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How Much Smaller Will the Nose Look After Rhinoplasty?

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


There’s no question that reducing the size of the nose is one of the most common goals among patients who seek out rhinoplasty surgery. This may mean wanting a smaller nose overall or simply wanting to address certain aspects of the nose, like a large tip or wide bridge. With a customized rhinoplasty at VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi can target your specific nasal concerns and help you feel more comfortable and confident about the appearance of your nose. For many patients, one of their first questions about rhinoplasty surgery is just how much smaller it’s possible to make their nose — and the answer varies. Read on to learn more about what kinds of results can be achieved with rhinoplasty surgery, including how significantly your own nose may be altered.

Can rhinoplasty make my nose smaller?

In most cases, yes, it is possible to reduce the size and/or prominence of certain nasal features, including:

  • Wide nasal bridge
  • Large nasal tip
  • Bulbous nasal tip
  • Large nostrils
  • Dorsal hump
  • Protruding nose
  • Wide, flat nasal tip

Additionally, rhinoplasty can be used to address functional concerns regarding the nose, like obstructed breathing or a deviated septum. In many cases, rhinoplasty surgery helps to make functional and cosmetic enhancements simultaneously.

How small can I make my nose with rhinoplasty surgery?

There is no set limit on just how much smaller a person’s nose can be made with rhinoplasty surgery, but there are limitations on what is possible and appropriate based on individual patient factors, including their current anatomy, their facial proportions and harmony, and others. Additionally, Dr. Khorsandi will take into account how reducing the size of certain nasal features may adversely impact the patient’s ability to breathe comfortably and fully. While Dr. Khorsandi believes that everyone deserves to have the nose of their dreams, he will help you set realistic expectations about what is and isn’t possible during a consultation and evaluation prior to your surgery.

Will my nose grow more after rhinoplasty surgery?

First and foremost, it is important that patients considering rhinoplasty have a fully grown and developed nose. This may mean waiting until your late teens or early 20s. Once rhinoplasty surgery has been performed on a fully developed nose, most patients will enjoy many decades’ (or even a lifetime) worth of results. Subtle changes may occur over time due to age and other factors, but these are typically very minor and not as noticeable as they would be in a person who has not undergone rhinoplasty surgery. Still, should a patient experience unwanted changes to their nose years after surgery, a revision rhinoplasty could potentially be considered to help restore the look they’ve become accustomed to.

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With extensive experience in a complete range of nasal surgeries and techniques — including ethnic rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, turbinectomy, and others — Dr. Khorsandi has helped many Las Vegas, NV patients achieve the nose they’ve always dreamed of — and you can, too! To learn more about your options for enhancing your look with nose surgery, call VIP Plastic Surgery to schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi today.

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