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The Dos and Don’ts of Liposuction Surgery

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Liposuction is a procedure that helps contour the body into a healthier or more visually pleasing shape. It is especially useful for the treatment of stubborn areas of body fat, including the hips, thighs, and abdomen, which may not respond ideally to other techniques, like diet changes or exercise. Liposuction works well for many people, although surgery is only recommended for those who are healthy. Here are additional recommendations to make the liposuction experience as simple and successful as possible:


  • Maintain a stable weight before and after surgery that is as close to a healthy, proportionate weight as possible. This will although you to get better results than a fluctuating weight would.

  • Follow post-surgical instructions, including those related to pressure garments. This will help your liposuction results look their best.

  • For performing your liposuction procedure, select only from Board Certified plastic surgeons. They have appropriate training and oversight to perform the procedure correctly.

  • Continue your diet and exercise regimen after the surgery to help maintain your new shape. Be sure that your doctor has cleared you for activity first and follow his/her recommendations.

  • For the first few weeks post-op, engage in lighter activities, including walking, to help drain excess fluid from the surgical site. These activities can also help with the prevention of complications.


  • Consider starting a family soon after surgery. The weight fluctuations involved will have a negative effect on post-operative appearance.

  • Lift heavy objects or bend at the waist unnecessarily. This can cause discomfort and have a negative effect on the overall healing process. You doctor will let you know when you can begin lifting and/or bending again.

  • Expect instant results after the procedure is done. It will take time before your shape conforms to the ideal shape you and your doctor have created. Consider spend time recuperating and engaging in self-care instead.

  • Use liposuction as a method for major weight-loss. The procedure is intended for sculpting and reshaping only, not for losing those extra pounds. Weight loss should be completed prior to surgery for the best results.

  • Continue smoking cigarettes. Smoking can have a negative effect on healing, especially on the skin and should be avoided before and after the procedure. Consider this an excellent time to give up the habit.

  • Liposuction is one of the best tools for getting the shape you have always wanted through the removal of excess body fat from certain storage areas, especially around the midsection. Following the dos and don’ts listed above will get you started in the right direction for making the most out of your procedure and getting the best possible results at the end of treatment.

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