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Top Reasons For Breast Revision Surgery

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Breast augmentation is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cosmetic procedures for a woman. Whether you are looking to restore lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding, achieve a more feminine silhouette, or regain a more youthful contour, breast augmentation can certainly be life changing. For the most part, women report an overwhelmingly high satisfaction rate after their breast augmentation procedures, provided the surgery was performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Many women enjoy their new look for 10 or more years before requiring a replacement or secondary surgery. However, there are a few cases in which women choose to undergo breast revision surgery.

Why would I need breast revision surgery?

The reason for pursuing a revision after breast augmentation can vary from patient to patient. Regardless of what leads a woman to consider breast revision surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, Chief Plastic Surgeon of VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV, is committed to providing a personalized and exceptional level of patient care, taking the time to address concerns and treat each case with sensitivity and compassion. While there are countless reasons that a woman may desire breast revision surgery, the most common include:

  • Unhappy with the size or shape of breasts after augmentation: Arguably the most common reason that patients seek breast revision surgery is simply to change the size or shape of their breasts after their augmentation. During your initial consultation and preoperative appointments leading up to breast augmentation, Dr. Khorsandi and the knowledgeable team at VIP Plastic Surgery will take ample time and care to ensure that the most appropriate size and style of implant is selected for your procedure. Choosing the best implant to fit your needs is based on a number of factors, including a thorough physical examination, anatomical measurements, and a detailed discussion regarding your preferences, goals, and ideal look. However, it can be understandably difficult for patients to predict how they will look and feel until the implants are actually placed.

With the extensive time that Dr. Khorsandi invests in collaborating with each patient on their ideal outcome, it is rare that a patient ends up unhappy with their final result, though it is possible. In these cases, including when a patient has had breast augmentation elsewhere and is not fully satisfied with the final size and shape of the implants, breast revision surgery can be considered:

  • Unhappy with the position of the breasts: While a breast augmentation can produce dramatic results, oftentimes it is not enough on its own to help the patient achieve her ideal result. Breast implants can add volume, but in many cases the breasts have been stretched out due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuation, or age. When the skin is stretched out and sagging, a breast lift may be needed in addition to the breast augmentation in order to restore the breasts to a higher, more youthful position.

  • Rupture or implant malfunction: Breast augmentation can give patients long lasting, beautiful results to enjoy for many years, but it is important to remember that breast implants are not designed to be lifelong devices. In some cases, an implant may rupture. When this occurs, removal of the ruptured implant and placement of a new implant, if desired, is necessary.

  • Capsular contracture: Though it is relatively rare, capsular contraction can occur for patients with breast implants. Capsular contraction is a condition in which excessively hardened scar tissue forms and begins to squeeze the implant. In cases of capsular contracture, removal of the implant is required. Some patients choose to have both implants removed permanently, while most patients elect to remove and replace only the affected implant.

There are a variety of other reasons that may lead a woman to pursue breast revision surgery. These can include rippling and wrinkling, among other complaints. If you are unhappy with your breast augmentation for any reason, breast revision surgery may be beneficial for you.

Am I a good candidate for breast revision surgery?

The best way to determine if you are a candidate for breast revision is to be evaluated by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Khorsandi has helped countless women achieve a beautiful, natural, enhanced look through breast revision surgery.

In general, breast revision surgery candidates should:

  • Be in good health

  • Not smoke

  • Have no contraindications to surgery or anesthesia

  • Be done having children

  • Be at their ideal weight, within 5-10 pounds

During your consultation, Dr. Khorsandi will be able to give you a better idea of how breast revision surgery can benefit you, or he can recommend a complementary and/or alternative procedure to best help you achieve your goals.

If you think breast revision surgery may be right for you, call our convenient Las Vegas office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Khorsandi today!

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