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The New Fashion of Thin- Tuck Your Tummy for the Latest Styles

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Women know that thin is in. Take a good look around and it’s plain to see, from models on the runway to celebrities making a splash on the big screen. Our society glorifies a svelte, lean body. Bikinis have become smaller, yoga pants highlighting a thin waist are the “hip huggers” of this generation, and shirts that bare midsections seem to get all the heads turning. But for women who haven’t been blessed with a lean figure, fashion trends that don’t fit with their body type often leads to “Instagram envy.” There’s simply no doubt when it comes to what women want. Most women prefer to be thin.

When All Else Fails to Get that Flat Tummy, You Have Options

If you are have fought the battle of the bulge over the years, you know how hard it is to make those pounds melt away. From one extreme diet to the next and each passing exercise craze, you may have tried them all. Even if you finally reach your ideal body weight, you’re still likely to have trouble spots that simply won’t go away. For most women the tummy and love handles are perennially frustrating zones that resist most exercise and diet efforts. It often seems that no amount of crunches or Greek yogurt will make that tummy flat. Have you recently had a child, and have excess loose skin and stretch marks? Are you over thirty and find that your metabolism is slowing down? Has your life sped up and you have less time for the gym? If you are one of those frustrated souls, don’t lose hope. You can get the stomach you’ve always wanted with a little extra help.

Think Tummy Tuck. Think Liposuction

Depending on your needs, liposuction, a tummy tuck (i.e.: abdominoplasty) or a combination of both may get you the midsection you have been longing for. With a single outpatient procedure, you can achieve a slimmer body contour and improved self-image. All surgery carries risk, so a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that can explain these risks is necessary. Find a highly rated local plastic surgeon to perform this life- changing procedure.

Don’t Hide Your Body Any Longer

Following surgery, you may finally be able to shed those baggy clothes and begin enjoying your new look. If you have reached your ideal weight and don’t plan on having any more children, a tummy tuck may be the answer for you. It’s time to stop starving yourself or torturing yourself with harsh fitness regimens. Many women remark that they wish they had done it sooner. With a combination of liposuction and stomach tightening, you may come to love your look.

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