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Turning Back the Hands of Time

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


For both men and women wanting to regain their youth, there seems be cosmetic procedures and treatments available for every part of the body. From face-lifts to tummy tucks, it’s easy to have tweaks and corrections done for all your problem areas. Modern medical technology allows anyone the chance to regain a more youthful appearance. Some areas, such as the hands, are more telling about a person’s true age, though cosmetic surgery for the hands hasn’t been very popular. Until now.

One of the latest treatments embraced by those who want to look younger is through a hand rejuvenation procedure, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make skin appear vibrant and tight again. With the natural aging process, wrinkles are common and skin naturally thins and loses collagen production, quickly diminishing the clarity and beauty of the texture. Dermal fillers are becoming a popular tool to add volume to the skin and increase the smoothness of the hands. This procedure also promotes the growth of collagen and sheds years off of the hands.

Another method for hand rejuvenation involves laser resurfacing, which works to reduce the appearance of sunspots that can easily acquire over the years. Laser resurfacing uses lasers to correct flaws in the skin, and is known for using either a wounding laser or a non-wounding laser. Non-wounding lasers work to promote collagen re-growth and allow the skin to continue to naturally become restored long after the treatment is over. A wounding laser removes several layers of the skin, working to remove both sunspots and wrinkles to reveal a taut complexion.

In some cases, fat can be transferred from different areas of the body for injection into the hands, restoring the shape and volume for a beautiful look that is natural in appearance. The patient is awake during the short procedure.

The treatments available for hand rejuvenation provide a way to feel confident again and bring back some of the youthfulness we all crave. The various methods can restore the skin to its original tone and figuratively turn back the hands of time.

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