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When is The Best Time To Get A Facelift?

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Over time, our skin naturally loses elasticity. This, plus the effects of sun exposure and gravity, can cause deep wrinkles and lines to form in the face and neck. Facelift surgery works by turning back the clock and helping you project a youthful appearance once again. Dr. Christopher Khorsandi is a board-certified plastic surgeon who assists patients with this life-changing procedure in Las Vegas, NV.

So what is a facelift, and what is the best age for facelift surgery? Patients who want to get a cosmetic procedure are often concerned they are too young to go under the knife. At VIP Plastic Surgery, our skilled team has advised countless patients about facelift surgery and can offer guidance about the process. Although patients are encouraged to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), you can schedule an online consultation to learn more about your facelift surgery options.

What is a facelift, and what does a facelift do?

Plastic surgeons perform facelift surgery on people who have begun to show moderate to severe signs of aging in the face and neck. Each surgery is personalized based on the cosmetic goals of each patient. No matter what method is chosen, the procedure generally involves the removal of excess or loose skin. Incisions are created in the hairline near the ear to make them less visible. Dr. Khorsandi may also tighten the underlying muscles and reposition excess fat to create the desired outcome in Las Vegas, NV.

Preparing for plastic surgery at any age requires careful thought and research beforehand. The medical staff at VIP Plastic Surgery will take the opportunity to learn your health history and medication use to determine if a facelift is right for your situation. Our team can cover topics, such as healing and the recovery process, answering any questions you may have along the way. As with any procedure, patients will want to choose the best plastic surgeon for facelift surgery. Dr. Khorsandi specializes in a range of facelift techniques so patients achieve satisfying results.

What is the best age for facelift surgery?

If you are like most people considering a facelift, you may have wondered if you should avoid the procedure at a certain age. Although patients in their mid-40s see the best results from treatment, the optimal age to get a facelift is based on your personal circumstances. This means that individuals in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s are also great candidates.

A facelift is designed to address specific problems that come with age, such as:

  • Loss of skin elasticity

  • Sagging in the midface and jowls

  • Loss of muscle tone in the face and neck

  • Loss of neck and chin contours

Younger patients generally have better skin elasticity, so their outcome may last longer than those of someone a little older. However, it is safe to say that no matter your age, a facelift will help you look 5 – 10 years younger. As long as you are in good health and can undergo general anesthesia, surgery should be both safe and effective.

What is facelift recovery like?

Following facelift surgery, patients spend 24 – 48 hours in a medical facility for observation. The recovery timelines may be shorter or longer based upon the technique used and the health of the patient. People should generally expect some swelling, bruising, and tenderness in the treatment area, all of which can be managed with prescription medication at home. The staff at VIP Plastic Surgery will give you a list of ways to feel more comfortable during the process.

Although the incisions may take 12 – 18 months to fully heal, you will notice a great improvement in facial features after 7 – 10 days. Results are said to last about ten years or longer before patients notice a recurrence of sagging. Even though facelift surgery produces amazing results, keep in mind that you will continue to age naturally. If you would like to refresh your outcome with secondary treatment, reach out to our clinic for a virtual consultation.

Get the best plastic surgeon for facelift surgery

In the past, men and women waited until their 60s and 70s to get a facelift. Today, more adults are seeing the benefits of plastic surgery for themselves and getting the procedure earlier. No matter your age, Dr. Christopher Khorsandi is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can recapture your youth and make you feel rejuvenated again. To learn more about the best age for facelift surgery, contact the professionals at VIP Plastic Surgery for a simple virtual consultation in Las Vegas, NV.

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