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Will TEOXANE RHA® Injections Make My Skin Look Natural?

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Aside from enhancing their appearance, one of the primary goals for countless patients seeking cosmetic treatments is to still look natural. Thanks to advances in modern medicine and technology, along with the skill of a highly experienced provider, the results of many cosmetic treatments and procedures look more natural now than ever before. At VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV, esteemed board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi shares in his patients’ desires to achieve stunning, long-lasting, and natural-looking results with both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of TEOXANE RHA facial fillers for achieving your ideal outcome without sacrificing your natural beauty and movement.

Which filler should I get?

With a number of fillers available today, it can be overwhelming to understand which one is right for you. At VIP Plastic Surgery, our knowledgeable team of cosmetic injectors can help. During your initial consultation for injectable fillers in Las Vegas, your provider will listen to your concerns, discuss your goals, evaluate your facial features, explain all of your available options in detail, and recommend the filler that best meets your needs. In many cases, a combination of fillers and/or fillers plus wrinkle relaxers is ideal. Some of the most commonly used fillers and wrinkle relaxers include:

  • Restylane®
  • BOTOX®
  • Xeomin®

Additionally, one of the newest and most exciting injectable fillers offered at VIP Plastic Surgery is TEOXANE RHA.

What is TEOXANE RHA filler?

The TEOXANE collection of products includes hyaluronic acid (HA)-based fillers that can be used to plump up flat features, restore lost facial volume, and smooth out lines or folds. Like JUVÉDERM and many others, TEOXANE RHA contains hyaluronic acid, a substance that also exists naturally in the body.

What’s the difference between JUVÉDERM and TEOXANE?

While both fillers contain HA, the primary benefit of TEOXANE vs. JUVÉDERM is that the hyaluronic acid in TEOXANE is specially formulated to mimic the body’s natural HA identically. Because of this, TEOXANE fillers are more flexible and are able to adapt to facial expressions and muscle movements, resulting in what many patients feel is a more natural look compared to other fillers.

Where can TEOXANE be used?

TEOXANE RHA fillers are extremely versatile and can be used to improve a long list of concerns, including:

  • Mild lines and wrinkles
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Lost volume in the mid-face
  • Thin lips

How long do TEOXANE fillers last?

On average, patients can expect their TEOXANE RHA fillers to last for up to 15 – 18 months before a repeat injection may be needed. Should a patient notice diminishing volume before this time, TEOXANE injections can be repeated sooner. Additionally, patients who desire a change in their look can choose to have their TEOXANE fillers dissolved using another injectable product called Hyaluronidase. This rarely occurs, as the vast majority of patients love their youthful, natural new look with TEOXANE fillers.

Want to look as natural as possible? Consider TEOXANE RHA fillers in Las Vegas, NV

If you are curious about an alternative to JUVÉDERM that may help your face appear even more natural, we can help. To learn more about the exciting results that are possible with TEOXANE RHA injections, call VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV to schedule your one-on-one consultation with internationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi today!

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