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The Dangers of Cheap Plastic Surgery

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


What does it take to be a successful plastic surgeon? Cosmetic procedures are delicate, skilled tasks that require years of training to master. However, it is legal for doctors with little plastic surgery training to perform some cosmetic surgeries. In some cases, non-physician aestheticians may perform minor procedures such as Botox. So why seek out and pay for a board certified plastic surgeon for your next cosmetic procedure? Here are a few good reasons.

  • Your procedure will be done properly. In addition to 4 years of medical school, board certified plastic surgeons fulfill 5-8 years of residency training, during which they hone their surgical skills and learn advanced techniques. Some plastic surgeons then pursue even more training, in the form of fellowships. Other physicians receive surgical training, but it is not specific to cosmetic procedures. What this means for you, as a patient, is that your board certified surgeon has a large amount of training in performing your procedure, giving you a better outcome.

  • Possible complications will be explained and treated quickly. When complications of plastic surgery occur, such as infections, bruising, or inflammation, responding promptly and appropriately is critical. While other physicians and aestheticians may not recognize complications right away, board certified plastic surgeons know exactly what they look like due to their years of experience. They can spot complications quickly and get you the treatment you need.

  • Only the best surgical supplies and materials will be used. Cheap, unethical surgeons have used all kinds of things in cosmetic procedures that should not be implanted in the human body. From Fix-A-Flat to low-quality surgical supplies, it has been tried to make procedures less expensive. Board certified plastic surgeons know what medical supplies they need to make your procedure look and feel its best, and they only use FDA approved medical devices.

  • You avoid the risk of long-term negative effects. Inexpensive, poorly performed liposuction and other plastic surgery has led to long-term pain, nerve bruising, anesthesia complications, and disfigurement in some patients. By choosing a board certified plastic surgeon, you know that a highly trained professional is performing your procedure and that all precautions will be taken to make your surgery as safe as possible.

A board certified plastic surgeon maintains a high standard of care and has extensive training that just can’t be matched by providers of cheap plastic surgery. Don’t take chances with your health. Get the best outcome for your procedure by choosing the best in their field.

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