skill and a creative eye to create and sculpt a nose to give patients the final look they desire. Qualifications, board certification, and experience are all necessary elements when considering a plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Khorsandi is a surgeon with all of these attributes. He has helped countless women and men in the Las Vegas area get the end result of a beautifully, sculpted nose to boost their self-confidence and love their new look!

There are several factors to keep in mind when considering rhinoplasty surgery. What do you want your nose to look like? What is your budget? Who will be my plastic surgeon? This last question should be at the top of the list when choosing to undergo a nose or rhinoplasty surgery. Your surgical care should consist of the right training, surgical skill and creative sense to sculpt and reshape your nose to what you desire. Finding a surgeon, like Dr. Khorsandi, will only enhance your experience and help you achieve the personal goals you were wanting with this surgical procedure.

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi is one the leading plastic surgeons in the Las Vegas area. VIP Plastic Surgery is one of the most recommended plastic surgery facilities and has helped men and women in Las Vegas feel better about how they look! If you have decided to undergo rhinoplasty surgery to correct, enhance or reshape your nose then call or schedule your consultation with Dr. Khorsandi today. You can start your journey to getting the nose you always desired and he is here to help you get it!

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