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Labiaplasty is an increasingly more common procedure among women today. Those who choose to undergo the procedure, do so for a number of reasons. Some feel inhibited by their appearance and wish to make the labia minora match the length of the labia majora. Others may choose to do so because their enlarged labia make intercourse painful. The recovery from the surgery is fairly rapid. The stitches that we use are soft and absorbable. Surgery itself takes about 45 minutes to perform and can be done either under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia. Patients are asked to refrain from intercourse for 3 weeks and generally return to work within 3 - 5 days. Swelling is the most common side effect of surgery and usually takes 1 - 2 weeks to resolve. One of the most interesting thing that we notice after surgery is that women often remark that they are less inhibited in the bedroom and more able to achieve orgasm with their partner. Some of this may be due to the fact that women are no longer thinking of how things look "down there" and more free to feel intimate. Overall labiaplasty is one the highest satisfaction procedures that we perform at VIP Plastic Surgery.

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