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The Search for the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Las Vegas

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


breast augmentation

Not only can breast augmentation give you stunning new breasts, they can improve your self esteem and make you feel more youthful. You want to find a surgeon that can help you meet your ideal goals, but what should you look for? We are here to give you some tips to find the best breast augmentation surgeon in Las Vegas that will give you the results you desire.

Understand the process and what you want

It is important that you understand what you want to gain from having a breast augmentation. When you decide which plastic surgeon is right for you, you’ll want to explain what you want to look like after the surgery. You’ll want to be as specific as possible regarding your goals concerning shape, size, and overall improvements you want done. It is also important to understand what is going to happen during the surgery and what will take place after. Also understand that there are different ways to get fuller breasts, including implants or a fat transfer. Understand the benefits, risks, and recovery process of the different types of augmentation, since they can vary from procedure to procedure. The more information you know, the less anxiety you will have prior to the surgery.

Ask around for recommendations

No one knows you better than your friends and family, so ask them if they have any recommendations. Plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation in Las Vegas, is very popular, so it is quite possible that they can help you in your search. If they do not have any recommendations, that is okay. A few Google searches can help you find out information about most Las Vegas plastic surgeons. Additionally, if you have a physical or a general check-up coming up, ask your doctor if they have any suggestions. A lot of doctors and surgeons know each other, so they might be able to recommend someone.

Check out their online reviews

One of the most important things you can do is read their reviews. Their reviews can give you a first-hand look at how skilled they are and how they will ultimately treat you. Google has some of the most credible reviews, so we recommend you start there. A lot of surgeons have reviews on their website as well, so we recommend checking those out as you start your search to find the best plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation.

Look at their credentials and experience

You want the best surgeon available to work on your body, so make sure you look at their credentials. When researching possible surgeons, the first thing you want to do is make sure they are board certified. Next, read their biography that should be on their website and look at their education, experience, and expanded training. The number of years of experience and the ongoing training these surgeons partake in take them from being a good surgeon, to a great one. You also want to see how many surgeries they offer and if they specialize in a certain area. See how many breast augmentations they have done and whether they do 10 or 100 every month. The more experience they have, the more comfortable you will be during the surgery.

Make sure they are up with the times

There are so many advancements in the cosmetic surgery field and you want to make sure that your surgeon is up-to-date. Tradition is good, but not when it comes to your body. As technology evolves, the safer it becomes, so you want to make sure that they know about the latest and greatest technology. The world is constantly working on newer and safer procedures and you want to know that your plastic surgeon is evolving with it.

Analyze their photo galleries

Take a look at their photo gallery. It is true that pictures can tell a thousand words and these pictures can give you the insight you need to choose a plastic surgeon. A lack of pictures could signal a red flag. They should be proud of their work and want to post it on their website. If you cannot see their previous results, how do you know what you might look like?

Remember the consultation

Once you have picked a surgeon, you will have a consultation. Just because you have a consultation does not mean you have to stay with them for your surgery. If you do not like something about them, continue your research. Your intuition is a strong tool, so make sure you use it. During the consultation, take note of what happens and how they treat you. Do they seem interested in what you have to say and thoroughly address your concerns or do they seem rushed? Your consultation is just as important as what happens during and after your surgery. Make sure they want to help you succeed in achieving your breast augmentation goals.

Consider the cost

We understand that cost is important, but you should understand that you get what you pay for. If a surgeon is charging significantly less than others, find out why. Also, ask your surgeon what options they have for paying for the procedure. Since most insurance companies do not cover breast augmentation, most surgeons will have a payment plan and financing to help you out. Price is important, but it should not drive your decision. You are entrusting them with your body and you want make sure they that help you achieve your goals.

Now that you know how to research plastic surgeons, start your search now. If you do not know where to start, call VIP Plastic Surgery here in Las Vegas and we can help answer any questions. We have the reviews, credentials, photo galleries, and the latest technology as well, so your search may very well end here! Dr. Khorsandi and our entire team would love to hear from you as you start your journey to breast augmentation.

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