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How A Breast Lift Can Make You Feel Better

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Breast Lift Surgery is a procedure that reduces the amount of loose tissue in the breast caused by aging, weight loss, pregnancy and nursing. Breast lifts can make women feel more confident about their appearance. It can help them feel younger, sexier and in better physical condition.

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

Women often feel that their breasts define their femininity and their image as sexual beings. When breasts lose their shape and firmness, women often feel less attractive and less confident in their appearance. Because breasts are such an integral part of self-image in women, breast lift surgery can have many positive effects.

Improved Appearance

Reducing sagging and looseness can improve the patient’s appearance. It can instill greater self-confidence and greater willingness to engage in social interactions, career advancement and romantic encounters. A breast lift can help improve a woman’s life.

Clothing Fits Better

Many women find that breast looseness limits their ability to wear certain types of clothing and makes shopping a chore. A breast lift, whether it is done along with augmentation or reduction, restores the normal balance of the body, making it easier to find attractive clothing that fits well. Shopping becomes a pleasure again.

Eliminates Discomfort

Sagging breasts create uncomfortable weight on the chest that can inhibit breathing and create an unbalanced feeling, leading to back and neck pain. Breast looseness can also make sports both uncomfortable and embarrassing. After breast lift surgery, patients can engage in active sports, without discomfort.  Furthermore, restoring the center of gravity and getting the breasts back up on the chest has been shown to reduce back and neck pain, as well as improve posture.

Greater Sexual Confidence

Feeling unattractive about sagging breasts can make women feel inhibited in sexual situations. Women have greater self-confidence in the bedroom when they restore the firmness of their breasts and position of their nipples.

Greater Social Freedom

After breast lift surgery, going to the beach or swimming pool is no longer an embarrassment. When women feel more attractive in a swimsuit or halter-top, they can have more confidence enjoying beach and boating activities with friends.

How People React After Surgery

After breast lift surgery, some people will think you lost weight or started a particularly effective exercise program. Patients sometimes take time to become accustomed to their new appearance, even if the change is a vast improvement.

Changes in body image always require a period of adjustment. But your improved look will soon become an integral part of who you are and will help you make the most of your life.

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