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What's the Average Sculptra Butt Lift Cost?

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Photo Of Female Butt

Are you tired of having a flat butt?

Have you done thousands of squats but still aren't getting the results you're looking for?

You're not alone! Women across the country are looking to achieve a perfectly round derriere without having surgery that will cramp their style for weeks.

The Sculptra butt lift is just what you're looking for! It's a non-surgical filler procedure that provides immediate results with none of the downtime.

Here's an overview of the Sculptra butt lift cost, procedure and candidate requirements.

What Is Sculptra?

Sculptra is among the most advanced fillers on the market today.

Made of synthetic poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), it was once used to treat facial wasting in patients with HIV.

Sculptra can create subtle results like filling in dimples and cellulite spots, or it can add volume to create a fuller, more rounded butt. It can also help to enhance curves in the hip area to create a more "hourglass" shape.

Also known as the Las Vegas butt lift,

Results last up to two years.

Sculptra Candidates

Not all clients are ideal for the Sculptra butt lift.

Before the procedure, a potential client comes in for a consultation to discuss their goals and what they expect. The doctor must determine whether the client is a good candidate for the Sculptra butt lift procedure.

The ideal candidate has realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure, is in good physical condition and has no history of mental instability.

The Procedure

The procedure takes less than an hour to complete.

During the procedure, the surgeon marks the injection sites and applies a local anesthetic.

After numbing, the doctor injects the Sculptra into the buttocks in layers using a fine needled.

Swelling is a temporary side effect of the procedure.

How Much Does the Sculptra Butt Lift Cost?

The price of PLLA per vial is $875. Multiple vials may be used for the Sculptra butt lift.

The total price depends on the number of vials used to produce the desired outcome.

The procedure typically requires several sessions before achieving the final result.

Benefits Over Other Procedures

There are other but augmentation and lifting procedures on the market today. Each has its benefits and its drawbacks.

Butt Augmentation (Implants)
Buttocks augmentation or gluteoplasty once meant weeks of downtime. A Sculptra butt lift only requires a one to two days of downtime. A patient can return to work within a day and be back in the gym within three days.

The butt augmentation procedure requires a surgeon to make incisions in each buttock and insert silicone implants. The surgeon typically performs the procedure under general anesthesia.

After the procedure clients shouldn't put any weight on the buttocks and are required to put the bulk of their weight on the thighs when sitting.

Clients should also lie on their stomachs rather than their backs until the area is healed.

Workouts are also prohibited until at least six weeks following the procedure. As such, it works best for clients who are close to or have reached their goal weight.

This is procedure is the most permanent option and weight gain can have significant effects on its aesthetics.

Traditional Butt Lift

This procedure can be done with a full body lift or just as a butt lift for clients with loose skin or wrinkles in the buttock area.

Significant weight loss, age, and even pregnancy can cause a client to come in for a butt lift.

This procedure requires the surgeon to remove and tighten the loose skin with incisions under the butt cheeks.

The surgeon may also liposuction areas around the buttocks to remove additional fat.

Swelling and bruising are side effects of this procedure and may last several weeks. Clients aren't able to sit for at least two weeks afterward and may return to regular activities after six weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer)

The Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer lift that works best for women who have enough body fat to take from one part of the body to inject into the buttocks. The client should also have good skin tone.

The fat transfer procedure requires liposuctioning multiple areas of on the body for the needed amount of fat. The surgeon refines the fat then injections it into specific areas in layers to achieve the desired outcome.

The results are evident six to eight weeks after the procedure and results can last for years depending on several factors.

It usually takes about two hours to complete. Thin or lean clients aren't good candidates for the procedure.

Clients who don't have enough body fat can still have a non-surgical lift with Sculptra.

Is It Safe?

We've all heard the tales of silicone parties where women show up a friend's house for discount procedures where an unscrupulous, unlicensed provider to inject them with God knows what.

Sometimes it's a medical grade silicone or filler. Other times, it's a construction-grade silicone used for bonding bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

These substances make the client sick and even be lethal. They can migrate to other parts of the body, and are only removable with surgery. Sometimes it takes multiple surgeries to correct the damage from these procedures.

Unlike the unknown substance in those syringes, Sculptra is an FDA approved filler that won't harm the client.

It's never a good idea to pay for discount procedures. You might get more than what you bargained for.

The best way to avoid having a botched procedure is to do your homework. Find a licensed surgeon registered with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), and have the procedure done in a medical facility.

Can I Afford the Sculptra Butt Lift

If pricing is a concern you should know you have options.

VIP Plastic Surgery works with clients to help them meet their aesthetic goals. The Sculptra butt lift cost shouldn't be a reason not go after your desired outcome.

Call for a consultation, or stop in for an appointment!

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