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How To Avoid Botched Plastic Surgery

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Plastic surgery helps thousands of people look better and gain more self-confidence every year. As more people are electing to go under the knife and get plastic surgery, it is becoming increasingly important to make sure that you are choosing a board certified plastic surgeon that is the best for the job. Not only is your surgeon’s skill of the upmost importance, but the advice and suggestions that he/she gives you based on their experience are vital as well. While some patients have a specific idea of what they are looking to obtain from their surgery, the constraints of their bodies may create limitations to what procedures can be performed and the extent of the surgery. When considering plastic surgery, your surgeon’s first priority is your safety. If your surgeon is suggesting an alternative treatment or advising against a specific type of surgery, taking their advice into consideration could be the difference between a “botched surgery” and a successful one. You can look no further than the woman behind the YouTube video who became world famous from flipping her butt implants around.

Renee Talley is a 45-year-old ex-stripper from Las Vegas who sought butt implants to help her achieve her desired look. After a “botched” surgery she posted a video of herself flipping the butt implant over, and the video went viral. She recently appeared on the new show “Botched” in order to help correct the implant problem.

Originally Talley had decided to augment her rear in 2010 with “black market” silicone injections, but as with many victims of raw liquid silicone injections, the silicone spread up her back and down her legs, not giving her the result she wanted. The effect was quite painful and she soon learned that she developed auto-immune disease because of the silicone spread. The doctor removed the silicone, but she still wanted to augment her rear, now with butt implants. In her words, she was: “too vain to leave her butt with deformities.” The surgeon told her that she should wait six months before having the implants done; however, she refused to wait and went forward with the surgery. One big question is: who is accountable for these final results?

According to Dr. Khorsandi, Renee’s surgeon should have stuck to his instincts waited the 6 months to put the implants in. “Gluteal Augmentation is a procedure that not all plastic surgeons perform, due to its complexity. It requires a far more careful dissection and preoperative planning than breast augmentation. The removal of the raw silicone at the same time would have made this very difficult to do. Gluteal implants are made of solid silicone, as apposed to silicone gel and they need to go into a very specific pocket. To create the pocket for the implant, the fibers of the gluteus maximus muscle need to be carefully separated, and the pocket is created to hold the implant. Unlike breast implants, which can be either “under” or “over” the muscle, butt implants are “IN” the muscle. When butt implants are incorrectly placed then there are significant risks. These include sagging of the buttocks skin, implant turning, displacement of the implant, and unsatisfactory appearance. “

Talley recently had another doctor remove the implants and is doing better now. She reportedly regrets not heeding the advice of her surgeon to wait.

If you are considering surgery it is important to keep this story in mind. While you might not like when your surgeon tells you “No” to a specific request, this could be the sign that you have chosen a good surgeon – one that is putting your safety first. Dr. Khorsandi says that: “All too often patients seek out treatment from the lowest cost provider in town, or in locations outside of the country, far from help, ready to do anything a patient wishes. Patients are cautioned that they should seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that can discuss the benefits and more importantly the risks of surgery.“ Finding the right surgeon is no easy task. Meet with your surgeon and discuss your desired results taking into account his/her years of experience and the solutions they offer to achieve your desired look.  

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