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Six Qualities That Make A Top Plastic Surgeon

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


In recent years, there has been a steady climb in plastic surgery procedures. More women and men are deciding to take action and fight the signs of aging or change something they don’t like about their appearance. There is no reason not to look as young as you feel or be self-conscious when plastic surgery can help you reach your aesthetic goals. But how do you find the right help, and what should you consider when looking for a plastic surgeon?

Finding a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon doesn’t have to be difficult if you do your homework and ask the right questions. Patients want natural-looking results that fit their goals, and safety is of the utmost importance. These primary factors are achieved with the right board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Christopher Khorsandi is Chief Plastic Surgeon at VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV. He has become one of the most highly regarded board-certified plastic surgeons in the Las Vegas area by helping women and men obtain their aesthetic goals and by providing stunning results. VIP Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of cosmetic and surgical procedures, but who performs your cosmetic procedure is key to getting the results you desire.

Here are the six main qualities you should look for in a top plastic surgeon in your area.

Empathy and compassion

It is critical to find a plastic surgeon who has an understanding of and compassion for their level of work. Whether you want cosmetic help or need reconstructive surgery, every patient should encounter a plastic surgeon who will take the time to listen to what they need. Understanding a patient’s needs is an emotional trait that sets quality plastic surgeons apart from the rest. Listening skills and compassion when assisting others helps surgeons devise the right plan of action for each patient.

Commitment to excellence

Part of finding the right plastic surgeon is making sure their practice is progressive. A plastic surgeon’s commitment to excellence includes knowledge of the latest surgical and medical technology available to their patients. Quality plastic surgeons not only must be board-certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, but also committed to keeping up their credentials. Progressive plastic surgeons like Dr. Khorsandi elevate their skills by doing ongoing surgical training and staying up to date on the latest techniques.


In all aspects, cosmetic surgery is a form of artistry that involves a high level of creativity. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Khorsandi create and reshape the way a person looks while providing natural-looking, incredible results. Plastic surgeons have to blend the science of surgical care with a creative aspect and a keen eye for detail to provide their patients with the cosmetic results they desire.


Top plastic surgeons will understand their limits. When considering plastic surgery, you want a surgeon that is experienced and qualified for your type of procedure. The right plastic surgeon sets realistic expectations for themselves, so they are committed to a certain level of excellence. A lack of humility may lead a plastic surgeon to perform a rhinoplasty or breast augmentation when they lack the surgical skill or experience, thus putting the patient at risk. A proper balance of commitment to excellence and humility allows a quality plastic surgeon to excel at their craft in their area of expertise and provide excellent results to their patients.

Putting patients first

A quality surgical center like VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV, is accredited and regulated by the state. That means their facility has regular inspections, so they are up to date and have a high standard of practice for their patients. In addition, a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Khorsandi has access to and affiliations with accredited local hospitals should the rare occurrence of complications arise. A top plastic surgeon will be committed to their accreditations and make sure their surgical center provides excellent care for each of their patients.

Healing qualities

Plastic surgeons are healers, just like general doctors. They give patients the aesthetic results needed to meet individual goals. The foundation of any quality plastic surgeon is the integrity to do what is right for each patient. Most patients will know within the first few minutes of their consultation if their plastic surgeon has the right personality and characteristics they need. A top plastic surgeon should be willing to answer any questions to ensure you are making the right decision when considering this life-altering change.

So are you ready to start looking for a top plastic surgeon? By personally meeting with your potential surgeon, you can look for these traits and find the right doctor to perform your procedure. Do your due diligence and ask questions, check certifications, and ask about ongoing educational support to get a full picture of your plastic surgeon and the facility. If you live in the Las Vegas area and are considering a cosmetic procedure, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Christopher Khorsandi at VIP Plastic Surgery. Let him help you begin your journey so you can start loving the way you look.

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