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5 Essential Tips to Find the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


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Are you unhappy with the results of your rhinoplasty?

You're not alone. About 17% of people who undergo the procedure will opt for a revision.

There will be varying reasons for the second procedure. People could be unhappy with the aesthetic, have a hard time breathing or be experiencing serious scar tissue build up that needs to be fixed.

Regardless of the reason, if you're planning to undergo a second operation, it's important to get it right this time. You want to be very selective about the surgeon who works on you next to ensure you're satisfied with the results.

Here's what you need to know about picking the right revision rhinoplasty specialist.

Area of Expertise

Different plastic surgeons have different areas of expertise. This means that while they may perform various types of plastic surgery all over the body, they truly excel in one area in particular. Most of the time, that doctor will be known to work wonders on that specific body part.

This can be figured out by simply checking their website, calling the office, or even better, getting a direct referral from an already existing patient. If you're getting revision rhinoplasty, you don't want to go to someone who specialized in breast augmentation, for example.

Almost all surgeons will have a part of the body they most frequently operate on and are known to have success with. Be sure you're going to someone who specialized in noses.


You can tell a lot by an initial consultation with a surgeon. Most notably, if you're going in for revision surgery, they should be able to quickly notice and explain what went wrong with your first surgery without you having to tell the doctor yourself.

A failure to understand and acknowledge what needs fixing on their own could result in an unsuccessful operation. Allow the surgeon to explain to you what he or she would do to fix the previous operation and then you can chime in with questions, concerns or thoughts about what bothers you.

Once you've done this, you should work together to come up with a game plan about what will be done during the surgery and he should be able to give you realistic expectations about your potential results.

There are a variety of reasons noses need revision, and they're not all related to aesthetics. If you have built up scar tissue that is blocking your breathing or still have a deviated septum, those are more technical aspects your doctor will need to know how to address.

If those are concerns and reasons for your revision, you should be sure he is skilled enough to know exactly what needs to be done in order to reverse those issues.

See Beyond the Nose

Can you spot a nose job from a mile away? Well, guess what, that's not the sign of a successful rhinoplasty. You may see the same looking nose jobs over and over in fact; ski slope, upturned, small noses.

The problem is, different types of noses fit on different types of faces. There isn't a one size fits all perfect nose that will work for everyone's face shape and it's important your surgeon understands that and applies that information when discussing your surgery.

Your surgeon should be able to look at your entire face shape and see how your nose fits in best with the big picture. He needs to consider where your lips are and their size as well as the size and shape of your chin, cheekbones and even forehead. Your nose needs to fit smoothly into the naturally existing dimensions and shape of your face.

If not, it will look like you have the wrong nose on. Maybe it already does and that's why you're seeking a revision in the first place. Your surgeon, in many ways, is an artist and should treat every patient as an individual canvas.

If your surgeon starts speaking to you in "paint by numbers" rhetoric regarding your surgery and the possible shape of your nose, you should consider moving on to someone who considers the nose within the construct of the entire face.

Revision Experience

While some surgeons may be experts in a particular surgery like rhinoplasty, some will also go a step further and specialize in revision rhinoplasty. This means they have built a reputation for fixing noses when a surgery has gone wrong.

This is a good thing and a specialty to keep an eye out for. If people have begun to flock to this particular surgeon because he's able to erase a bad rhinoplasty and fix it once and for all, that's a great reason to consider having your surgery with him or her.

Fixing a bad nose job is more challenging than the initial surgery, so if you find a doctor who excels at this task, you may have met your match.

Sharing Past Success

Just about every good surgeon is eager to show potential patients before and after photos of people they've operated on. This is a chance for you to see first hand the job they've done and deduce if the work is good.

If a surgeon doesn't have examples of surgeries on their website or is hesitant to show you photos during your consultation, this could be a bad sign. It could be indicative of the fact that they're either not as experienced as they say, and haven't operated on as many people or, that their work is not great.

Ask to see photos of past patients and don't be afraid to ask to see photos of revision rhinoplasty patients in particular. You want to see photos of the exact operation you'll be undergoing, if possible.

Your surgeon should have plenty of example photos and use them as a tool in order to earn your trust.

Find Your Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist Today

Use the information above as a checklist guide while you work to select the right revision rhinoplasty specialist for you.

They should meet all or at least most of these expectations, otherwise, steer clear and find another surgeon who you and others trust. Be sure to check out online reviews and read or watch any press the surgeon has gotten for his success stories or in-depth knowledge.

Want to learn more about revision rhinoplasty? We'd love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out the rest of our site for more information on the types of procedures we offer.

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