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Restore Lost Facial Volume With TEOXANE RHA® Dermal Filler

By: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi


Dermal filler injections are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed year after year for men and women of virtually all ages. From smoothing lines and wrinkles to plumping up the lips, injectable fillers can dramatically enhance a patient’s appearance and provide instant, long-lasting results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi and the expert team at VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV are proud to offer a wide array of cosmetic injectables, including one of the newest and most exclusive facial injectables TEOXANE RHA. Discover how TEOXANE RHA differs from other fillers, and find out whether it may be right for you.

Should I get fillers?

Choosing to undergo any cosmetic treatment or procedure is a personal decision and should be carefully thought through and discussed with your provider. During your initial consultation for injectable fillers in Las Vegas, Dr. Khorsandi will carefully evaluate your concerns, discuss your desired outcome, and determine whether dermal fillers are appropriate for you. Patients with severe signs of facial aging, such as loose skin or sagging jowls, may be better suited to a combination of both surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

Some of the most common cosmetic concerns that can be addressed with dermal fillers include:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Deep folds (nasolabial folds)
  • Lines around the eyes
  • Sunken under eyes
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Thin lips
  • Lines around the mouth

What is the best filler for cheek volume?

When selecting the best filler to restore facial volume in the cheeks, lips, or elsewhere, patients should consult their provider and consider a number of factors, including:

  • Potential allergies
  • Reversibility of results
  • Personal preference
  • Finances
  • Available downtime
  • Longevity of results

The experienced team of cosmetic injectors at VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas offer the most advanced and effective filler selections available today, including Belotero®, JUVÉDERM®, Radiesse®, and more.

What is TEOXANE RHA filler?

Most patients who routinely use cheek fillers or lip fillers are familiar with popular products, such as JUVÉDERM and Restylane®. While these fillers can certainly provide fantastic results, some men and women may be interested in an alternative option. VIP Plastic Surgery is proud to be one of the first and only practices in the nation to offer the revolutionary TEOXANE RHA filler.

Like other HA fillers, this exciting new product contains hyaluronic acid, meaning its effects can be reversed if needed. However, TEOXANE RHA takes things a step further by being specially formulated to mimic the natural hyaluronic acid in the face almost identically. Because of this, the filler is able to stretch and contract with the movements of the face, making the patient’s results appear exceptionally natural.

Where can TEOXANE RHA be used?

The TEOXANE and TEOSYAL family of fillers provides patients the opportunity to restore lost volume and make enhancements across the entire face, including:

  • Forehead
  • Temples
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Under the eyes
  • Cheeks/cheekbones
  • Nasolabial folds (NLF)
  • Above the lip
  • Around the mouth
  • Lips
  • Jawline
  • Chin
  • Neck and chest

Following a thorough evaluation of your concerns and discussion of your personal goals, Dr. Khorsandi will recommend the most appropriate TEOXANE filler and/or combination of products for you.

How long does TEOXANE filler last?

While every patient’s body metabolizes fillers at a slightly different rate, most men and women are able to enjoy their TEOXANE RHA results for up to 15 – 18 months before a repeat injection may be needed.

Get the natural-looking, gorgeous, long-lasting results you want with TEOXANE RHA filler in Las Vegas, NV

If you are excited by the idea of restoring lost volume and refreshing your face but prefer a more natural look than you can achieve with other fillers, TEOXANE RHA may be the perfect solution for you. To learn more about how TEOXANE works and whether it may be right for you, call the knowledgeable team at VIP Plastic Surgery to schedule your in-office or virtual consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon and experienced Las Vegas TEOXANE provider Dr. Christopher Khorsandi today!

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.