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Why Injector Skills Matter When Getting Botox?

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi



Have you ever looked at an actor or actress on the red carpet and thought to yourself, “their face looks so smooth and soft?” The odds are good that they had BOTOX injections done days before their big event. You can probably even ask your friends or family and chances are that someone you know uses BOTOX to help them turn back “Father Time” and erase the wrinkles they see in the mirror. BOTOX is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today and when performed by an experienced Las Vegas injector, the results can be gorgeous, natural-looking, and long-lasting. So, what exactly is BOTOX and why is injector skill so important? Get the facts you need so you can have that red carpet glow.

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a nonsurgical, in-office skin rejuvenation treatment that uses Botulinum Toxin Type A, which, once injected, temporarily freezes the muscles under the skin so that facial expressions are limited. This helps reduce static wrinkles, especially in the upper face, long after your face is at rest. Wrinkles are caused by facial movement and expressions, but they can also be caused by the sun, aging, and the daily stress of life. When you find yourself squinting or frowning, BOTOX limits the skin from contracting to help make the wrinkles disappear or be dramatically reduced for a softer, smoother look.

Today, BOTOX is readily available all over Las Vegas. In fact, one quick Google search will show you countless medspas and businesses that offer it. Even worse, some individuals partake in “BOTOX parties” to get that quick fix, which usually does not provide the desired outcome. So the question is, who should do your BOTOX? Why is injector skill so important?

Do Your Homework

It seems anyone who can get their hands on a needle or syringe these days may consider themselves a trained BOTOX specialist. Afterall, BOTOX is one of the most common and growing nonsurgical procedure done in the U.S. today. Unfortunately, with this popularity comes pop-up shops and individuals getting fast-trained in order to make big profits. Before you have a BOTOX treatment, do your research. A seasoned injector will have specific training. They may be a board-certified plastic surgeon with both the medical background and aesthetic eye for great results, or it could be an esthetician who has spent time training in the field of BOTOX and other injectables. BOTOX is a simple procedure but if performed incorrectly, the results can be unappealing.

Read Their Reviews

Patient reviews go a long way. Spend some time reading what patients around the Las Vegas area have to say about their BOTOX treatments. Do they like the results? Is it convenient to return each time? Do they feel they are getting professional service? Reviews hold a lot of weight and can help in the decision-making process.

Personal Recommendations

Personal recommendations from someone you know can also be a great way to find a skilled BOTOX injector, especially if your friend or family member has outstanding results. Study their face and ask them questions about their experience. Most patients who decide to get BOTOX usually find their injector from a trusted, personal referral.

What Could Go Wrong?

The majority of BOTOX injections, when performed by a seasoned injector, look natural, soft, and can be long-lasting. However, when the injector does not have the training, experience, or eye for how the anatomy of the underlying muscle translates to surface wrinkles, the injection process can go wrong. For example, injections of BOTOX to the face can have complications if done too low, too deep, or placed in the wrong muscle. A small needle is placed into precise, well-mapped out injection spots where the BOTOX liquid is released. If the injection is done too fast or too deep, excessive swelling and bruising can occur. Bruising is especially common if the injector hits a vein or pushes to hard. While this is a temporary side effect, the patient will be forced to live with an unsightly bruise for days if not weeks.

A trained professional takes great measures to make sure injections to one side of the face mirror the other side therefore making the face look symmetrical. An untrained injector may not use the same amount of BOTOX on the left side of the muscle as the right side therefore your face will then look asymmetrical or lopsided. Another risk of using an untrained professional is lazy eye or “Ptosis”. Medical error is the #1 reason why this occurs caused by the wrong muscle being injected therefore causing injury to the eyelid and its function. If the BOTOX procedure is not guided by a trained professional it can have consequences.

Be Leery If It Sounds Too Good To Be True

BOTOX treatments should be done at a doctor’s office, by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, or in a medical environment. Avoid BOTOX pop-up shops or injectors saying they will come to your home for a “BOTOX party”. These are red flags that something could go wrong. To attain a gorgeous, natural result, it is better to be safe than sorry and make the trip to a seasoned professional’s office.

BOTOX is a simple, nonsurgical solution that can make you look years younger and more refreshed. It can diminish forehead wrinkles, reduce Crow’s feet, and create a softer appearance in a matter of days. Whether you are looking to prevent wrinkles, are trying to maintain your results, or are trying to turn back the hands of time, finding a trained BOTOX specialist is key to avoid unwanted risk factors. If you are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon to start BOTOX treatments in the Las Vegas area contact VIP Plastic Surgery today and schedule your appointment.

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