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Liposonix on The Morning Blend - Dr. Christopher Khorsandi - Las Vegas

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Montel Williams: Welcome back and if you're working hard to get your body in shape but still have that stubborn fat deposits that just won't go away-

Dao Vu: Don't we all?

Montel Williams: You're not by yourself. Now getting rid of those trouble spots is really possible with Liposonix.

Dao Vu: That's right. Here with the details, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi. Good morning. Welcome back.

Dr. Khorsandi: Good morning guys. Thanks for having me back. And we brought Liposonix with us today, which is an incredible technology. Liposonix kind of fills that void where most patients, they want to lose a little bit of their love handles, their stomach. It's a trouble area for so many patients. And what Liposonix does, it actually it provides a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. So in about an hour with a treatment, you can lose about one inch. And it's and almost zero-

Montel Williams: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Dr. Khorsandi: I know it sounds-

Montel Williams: In one hour, I'm going to go lay down on your table and you're going to take an inch off of me?

Dr. Khorsandi: Correct. It sounds too good to be true, but it's ten years of extremely high-level research in high intensity focused ultrasound. Some of the smartest people in the ultrasound science world have put their efforts together to bring something like this into the market.

Montel Williams: Well there are a lot of people out there that probably feel the same way I did and you have some pictures that show the....

Dr. Khorsandi: We have some before and after, yeah. It's really an incredible treatment. This is without surgery. You know, most patients don't want to take the downtime for surgery. You have to go to the OR. You have to take time off. You need to go and recover.

Dao Vu: People don't want to do that.

Dr. Khorsandi: You can be out and running around, literally the next day and it takes about 6 to 12 weeks for the fat to completely go away. We have a little clip here. We'll show you how it works but it really is an advanced technology.

Montel Williams: And are those results that we just saw, are they pretty much typical or are they atypical?

Dr. Khorsandi: Those are typical results and we can see here in the animation, this is the Liposonix head. It's a transducer and we'll have our skin on the top, the fat in the middle, and the muscle below. And what it's going to do, it's going to focus the ultrasound almost like when you were a kid, you took a magnifying glass and focused the sun. It's focusing the ultrasound to a powerful beam and it's actually in a very controlled and consistent matter, destroying fat. And once it's destroyed, it's gone.

Montel Williams: Doc, guys like me, Hollywood people, all of us. You have a photo shoot coming up and you think I want to get rid of this extra little piece here. Is this blowing up all over Hollywood right now?

Dr. Khorsandi: This is growing by leaps and bounds. This is one of the fastest growing technologies that we have and the reason for it is this minimal downtime. You get a great result. You can really contour and selectively choose the areas that you want to treat. A recent survey of women showed, 1000 women were surveyed, 65% are uncomfortable about their belly and lower-

Dao Vu: Yes. Even the thin people have problems with that area so-

Dr. Khorsandi: You want to know something even more interesting? This survey found that 45% of women were willing to give up sex for one year to lose one dress size.

Montel Williams: What?

Dr. Khorsandi: Unbelievable.

Montel Williams: I don't know that woman.

Dao Vu: I think that's incredible.

Dr. Khorsandi: With Liposonix, it's an incredible thing but that's how much it bothers people and this technology has really come along. It's non-invasive. It's a minimal downtime. You can get back to work the next day. You may have a little bit of bruising in the area but that goes away within a week or two and it really shows some dramatic results. You can lose an inch or two, you can lose an inch off your waistline.

Montel Williams: I'm a guy who works out every day and I do so because of my MS. I have to crack my body up, make sure I keep myself moving but the amount of time I spend in the gym about an hour and twenty minutes. So I'm working out well. Okay.

Dr. Khorsandi: Sure.

Montel Williams: So I can get rid of everything. I have this little piece right here, baby. Just that little piece.

Dr. Khorsandi: Not just you. Pretty much everybody. After 30 we have areas called diet-resistant fat. Our love handles, our bottom of our tummy. These are areas that are programed to stay. They really stick around even in an extreme diet. We have elite athletes who, as soon as they're done with their competition they get these little love handles and they're really uncomfortable about it.

You look at some of the models on TV, the Victoria Secret models, what we don't really see is how they really diet down for the last few days before a show and when they're back they still have little diet resistant areas.

Montel Williams: So how long does it work?

Dr. Khorsandi: How long does it work?

Dao Vu: The sessions, how many do you need?

Dr. Khorsandi: The session takes about one hour. You need one session and the treatment lasts forever. Once you destroy that cell, it's gone forever. Now you can gain weight elsewhere but the cells that we get rid of ... Should we fire it up and get you guys-

Montel Williams: Wait. How long is this show Dao?

Dao Vu: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Khorsandi: And we'll get you guys in, This is the transducer. It's really kind of a gentle-looking device and it has a little water spray that we kind of cool the area with. And then once it's there, we put the transducer on the skin. And it does its treatment and you're out the door in an hour.

Dao Vu: Very quickly, what is your special?

Dr. Khorsandi: Our special for people who are watching today. If you mention the Morning Blend, we're giving 20% off a treatment per area.

Montel Williams: Morning Blend.

Dao Vu: Sign us up.

Montel Williams: Morning Blend.

Dao Vu: Dr. Khorsandi, thank you so much. Happy holidays to you.

Dr. Khorsandi: Thanks, guys. Happy holidays.

Montel Williams: This is a holiday gift for someone.

Dr. Khorsandi: Especially in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dao Vu: Now for more information on VIP Plastic Surgery, check out their website or call them at the number on your screen. And you can always drop by their office on West Spring Mountain. They're also on Facebook and Twitter.