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Will A Neck Lift Rid Me Of My Turkey Neck?

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


If you have sagging neck skin or a turkey neck, you know just how embarrassing, uncomfortable, and frustrating it can be. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to improve excess neck skin on your own. However, cosmetic surgery provides patients the incredible opportunity to remove hanging neck skin and sculpt a slim, firm new contour they can feel confident about. Internationally renowned board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, Chief of Plastic Surgery at VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV, offers life-changing neck lift surgery and complementary procedures to help men and women get rid of turkey neck skin and feel better than ever.

Why does my neck sag?

Sagging neck skin is, unfortunately, a normal side effect of aging, though some men and women experience more severe sagging than others. As collagen and elastin fibers break down over time, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to droop. Additional factors, such as genetics and weight loss, can exacerbate saggy neck skin, making the appearance of a turkey neck even worse.

How can I tighten sagging neck skin?

Without a doubt, neck lift surgery is the most effective option for skin tightening and neck contouring. Las Vegas neck lift surgery primarily involves trimming excess skin, though Dr. Khorsandi may also tighten and reposition the underlying structures – including the muscles – to reduce neck banding and create an even smoother, more attractive final look.

Does neck lift help a double chin?

For patients whose primary concern is stubborn fat in the neck and under the chin, neck liposuction may be a more appropriate option than a neck lift. However, patients considering neck lipo should have good skin elasticity to avoid being left with loose neck skin after the procedure.

Can I get neck lipo and neck lift at the same time?

Absolutely! In fact, many patients can achieve the most dramatic and aesthetically pleasing results by combining the skin tightening effects of neck lift with the fat removal possibilities of neck liposuction. During your initial consultation, Dr. Khorsandi will evaluate and discuss your concerns, explain your options in detail, and determine whether neck lift, neck liposuction, or a combination of both may be the most appropriate course of action for you.

How long does neck lift surgery last?

Although cosmetic surgery can’t completely stop the aging process, a neck lift can dramatically reverse many of the effects of aging with results that can last for years. To maintain and preserve your neck lift results as long as possible, make sure to follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions closely, which may include:

  • Get plenty of rest during recovery
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity and exercise until cleared by your surgeon
  • Take medications as directed
  • Sleep on your back with your head elevated using pillows for at least 1 – 2 weeks
  • Do not smoke
  • Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Keep the skin moisturized
  • Avoid weight fluctuation
  • Choose a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to perform your neck lift

Find the best neck lift surgeon in Las Vegas, NV, and say goodbye to your turkey neck!

When performed properly by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, neck lift surgery can transform your look, turn back the clock, and send your confidence soaring. To find out whether you may be a good candidate for a neck lift, call the friendly team at VIP Plastic Surgery to schedule your one-on-one appointment or virtual consultation with sought-after board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi today. We look forward to helping you get the look you deserve with neck lift surgery in Las Vegas, NV!

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