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What Is A Cat Eye Lift?

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


If you follow social media influencers and Hollywood celebs, you’ve probably noticed one of the hottest new looks that everyone seems to be going for: cat eyes. This natural-looking, yet stunning, eye shape can be seen on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Mila Kunis and continues to grow in popularity. While some people are blessed enough to be born with cat-shaped eyes, the majority of us require cosmetic enhancement to achieve this look. Makeup, eyeliner, and other tricks can often be used to give the eyes a more almond-like shape, though many women are in search of a more dramatic, longer-lasting solution. Exceptionally talented board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi of VIP Plastic Surgery has perfected the surgical cat eye lift to help Las Vegas, NV patients achieve the sexy, youthful, gorgeous eye shape they’ve always wanted.

What is a canthoplasty?

When you begin to research the various options for cosmetic or corrective eye shape surgery, you will likely come across blepharoplasty. While this highly effective eyelid surgery is certainly beneficial for removing bulging undereye tissue and/or eliminating excess, droopy skin on the upper eyelids, its primary purpose is not to alter the shape of the eye itself. On the other hand, cat eye surgery – formally known as canthoplasty – is specifically designed to elongate the eye, lift the outer corner of the eye, and produce a more almond or fox-like eye shape.

Formally known as canthoplasty, cat eye lift is a complex and delicate procedure that requires a plastic surgeon with extreme precision, knowledge, and experience to ensure results that appear natural and subtle, yet striking. Dr. Khorsandi takes great care to personalize cat eye surgery for each patient, taking into account individual factors, such as the patient’s needs, goals, concerns, age, ethnicity, skin type, anatomy, and overall face shape. During Las Vegas cat eye lift, Dr. Khorsandi will carefully and precisely tighten and lift the outer corner (lateral canthus) of each eye to achieve symmetry and a more youthful, appealing cat-eye shape. Canthoplasty is typically performed while the patient is under general anesthesia and lasts about 1 – 2 hours, depending on whether or not any additional procedures are being performed simultaneously.

Can I get blepharoplasty and canthoplasty at the same time?

Absolutely. In fact, many patients choose to combine multiple cosmetic eye and face procedures to address a number of concerns in a single surgical setting. Keep in mind that canthoplasty and blepharoplasty are not designed to improve lines, wrinkles, hooded eyes, Crow’s feet, and other common signs of aging. However, when combined with complementary procedures, a patient can truly transform their look and turn back the clock on aging. Common procedures that are combined with cat eye lift include:

During your initial consultation at VIP Plastic Surgery, Dr. Khorsandi will thoroughly evaluate your areas of concern and help determine which procedure(s) may be most appropriate for you.

Can I get cat eyes without surgery?

For patients who are not quite ready to go under the knife, Dr. Khorsandi offers a number of fantastic nonsurgical and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments and procedures to enhance your look without the need for surgery, anesthesia, or lengthy recovery times. In some cases, a mild improvement can be made to the corners of the eyes with injectables and other treatments. However, cosmetic eye surgery is, undoubtedly, the best option for achieving more noticeable and longer-lasting results.

Get the sexy cat-eye shape you’ve been dreaming of with canthoplasty eye surgery in Las Vegas

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, and particularly when it involves a feature as prominent and delicate as your eyes, choosing an exceptionally qualified, skilled, and experienced plastic surgeon is essential. Call the friendly and knowledgeable team at VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV today to schedule your private in-office or at-home online consultation with highly sought-after board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, and see for yourself why cat eye lift is becoming the ultimate must-have!

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