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What Is The Best Age For Plastic Surgery In Las Vegas?

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


If you are considering cosmetic surgery, understanding how to time your procedure appropriately is critical for ensuring ideal, long-lasting results. The “right” time for plastic surgery can vary from patient to patient, however. Furthermore, some procedures may be more beneficial or effective for patients of certain ages than others. The best way to determine when cosmetic surgery is right for you is to be evaluated by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

Internationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, Chief of Plastic Surgery at VIP Plastic Surgery, is committed to offering the most advanced and cutting-edge procedures and treatments in Las Vegas, NV to help patients achieve their ultimate aesthetic goals with long-lasting results. Discover more about the benefits of cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas, and learn when it may be right to schedule a consultation.

Who is a good candidate for plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery can be beneficial for virtually anyone, though there are certain factors to consider when determining who may be an appropriate candidate for surgery. Because each procedure is different, the requirements for surgery can vary. Generally speaking, however, an ideal candidate for plastic surgery should be:

  • In good health
  • Nonsmoker
  • At a healthy, stable weight
  • Have no contraindications to surgery or anesthesia
  • Have realistic expectations and appropriate motivations for surgery
  • Over the age of 18 (with some exceptions)

During your initial consultation for cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas, Dr. Khorsandi will perform a thorough evaluation, take a detailed health history, and ask a number of questions to help determine whether plastic surgery is safe and appropriate for you. If you are eligible for your desired procedure, Dr. Khorsandi will then discuss specific aspects of the procedure with you, including when it may be most beneficial to plan your surgery.

Am I too young for plastic surgery?

Most men and women over the age of 18 can be considered for cosmetic surgery, depending on their desired procedure and a number of personal factors. In many cases, it is important that patients are fully grown and developed before undergoing cosmetic surgery in order to prevent their results from being compromised by further growth. For example, a patient undergoing rhinoplasty before their nose has fully developed may experience unwanted changes as their nose shape continues to form with age. Of course, the aging process cannot be stopped no matter when cosmetic surgery is performed. Timing your procedure strategically, however, can help to minimize significant changes in your results over time.

How old is too old for cosmetic surgery?

On the other end of the spectrum, patients in their 60s, 70s, and beyond may wonder whether they are too old for surgery. Cosmetic surgery is still possible and can be beneficial at a more advanced age, though patients will still need to be in good health and have no contraindications to surgery or anesthesia. Additionally, depending on the nature of the procedure, patients should have a fair amount of remaining skin elasticity to achieve their desired outcome. Older patients who are interested in facelift, for example, may have extreme skin laxity that changes the surgical approach or possible results of the procedure.

Do I need to wait to have plastic surgery until I’m done having kids?

Another important thing to think about when planning the timeline for your cosmetic surgery is whether or not you have kids, plan to have kids, and/or plan to have additional children in the future. Several cosmetic procedures, particularly body contouring surgeries, may be more beneficial to have performed after a woman is done having children to minimize the possibility of her results being compromised and/or reversed. Common procedures that women typically defer until after having children include:

While it may be more ideal to have plastic surgery once you are done having children, Dr. Khorsandi understands that there are some situations where this may not be possible or preferred. In these cases, pregnancy after plastic surgery is certainly an option, though the patient may need a second or subsequent revision procedure to restore her original results after giving birth.

Get the stunning look you’ve always dreamed of at any age with plastic surgery in Las Vegas, NV

The decision on when to undergo cosmetic surgery is ultimately up to the patient and his or her surgeon. Award-winning board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi and the knowledgeable team at VIP Plastic Surgery can help you determine the most appropriate timeline for your surgical procedure by taking into account not only your age, but also your lifestyle, goals, skin tone, plans for having children, and many more factors. Call us today to learn more about the life-changing benefits of cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas, NV, and take the first step toward achieving – or restoring – the body or face of your dreams!

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