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How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon For Your Needs

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Whether you need work done for cosmetic purposes, reconstructive plastic surgery, hand pain, or migraine surgery, finding the best plastic surgeon for your needs is key to ensuring the best possible outcome. The right plastic surgeon can be found through careful research and an understanding, discussions with your primary care physician, and referrals from friends.

Determine Your Needs

Before you begin searching, determine your needs: what is it that you are trying to achieve. If you are having elective cosmetic surgery, review your available budget closely.  If you opt for surgery related to a medical issue or condition, check with your insurance company on your current level of coverage before seeking out a potential plastic surgeon.

Ask Around for a Referral

Ask friends and family members you trust for referrals to plastic surgeons they have used in the past. You can also check with local medical boards, societies, and primary care physicians to find additional referrals for plastic surgeons near you. Once you have recommendations, it’s easier to conduct research to determine the best surgeon to fit your needs.

Find a Plastic Surgeon That is Board Certified

Before you agree to a scheduled surgery date, verify that your plastic surgeon is board certified. Working with a board certified plastic surgeon will ensure you are receiving the best care and treatment. If any issues arise during the surgery, you’ll be in the good hands of a surgeon who knows has been thoroughly tested and certified by other established plastic surgeons.

Read Reviews Online

You can also read reviews and testimonials from a surgeon’s past patients. These reviews can make you more comfortable with the surgical process. Reviews can also give you a better idea of the surgeon’s manners, personality, special packages, and work experience. The more you research each doctor, the easier time you will have finding the right surgeon.

Plastic Surgery is a very personal type of experience. By researching the best plastic surgeon ahead of time, you will find a surgeon you can respect and trust. If you don’t know where to start, consider a consultation with Dr. Khorsandi.

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